1st IUI
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amyjoy - March 16

I guess I am looking for some advice...

I had my 1st IUI yesterday. I was so excited and was feeling really positive about everything. I went with my husband and he gave a sample and we went to breakfast while the did the sperm washing. Half was through breakfast, the nurse called and said we had to go back to the office and my husband had to give another sample because the one he gave was horrible, only 2 million sperm. Now his last samples (2 of them) were good. So I was shocked that this was happening. So we went back and he gave another sample and it was just as bad. I don't understand how this happened. So the office put the 2 samples together and did the IUI with 4 million sperm. And the whole time the nurse was getting ready for the IUI and doing the IUI, she kept saying, "this is not going to work. I'll be seeing you next month. This count is too low. This is not going to work." She said it over and over and over. I finally asked her why are we doing this then? She said because there is still a small chance. Then she told me again it's not going to work. I was still in shock over the whole situation that I just layed there not knowing what to say. Then I went home and just cried. I was sobbing for the entire day. Should I report this to the office manager? I understand that she had to tell us this might not work and our chances are signifigantly lower, but she didn't have to say that over and over. I think she should have been a little more sensitive. I don't want to "start" anything at the office and I like my RE, but I'm not even worried or thinking about the 2ww because I believe it didn't work. I am just devestated.


sarah27 - April 2


Thats sounds horrible that she kept saying that. I think I would mention it to someone. My doc is really upbeat but sometimes he still says things like that. I think its just the way they are. Has your dh usually been low? Is he taking something to get numbers up? I had to research and find things on internet because it was such a pain to get in to the urologist. Except it was all for nothing because dh ended up having no sperm so we went the donor route.

I'm so sorry and hope everythings working out. Keep me posted about results or if you have to go in again.

Take care



amyjoy - April 3

I haven't mentioned it to anyone yet. She is always there when I am there and I feel so uncomfortable. The IUI was not sucessful. No, his counts were not low in the past and the Dr. said we could just do ivf. Do you think he should see a urologist? His insurance is a pain, we are on seperate plans. He has HMO. He is not taking anything, but he's on a lot of other medication for other things and I'm sure that's making an impact, but he can't just go off the other meds. So the Dr. said we could try another IUI and hope for a better count. That's what we were going to do, but when I went in on Thursday for an u/s, I have 2 huge cysts on my left ovary from the clomid. Figures. Story of my life. Sorry I'm a little bitter today. Life has been rough lately for us. So I am going to wait this cycle out and when the cysts go away-hopefully by my next cycle (end of April) we will try our 2nd IUI attempt (in May). And if that doesn't work, and we can come up with the money, we are going to do IVF in July or August.

So this is your 2st IUI? When do you go in for a hcg test? I took a hpt 2 days before I went in for the blood test and it was negative. I couldn't wait anymore and I didn't want to be caught off gaurd my a phone call that says it didn't work. At least this month I can catch up on all the Dr. bills that are now flowing in! ;)


amyjoy - April 3

NOT 2st IUI...I meant 1st IUI. :)


sarah27 - April 4


My dh was low from the beginning and we went to urologist right away. I think since your dh was high but now its low it could be a med problem. Ivf was so expensive for us that we decided to use donor sperm. My dh has no sperm but if we did ivf they would be able to do a surgery to get some out of testes and then to put directly in egg. When we heard cost we were overwhelmed. We decided to go donor because of cost and we don't want infertility to be passed on, Dh has uncles that have problems too.

I would try for another iui and hope for higher count. Maybe dh was stressed. I know it is awful when dh hear they are not "man" enough. I think its horrible that she was so negative because men take it hard if its their fault.

I'm so sorry about clomid giving you cysts. Hang in there and I'm praying for you. I know its hard when you find that your idea of having kids is never going to work. Especially when you see everyone else have kids and even accidentaly getting pregnant. Its frustrating and sometimes I just have to cry for days. I know that someday we'll be blessed but the waiting is the hard part.

Take care,



amyjoy - April 6

Hi Sarah-

When so you go for your hcg test? Did you take clomid or any other ovary stimulating drugs?

For me, I am just waiting. After hearing that we would have to wait, I felt like it would take forver, but here we are, almost on the 2nd week of April. If I ovulate this month, I should get af around the 27th. We decided that we would try naturally this month. So I am doing the ovulation test sticks right now. If I have a Lh surge this month, then we will try. If not, we will wait for next month and the IUI. Maybe by the grace of God we could save some money and get pg this month! ;)

Well, even though our insurance covers ivf and meds, it will still be $3,000 out of pocket. It's $1,200 for feezing of the embryos up front and then the 10% of all procedures, and meds, and office monitoring, we figure about $3,000. We don't have the money up front, but if we need to do ivf, we figure that we will find a way to gather the money...somehow. I am just really hoping that at least the IUI works and dh's count is good and all is well. But I guess only time will tell.


sarah27 - April 6


I won't go in for hcg until I skip af. I have plenty of strips at home and would rather hear neg at home then docs. For the first iui dh and I decided to do no drugs. Since its not me that has problem, maybe we will save money with no drug cost first. If it doesn't work for 3 iui then I'm going to take clomid.

