1st IVF - anyone else?
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lbc220 - June 27

After 3 failed IUI's I am onto my first IVF and very excited, but still very nervous. I have just completed my 8th day of meds and I was told this morning I will probably have a retrieval on Sat.

Anyone else out there where I am right now??? I only have 5 follies and nervous about the quality of the eggs - this will really tell me. I am 39 years old.


Ange - June 29

Goodluck on sat IBC220. I will be doing IVf in the next coming cycles. I am praying for you


tdx1 - July 5

I also had 3 failed IUIs and am on my first IVF. I am supposed to start stims on Saturday pending the results of my U/S and blood draw tomorrow.

How many embryos did you decide to put in? We are putting two. I am 32 and my husband is 29, we have been trying for two years and have "unexplained infertility".

Is anyone else using Menopur and Follistim? I am still unsure how to use that Menopur with all the mixing.


Tiggeriffic - July 6

I just completed my first...it does make you nervous but it is the neatest thing to see how they do it. The meds about drove me nuts but it's worth it so far - we thing :)



wannabemom - July 14

been there done that...good luck.


Kittie - July 14

I am about to start my first cycle (drugs next week) and wonder if anyone else has the same feelings. I DON'T WANT TO DO IT. I feel that we have to, otherwise we will regret it. DH wants to and I know we should, we will have 2 cycles and that will be it. I cannot face the disappointment and find it difficult to believe it will work after years of unexplained fertility. You guys all seem so cheerful about it and I am hoping that by posting a message it will help me see it in a more positive light. Any hope out there? Good luck to you all :-[


Aimee_D - July 25

[quote author=tdx1 link=board=12;threadid=4341;start=0#37635 date=1183648876]
Is anyone else using Menopur and Follistim? I am still unsure how to use that Menopur with all the mixing.

HI! I am Aimee and I will be going through my first IVF cycle soon. I have ET dates of Aug. 3 and 4. I am also using menopure and follistim. (have used it with my IUI's also...so, I am a 'pro'.) TDX1...did you already go through your cycle?

Anyone...I would love some advice, suggestions etc. if you have already gone through your procedures. Were you out of commission for a day? Fill me in you guys...I need to know what to expect!

Here is my background. I am 32 and I have one beautiful daughter, who is 3. At this point, I feel as if she is my miracle baby since a lot of issues have surfaced since ttc #2. We tried 6 IUI's this time (which is how we conceived DD in 2004) and all failed. So, we are moving on to invitro.

I think someone else said they don't want to do this....I can relate! This whole thing is very emotionally taxing....and I don't think I can handle it anymore either. We have been doing this for over a year. With all the insurance nightmares, stress on our relationship and not feeling like myself...it is HARD!!! Honestly, if this doesn't work...then, we are going to have to call it quits.

Well, enough of my babbling...I hope to hear from all of you. Thanks, in advance, for any help!

Aimee :)


Alexa - July 25

Hi Aimee,

I was reading your post our stories are almost similar I have a 3 year old that I conceived on 2 rounds of Clomid Trying to conceive #2 was much more difficult and trying I tried 3 rounds of clomid, 8 failed IUI's and moved onto IVF which worked the first go around...
Our insurance didn't cover the IVF either...

The whole process was not bad for me the injections were the hardest part especially the progesterone injections they were the worst...the retreival was fine for me I felt alittle sore Tylenol always helps and the day of the transfer was just like having a pap done except you have to drink a bunch of water and hold it in till they do the transfer but all in all its a peice of cake I wish you lots of luck, I also used Follistim and Menopur and I have extra's trying to find the right person to sell them to for cheaper....Good luck and I wish you a BFP!



Aimee_D - July 26

Thanks for the insight! Are you due in Dec!? Congratulations!! It is just nice to have someone else who really understands and can relate to you on many levels. :) I appreciate you taking the time to respond!

I look forward to getting to know more of you along the way. Good luck to you all.

Aimee :)


Alexa - July 26

Hi Aimee,

Your retreival is coming up soon how exciting, I will pray that you receive your BFP! please keep in touch and let me know how things are going!



lucky7prays - August 21

Hi Aimee & TDX1
You posted a few weeks ago, so I hope I'm not too late to chat with you. I am starting my 1st ivf with lurpon, menopur and gonal f. How did you guys make out? Good I hope!!!


Jules614 - November 20

Like all of you, I just started my first IVF - I can't sleep at night - the lupron gives me migraines to the point where I am throwing up.. I am completely afraid of the dreaded butt shots.. anyone else freaked out?


DianaGR - November 20

Hi ladies,

Aimee I can soooo relate to what you are saying. I did 3 in all IVF tries. The first try I had an allergic reaction to the stm injections that the sides of my butt felt like they were protruding like saddle bags lol and only 1 folicle after all that.
The second time round changed to Menopur which was much better no allergic reaction had 6 follicles and day of retrieval ovaries hid behind my uterus and the doc couldnt get to them. 3 try we just did IUI cause only 2 follicles which matured too quickly. Probably docs fault but you cant argue with them.

I know that for me to fall prego I have to do IVF because of my age factor being 44 snif!. I just cant think of putting myself through all that again. I know its my only hope but I keep on putting it off. I cant bear the injections morning and night, I cant bear the swelling and mood swings, I cant bear the every second day examination prodding and pushing, I just cant..........and i know that if i feel like this even if i go through all that... i will not get preggie with this attitude. I am relieved to see that their are other ladies out there that are not happy in all their glory going off to have IVF ::)

Courage....... and lots of baby dust to all


lucky - November 30

hie guys
same here with my nesal spray instead of lupron, am so lazy sleepy my muscles pain, letts see what the doc says on tuesday my fist appointment, good too every one


Tracy1 - December 30


Did you have success with IVF?

We were unsuccessful with our first attempt in April 07.
All was well until the trigger injection the night before the transfer, it overloaded my body and failed.

We waited 3 months and tried again doing a natural cycle and we are now expecting a boy in May 2008.

We just can't wait!!




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