1st round ivf
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wannabemom - January 1

Ok..so I got a phone call stating that they were going to go from IUI to IVF. They have me on Estray and Progesterone/Olive Oil shots. Has anyone else done this and what are the chances that it will work? I went and had my eggs retrieved last week. 12 were retrieved, 10 matured and 6 fertilized. Today, in about 1/2 hour I am going to go and have them reinsert the eggs. I am scared that this will not work. What do you think the chances are that it will. Anyone else going through similar steps?


honeybaby - January 1

First I would like to wish you the best, and be hopeful that your dr., went with ivf instead of iui. I went through 2 rounds of ivf and second one worked for us I am now 17 weeks pregnant and growing Thank God.

I just want to share with you that progesterone will continue until the 10 o 13 days until your 1st pregnancy test and possibly until the first 8 weeks when you become pregnant.

My 1st ivf I had retrieved 15 eggs, 11 fertilized but only 3 made it one of them to blastocyst. Sadly that round resulted in an early chemical pregnancy but 2nd ivf of all my eggs retrieved which were aproximately about 18, 6 made it to blastocyst and of them 6 I had 2 transfer and 1 precious one is here with me growing strong.

Just be positive and if you believe it will happen to you too, IVF worked for us and I don't regret doing the 2nd round.

Lots of best wishes to you and have a blessed new year '07.


wannabemom - January 3

Good luck to you. Your supporting words gives me hope. I get so tired of being depressed. I pray that this will work. I have to keep the faith.


carriebohun - January 10

My husband and I have been TTC for a little over 3 years. We have had 4 rounds of IUI's with no success. We were then told by our RE that I was in ovarian failure and the best shot was to use an egg donor. In December Donor had 25 eggs of which 16 fertilized, 2 were then implanted and for some reason only 2 froze. On day 10 after day 5 blastocyst transfer I had positive pregnancy test. Went back 3 days later and the test was positive again and my levels were doubling. Yesterday I went for my 1st ultrasound at what should have been 7 weeks and 3 days and they could not find a heartbeat. They could also not find any sign of a fetus or even a sac. I was told that I must have had a miscarriage. I don't understand how - I never had an ounce of spotting or any cramping whatsoever. The RE was totally baffled. I am emotionally exhausted. We used our life savings to get the egg donor and now there is only one shot left. I am terrified now that it will not work and all of our money was wasted.
Any thoughts ??


wannabemom - January 12


Don't ever think that you wasted money. I cannot imagine the emotions that must be flowing through you. Its all so confusing. I wish the answers could be make us all feel better. I can't stand the wait, then the let down of finding out it didn't work. Keep the faith. Know that their are other people are out there, you are not alone. Keep in touch. Good Luck.


honeybaby - January 15

Dear Carrie,

I am sorry about the ended result, I can understand how frustrating and heart broken you must be. I had a pregnancy result and 11 days later my beta did not double and from the point was a lose. We were too dissapointed and angry, my RE was a blessing and had us go for a 2nd IVF round, becuase we only had 1 frozen embryo and that also meant that during thawing this emby wouldn't make it, to make it short it resulted positive the second time and with that said the rollercoaster emotionally had me for almost 4 months but now I am more calm and so thankful to God and my drs., I know you talked about the investment and how it is a lost, but it really isn't you gave it your best and you tried and that should remain with you, not all hopes are lost yet you also mentioned that you have another opportunity so go for it and find the support on your partner and on this site that tremendously helped me when I could not talk or anyone understand my fears.

Be prepared to ask your RE lots of questions and I really will hope the best results, exactly today the very first ivf baby gave birth today to her own child so remember this is science and a reproductive way to help us results are not guaranteed but ask God for his blessing.

My best wishes to you!


honeybaby - January 15


how are things going with your are in the 2ww, I am hopeful that you hear good news so hang in there and be at your best calm possible.

Showers of baby dust!


wannabemom - January 15

Hi, I had a positive result after the IVF, but my level only went to 19%..today it went to 29%, because it didn't double, I have a feeling I am in for a big disappointment. Keep your fingers cross. I have to go back on Friday for more blood work. I already feel defeated. 1 of my embreos are frozen, but now I realize there is a chance it may not survive the defrost. I feel so scientific.....:(


scheetzy1 - January 23

Hi - I'm very new to this...I am going through IVF and this week I was suppose to go for my retrieval...but I just got a call that my Estradiol level dropped so much that my dr. said we had to cancel and start over....is this normal. I wasn't expecting this. I was doing well all week.....any food for thought....I have to start over.


wannabemom - January 27

I went from 19%, 29%, 240% to 2275%!!!!! I can't believe it.! Does anyone know if that could mean mulitpleS??????


sloon - May 20

hi im starting my cycle this month is there anyone else doing the same that wants some support during this adventure to mother-hood ?


wannabemom - May 20

Since I found out that I was pregant, then I found out 6 weeks later that there was a placenta, but no sac...I have had mixed emotions about what I want to do next. Next step is ICSI. Has anyone done this yet? I heard Lupron shots hurt, is this true? I figure it can't be any worse than the progestrone with olive oil. Those needles were the worse.


sloon - May 20

my dr. has said that the lupron shots have tiny little neddles that don't hurt but the progestrone in oil those are the ones that hurt ! as far as ivf with icsi thats exactly what we are doing we are begining meds on the 25th, i have heard that the success with this is (hi) for fert. of the egg .



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