I feel like its a count down because I want a christmas baby so bad. I really will be disappointed if it doesn't work. But its in Gods hands now. I have been really careful about not eating anything that would make me sick, or not doing to much aerobic exercise. I even stopped riding my horse until I know it will implant.

I hope you get that surge and you can try this month. Isn't it strange that when you first start trying, before you think you have problems, and it didn't work that you were ok with it? I didn't freak out until about six months of trying. Doc said try for six more months then come back. Now that I'm going this route I don't want to waste any months.

Your lucky that your insurance covers ivf if you go that route. Mine doesn't pay that well. Thats why no drugs, or no extra copays at this time. Dh and I are tight because we had to save a few thousand for the donor sperm. We bought a lot so that we can have siblings from same guy.

Take care, and keep praying,



amyjoy - April 7

When do you expect af? I know what you mean about negative at home. I did a HPT about 3 days before the actual blood test and it was negative, so I knew. then when I went for the blodd test right after I decided to go shopping and as I was trying on clothes I got af. I was an awful day. Even though I knew it was negative before that day, it was a feeling of disappointment all over again. I know what you mean about a Chrsitmas baby! I was hoping for one, too, thinking the first IUI was going to work because everything was working out really good until the day of. I've been having some good days and some bad days. I went to a family party last night and these friends of the family were there and they did like 3 ivf cycles afte having about 6 misaccariages and I sat and talked to her for awhile about all of this and it was helpful to hear what she had to say. She has 3 girls. They left before we did and when she was leaving she came up and whispered "good luck" in my ear. She is so sweet. No Lh surge yet. I am on cycle day 12. I started testing at cycle day 10 just to be safe. I think I ovulate late in my cycle. Who knows, I may not even ovulate this cycle and then I'd have to do the provera to start a period before doing the clomid again. I knew I would have some problems because I have PCOS, but I didn't expect dh to have problems, too. I also have a blood clotting disorder which just messes things up even more, so I do one inection of Lovenox daily and when I take the clomid or any other hormones, I do 2 per day. Just another piece of the puzzle I guess. I didn't know donor sperm was so much money!!!! If we had to use donor sperm, we decided that we would ask one of dh's 3 brothers to donate. Well, I have a family luncheon in about a half hour and I haven't even showered...lol...too many family obligations this weekend. I love them, but I need my space, too.
Take care.


sarah27 - April 10


Sorry about not getting back to you. I have beeen in co for the weekend with no computer. I am expecting af on the 13 or 14. It seems so soon. I'm not showing any signs yet of af or preg. The only thing different is last night I had shooting pains in uterus. They weren't too bad but it felt like they were stretching. I feel great so I don't know if thats good or bad sign.

Have you got your surge yet? I hope that you can get this month and don't have to skip. Its horrible waiting. I'm glad you found someone to talk too. I have a friend like that who is great and keeps me going. Also, just writing and hearing from all of you help tremendously.

Stay strong



amyjoy - April 29

Hi Sarah! Sorry it has been so long for me to reply. The boards were down for awhile and when they got working again, I got busy. Yes, I had my surge and we tried, but I got af on the 24th, even a few days early! Gotta love it. Anyway, we put ttc on hold for now because we had a VERY serious family situation to deal with in our house and it's not fully taken care of. I was off work for a week and a half because of it. Hopefully we can tcc again maybe in july or august. It was disappointing that we had to put it on hold, but it was something we discussed and decided that would be best. I also have to do an internship this summer for my Masters, so we're thinking what would be best for stress levels.
I saw that you got a BFN last month. I'm so sorry. it's disappointing no matter if it's your first BFN or 30th BFN. What are your plans for this month or in May?

Take care,


sarah27 - April 30

Hi Amy! Its good to hear from you. I got busy too when the boards were down. Sorry you got your af early. I hate when that happens especially when you have a family emergency.

I'm also going to take some time off. I'm applying for jobs and trying to get all my finals done this month. Then in May we're going to CA for a couple weeks and its right during my af. I don't want to take clomid on vacation so we're waiting until June or July to start again.

Each day brings you closer to when you get your bfp so hang in there. Hope everythings ok at your house and you keep your stress down.

