1st IUI
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amyjoy - July 17

I am also IR. I take Actos. Metformin made my stomach feel sick. We are hopefully starting an injectible cycle with Gonal-F tomorrow. Tomorrow I go for u/s and b/w. Last cycle we tried unmedicated and the 2 cycles before with Clomid and all were BFN. So hopefully this is what I need! Are you taking meds for your blood pressure? Have you had high BP in the past?


lyly14 - July 20

Hi Everyone,
I am new to this online forum stuff, but I find not many people understand what we are all going through.

Amyjoy, have you started taking the gonal-f yet? I am starting my injections tonight for the first time. Just wondering how it was going. I am very nervous about overstimulation. What dosage did your RE start you out on? Have tried 4 cycles of clomid (2 with ovidrel) with no luck. Am really frustrated, had three pregnancies over the past 3 years without any fertility meds, but all ended in miscarriage. Now we have been ttc for a 1 yr and 4 months with no luck. It would be nice to have the support of someone who is going through the same thing as I am. Hope to hear from you.


amyjoy - July 20

Lyly- I did start the gonal-f on Wed. I am really really nervous about OHSS, too. I'm drinking a lot of water to try and keep hydrated. I was reading up on it and I guess the time that OHSS usually happens is after ovulation. Any side effects? I am sick to my stomach and so, so, so bloated. I am getting crampy time to time, but that's the follicles growing. I had the same feeling with clomid. Are you doing IUI as well? My dosage is 150. I have never been pg. Have you been tested for any blood clotting disorders since you've had the miscarriages? We did 2 clomid/trigger/IUI cycles and both failed. We also tried unmedicated for a year before clomid.


lyly14 - July 21

Amyjoy, took my first shot earlier today, so far so good. I can't believe you have only been on it since wed and already feel bloated and sick. I am also on 150 for the first three days then I have to go for b/w for estrodiol and u/s to check follicles before they decide on the dosage to continue. What about you? I am not sure about the IUI yet. My regular RE is away on vacation and the partner is recommending IUI but he said it is up to my guy. Hoping to try natural (as natural as possible since this is all so controlled). My hubby is so stressed out by the whole thing. This whole on demand stuff is hard. How about you?How many follicles did you have with clomid? I ovulate on my own, but RE said I have a luteal phase defect and clomid would help. First two cycles I had 2 follicles, but the last 2 cylces only had one even with increased dose of clomid.

I have been tested for blood clotting disorders. Years back I tested positive for antiphospholipid syndrome, but recent tests are negative except for one. I am also positive for the MTHFR mutations which results in clots and high risk for miscarriage, so I take 4mg of folic acid daily. I am also pre-diabetic and on metformin.


amyjoy - July 21

Lyly- I go back to the Dr. this morning in about 2 hours I have my appt. On clomid, the 1st time I had like 6 follicles over 20mm. The 2nd time I only had 2 and they were only 20mm. My lining was good both times. You really have a better chance with the IUI because it bypasses the cervical mucus and gets them a little further along on their journey. :) YOu would have a higher chance with multiples though. But at this point, I don't care. Dh was stressed in the beginning and he hated having sex by the calendar or when the Dr. told us and a few times we argued about it and got into huge fights. I didn't see the big deal because this is what I wanted. When he got past that we would try and we would giggle because it felt so "weird". The point we're at now I think he realizes how bad I want this and it doesn't feel weird anymore and there are no more fights. It's strange because now it feels like we are more in love with each other than before, but I still feel that our sex is by the calendar or Dr.'s orders. I ovulate on my own, but for some reason I can't get pregnant. I do have PCOS.

I also have MTHFR mutation! I take Lovenox injections twice daily when on the fertility meds and once daily during the 2ww and any other time we are ttc unmedicated. I don't know, but this may be the cause of your miscarriages. I know a few people that have the same mutation and as soon as they did the Lovenox, they were able to carry to term. I see a hematologist and he regulates my Lovenox. Something to think about or look into...

Gotta take a shower and get going.


lyly14 - July 21

Glad to hear that your DH and you have gotten past that point. Mine is starting to come around, I think after the last fight he realized how important this is to me. Think he is also afraid that it is not going to happen for us. My follicles were close to 30mm on the clomid, but my lining thinned out by the third cycle was only at 8 compared to usual 12. My AF was only 3 days this past cycle (which was my 4th cycle of clomid) compared to usual 6 so I guess it really had an impact on my lining. My cervical mucus seems to be good. I had 2 post-coital tests during my 4 cycles of clomid (1st and 3rd cycle). The idea multiples scares me. I think we could handle twins, but more than that.... I can't even imaging.

As far as the MTHFR, it was discoverd during my last pregnancy when I went to see a perinatologist due to my past history of positive antiphospholipids. He tested me for it and found I was positive for two mutations of the MTHFR. He told me the treatment for it was folic acid and baby asprin and that there was a good chance I could lose the baby, especially being that treatment didn't start until 7 wks. Guess he was right because by 11 weeks the baby had no heartbeat. Levenox was discussed for possibly using if I were to conceive again, but not till after a fetal heartbeat was established. I still take the extra follic acid (4mg daily) and baby asprin. I never went to see a hematologist. Maybe I should look into it.

Thanks for talking, it's nice to have someone to talk to that understands. Let me know how the appointment went. I'm so worried that I will produce too many follicles. My RE said if I have more than 6 then they will cancel the cycle.


sarah27 - July 21


No, I never had high bp before. Its gone down with excercise and diet. I think my stress levels were high and just knowing whats wrong really helped me. Metformin made me a little sick at the beginning but not now. My diabetes doc said women with ir during fertile years have higher risk of pcos and thats why he wants me on met. I think it helps that problem too. Does actos help with pcos? and can you take it full term if preg?



amyjoy - July 22

Actos does the same job as Met. No, you can't take it during pregnancy, at least my Dr. doesn't want me to.


sarah27 - August 1


When you first had ir did your periods ever change? Mine have started to last longer but they aren't as heavy. I don't know if thats a good or bad sign. I still ovulate but my lh surge is two days later then it use to be. I want to try iui in one month so I have one more period.

How is everything? Hope its working out for you and your appointment went ok.

Take care



amyjoy - August 1

Sarah- Mine are shorter and lighter. I get a heavy/painful one about every 6 months. Can't complain. I also spot now a few days before since I have been on the clomid. We'll see about the gonal-f. Hoping I don't get af at all! I did the IUI last Friday. I have a beta scheduled for the 10th. How's the bp?


sarah27 - August 3

Amy-My bp has gone down to 128/68 when I check it at home. At walmart it is 138/75. I don't know what the real bp is. I am happy its not high 140s or 90s anymore. My heart rate has also lowered to 80. I keep excercising and eating no bread, pasta or rice. Which is a bummer. It took so long for them to diagnose me with ir because I don't 'look' like someone that has it. That is what my doc said. I have no idea what your supposed to look like.

Thats great your iui is done and your going in soon. I hope your results are good and you don't see af for a long, long time.

Keep staying strong. I'll think of you on the 10th.



amyjoy - August 3

Sarah- I think the Dr. was looking for someone who is overweight. Most women (like me) that are overweight also have IR. The bp machines @ Walmart are WRONG!!! The one you use at home is probably the most accurate. My dh checks his 2x a day and the Dr. said to use the one at home for determining if he's in range or not.



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