Who Is on The 2ww?
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bdantonio - December 3

congrats marina i will pray that all is well on your u/s. What is the furthest that you have gotten before?


Brianandjena - December 3

Marina.. OMG! I am so happy for you. What a blessing. I will keep praying for a strong baby.
keep in touch!
and thank you for all of ur kind words.


Marina - December 3

Beth,the "furthest" I got ,is my almost 13years old son(LOL),But that was naturaly and a long time ago.This is my first IVF.I'm 2nd time married (to the niciest man in the world )and always thought that it's up to me to decide when is the right time to get PG.But...After about 1 year of trying,we decided not to waste any more time and get ourselfs checked(I'm 37 and my husband 50,but looks 35,lol)I found out I have blocked tubes,he got horrible sperm...So,here we are,after 1st IVF we took a risk and transfered only 1 embrio (I was very afraid of twins).After my first HCG I was crying and had just a tiniest hope that it's maybe not over yet.
thanks for your support!


bdantonio - December 4

unfortunitly with us women its not always on our terms our clock slows quicker then we do. I have been told i have unexplained infertility but i do know im testing positive for early menopause or perimenapaous as they call it and im 25.


JENNY22074 - December 4

Marina - what great news you received....Praying that all is well at your 1st u/s...

Jena - Still keeping you in my daily thoughts and prayers for a BFP to end your journey...Keep your chin up and stay positive...

Beth - How are you feeling once again these days...Any more contractions?...

Talk to you all later.


Brianandjena - December 4

I am trying to stay possitive.. or to even get possitive..(LOL) I have absolutly no sypmtoms. I mean i know I ov. But I dont have all the things(symptoms) I had last time. Like no sore breast. I do feel a little bloated (but nothing like last time) and pretty much no symptoms.. so.... *sad*


bdantonio - December 4

Jenny: I still have contractions but as long as i stay unactive they dont get to bad or too close i go to dr next tuesday they will check my cervix again then.


laura - December 4

Hi Ladies,
Mirina- I hope I have your wonderfull results! I tested a faint positive (yeterday) on HPT; its was day 10 after a day 5 blast transfer. My beta is friday (day 14). I am hopfull!


bdantonio - December 4

laura a line is good fant or not i will pray for you for friday keep us updated


JENNY22074 - December 4

Beth - glad to hear that all is going okay right now

Laura - as Beth stated a line is a line....Best of luck and babydust to you...

How is everyone else to day?


Marina - December 5

Hi girls,
Jena,dont worry about your symptoms!I didn't have any obvious like cramps or sore bbs(I still don't have sore bbs,at least not sore enough to be sure that it's different from what I always have before my period).And docs always say-don't rely on any symptoms untill your beta.
Laura,if you got positive on hpt after 10 days-it's good,means your HCG at least over 20( with the most sensetive hpt like e.p.t. you will get a faint line,because they show when HCG level over 20) and everything over 5 means you are PG!will it countinie or not-it's a different story,but at least you know that there was an implantation.Good luck!
Beth and Jenny,I'm so jelous(in a good way!) that you are almost there!I told my son today and his 1st reaction was shock-are you kidding?!Then-Are you gonna still love me?Promise?And than-why now,why not when I was 2 or 3?Today he asked me how big this baby and when we'll find out boy or girl.Funny.


embowers1 - December 5

I am new to the board. Hello to everyone :) I am in the TWW. I had an HCG trigger on 11/30 (at least 2 mature follicles), and IUIs on 12/1 and 12/2. I have been on Clomid for 6 months, Metformin for over a year, and the trigger was a new addition. So here's my strange situation. I KNOW that I ovulated on 12/1. So I have no sore bbs, no regular post-ov headache, no cramps..... this is super weird for me. Has anyone else had this experience (absolutely ZERO post-ov normal stuff) and then ended up with a + HPT?


JENNY22074 - December 5

Marina - been there in several ways...I am the oldest child of three kids and next in line is my brother who is 14 years younger then me and then we have a sister who is 15 years younger then me and only 11 months younger then him...My mother also had fertility problems that was easily fixed with Clomid many years ago...The only difference is we all have the same father...Now I have a almost 17 year old stepdaughter who at this point in time is not very excepting of this baby and is truly mad at her father but only for selfish reasons that have been put in her head all of these years...I was in your situation when I was the gestation that you are and jealous of the ones further along...It will happen and you will be Beth and I in a few months saying these same things to the newer ones on the board...All will be well and we are praying for you...Glad to hear that you are starting to feel better about things...Talk to you soon.


jmylea - December 5

Hello everyone!
I am new to this forum and to "trying" to conceive. I started looking thru this board because there aren't many people I know that are going thru this right now. I'm married...37...and have never been able to get PG. I figured, I'm not getting any younger, I better start now. My fertility dr put me on clomid and the hcg shot, which I got the HCG shot Saturday night. My BBs are so sore and I have mild cramping in my uterus region, but that's about it. I don't feel any different. I have blood work on Friday and then an US the following Friday. I'm not getting my hopes up just yet, plus it's my first time trying, but I just don't "feel" like it worked this time. I don't know how you guys can stand the two weeks waiting. I know it would be fruitless to take a PG test as the HCG is still fresh in my system, but it's tempting...just to sneak a peek. Ha.

If anyone has taken clomid/hcg, please let me know when the sore bbs and the mild cramping will stop? Is there any symptoms I should look for in relation to PG?

I am wishing everyone the best of luck and hope all your dreams come to reality!!!! ;D


Marina - December 5

Welcome new girls!You are in a right place.If you read back our posts from before,you'll find a lot of useful info.
Some of the girls here are already PG and almost thru w/their PG,but still here to support the rest of us(isn't that nice or what?)
I did IVF for the 1st time,transfered 1 embrio,got PG(went thru the horrible 2ww),of course,got hpt and tested(for the 1st time-5 days after transfer-got negative,than 3days later got faint positive)My advise-dont test too early,you'll get for sure false result.The best-wait for HCG test,but of course, it's impossible,we all do this at some point.So, if you do,not earlier than 13 day after ov(in your case).
The symptoms...They vary alot(I basicly didn't have any and still dont)Do not rely on symptoms,we are on medicatoin that make us feel PG...So ,don't get upset if u don't seel anything(or feel a LOT of things).Good luck!


bdantonio - December 5

Marina i right i never got any symptoms during the 2ww. The first symptoms i got with pg was nausea and vomitting, but thats also cause i have hypermesis. I still dont have sore bbs. I even leak milk and dont have sore bbs. Every pregancy and every women is different. I was always told not todo a hpt test after a trigger until 10 days later or it will be a false positive it takes time to get out of your system.

Also being this far along is good cause its almost over but now comes the uncomfortable time. When the baby moves now it hurts, and i pee enough for five people a day.

Well good luck to all and hope all mommies to be,mommies and babies are well, and everyone is in my preayers.



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