Take care,


heathablue - June 17

Hey ladies. I'm new here. My story goes a little something like this...me and my husband have been trying for a year and 1/2. I had an HSG test after 6 months of trying and everything was ok. My husbands sperm was tested...aok. I've had bloodwork done...aok. I did 4 cycles of Clomid...stil no baby. So last month I saw a fertility specialist, and I will be starting IUI as soon as my period comes (which should be any min now). They will try 3 months of IUI. If still no baby, then we will have to revert to IVF. They think the reason I am having a hard time getting prego is because back in 2001 I had 3 abdominal sugeries to remove my large instesting due to UC. Sometimes the ovaries can get pulled away from the tubes a bit making it harder for my eggs to pass through. So I will most likely in the end have to due the IVF. But insurance wont cover IVF until we try IUI. I have my Gonal shots in the fridge waiting to be used. Anyone here have to do the shots? Any side effects? Was the IUI painful? This has been such an emtional roller coaster. And what has made it worse is that EVERYONE has either gotten pregnant or has had a baby in the time I have been trying. And now my sister is pregnant expecting her 1st, and she wasn't even trying....ugh.


amyjoy - June 17

Hi ladies! Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you, Sarah. We bought a house and we actually move tomorrow and I've been doing my internship for my Masters program. It's like a full time job (without the money :-[). Anyway, we did another round of clomid this cycle and it failed. So we are at IUI #3 in July. We will take a month off and evjoy our new home and then try again. I'm wondering when enough is enough for the IUI's. How many until ivf? Dh had a GREAT count last cycle! We were so hopeful. As long his counts stay good, hoefully something will happen.

Heathablue- No, IUi doesn't hurt. It's a bit uncomfortable. I know with the clomid I already feel crampy when ovulating and to add to that someone doing the IUI...but it doesn't hurt at all. I have used clomid, not Gonal. I know what you mean about everyone else being pregnant. My friend just had her SECOND. She lives in Florida and she's in town this week "to show off her new baby." As she put it. To protect myself, selfish or wrong or whatever, I will not be seeing her. I will use the "we just moved and I have no time" excuse. Even though it's not really an excuse. Her statement made me sick.."to show off..." I think it's hard for people that have not had these issues to really understand, but really all I ask is empathy.

Oh well, enough said.


sarah27 - June 21


It's nice to hear from you again. I'm also really busy with work. I was happy to hear that your dh had a great count this last time. I don't know when I will be able to iui. I found out a couple of weeks ago I have hyperparathyroidism. It messes up your calcium levels in your body and is dangerous for you and especially if your pregnant. I will find out next week what the options are, I think I will have surgery if I can to remove it. Or at least the diseased parathyroid. Once thats done hopefully I can get started right away. I know what you mean about the iui. My doc recommended six before ivf. All I could think about was the wasted money for each one. I have to pay for donor vials each time and they aren't cheap.

Stay hopeful, July could be your month.

Enjoy your house,



amyjoy - July 8

Sarah- How did your appt go? What did the Dr. say?

I skipped the last cycle because dh was sick and in the hospital with kidney failure. We found out that he has a kidney disorder that we never knew about. He is feeling better, but we need to be sure he stays hydrated and doesn't get the same symptoms as before. I brought him to the ER on Sunday (the day we moved) and by the time he made it into ICU, it was 1am and I went home and showered and went back to the hospital only to return home at 3:30am and that's when AF showed up. Perfect timing, huh? I think I O'd on the 4th. The test sticks I used were kinda iffy. We bd on the 5th. I thought maybe this time the egg can be waiting for one of his "boys" to finally connect. We'll see, but I am not hopeful. I am getting pretty tired of feeling so hopeful in the beginning and so let down in the end. If this doesn't work we will do another clomid/IUI cycle when af comes, probably around the 16th or so.

I decided we are going to do 2 more IUI's and then moving onto ivf.


sarah27 - July 17


Sorry to not get back to you. My family is here and my computer isn't working. Of course they were coming to hook up the internet today but failed to do so. I'm at my friends office.

My test was way different than expected. I am insulin resistant. Which is about the same thing as being diabetic. I started metformin which is a drug they give to treat pcos. I am excited to start iuis, but have to wait until september. My blood pressure needs to come down and also my heart rate. Once that happens I can start.

Have you started clomid or are you skipping this month? I hope it works. I always have high hopes at the beginning of ovulation. I think a miracle will happen and maybe it will work this time. Even when we are skipping that month. I think hope and faith work together and if you don't have either life would be empty. So keep up your hopes because it will pay off in the end. I have faith that you will be a mother even if you can't see it yet.

Take care



amyjoy - July 17

I am also IR. I take Actos. Metformin made my stomach feel sick. We are hopefully starting an injectible cycle with Gonal-F tomorrow. Tomorrow I go for u/s and b/w. Last cycle we tried unmedicated and the 2 cycles before with Clomid and all were BFN. So hopefully this is what I need! Are you taking meds for your blood pressure? Have you had high BP in the past?



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