Who Is on The 2ww?
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jeni_turner - March 8

Hey ladies! I haven't posted in a while, but here's my story: trying for #2 for 18 months...
11/07: clomid 50mg + IUI= bfn
03/08 (new RE, much better!): clomid 100mg + HCG trigger + IUI= ???
I had the IUI today, a progesterone test next Thurs., and a preg test in 2 weeks!
I had 4 good follies, 3 which were definitely big enough for the trigger shot! Finger crossed and lots of prayers! I wich you all luck and patience during this LONG wait! :)


Marina - March 8

hi jellybean,nice to see you again,hopefully this time around you'll have more luck!


Tracie64 - March 8

Hi Girls

Hope you are all travelling well either in your 2ww or on your road to the 2ww.

Jellybean- welcome darl and good luck for your beta
wishing you all the luck

Take care girls and have a good weekend

Tracie64xo ;)Aussie girl


jeni_turner - March 10

Marina and Tracie- thanks for the good wishes!
Tracie- sorry to hear about your bfn...so disappointing. You did IVF, right?
Anyone gone through clomid IUI?? ANY successes??


Tracie64 - March 10

Hi Jellybean

Yep all IVF and FETs some with donor eggs as I am 43

But I am getting the embies but no implantation so will be asking the doc to do some more testing to find out what is going on.

Take care and have a great week girls

Tracie64xo ;)Aussie girl


gigi64 - March 11

[quote author=Brianandjena link=board=15;threadid=5003;start=0#43151 date=1195110964]
HI everyone I Just wanted to make sure I am supporting everyoone and hearing about everyones expierences..
Let me know if anyone is on the dreadful 2ww..
mytest dat is 19th .. I am so getting ready to sneek a test in..lol..
Praying for everyone!


gigi64 - March 11

I am on my 2week wait. This is my fourth ifv. 3 failed This time I used a donar. I'm nervous! 4 day post transfer. I have mild cramps and nauseous could be from the progersterone. anyone have good words?


Tracie64 - March 12

Hi Gigi

I have done 14 transfers all IVF/FETS some with donors
I have always used prog but have never felt sick

Sound promising and mild cramps could be implantation

How many embies did you put in and what cell were

Good luck to you and other in the 2ww

Tracie64xo Aussie girl


JENNY22074 - March 16

Sorry ladies I am still down a computer and only am getting out of the house one Sundays and Tuesdays...We have my sonogram and dr followup on Tuesday...Last week I had started to dilate and was at least a centimeter...My cervix is thinning on a daily basis and he is certainly putting much pressure down there...The days are getting longer for me and we will certainly be talking inducment at my doctor's visit in a couple days...I miss being here with you all each day and I hate having to play catch up once a week...It is so much to catch up on by the time I am on and able to write...Is there any other new preggo's or people on the 2 week wait...I will be back on in a couple days...Talk to you all then...The doctor is expecting Gabriel to be weighing in at 8 pounds or more come Tuesday and I will be 38 weeks at that point...He is certainly a big boy....Talk to you all in a couple days


jeni_turner - March 17

Hey gals! Just an update...I got my progesterone level back and it's very good. They like anything over 12 and mine is at 24! So, I definitely ovulated, but does this mean I have a better chance of being preggo? Does this mean I ovulated more than one follicle?


bdantonio - March 18

Jenny glad to hear from you. SO your long wait will soon be over. I told you the end gets very uncomfortable and hard.


JENNY22074 - March 19

Hello everyone...It looks like the time has come for Gabriel to be born...FINALLY....We went to the doctor yesterday and he is almost 8 pounds and measuring 38 weeks and 5 days along...I was 38 weeks yesterday...So to not let him get to much bigger and possibly cause delivery complications the docotr is going to induce me next week...I don't have the day yet but we will know tomorrow what day they are going to induce me next week...So at some point next week I will finally see our baby boy and get to hold and kiss him...Such a long journey we have been on but was all worth it!!!!...I will let you know what date it will be on Sunday when I am at my mom's once again and able to utilize her computer...Take care....


Monica1102 - March 21

Hi everyone. I am new here, but have been struggling with infertility for a few years now. After 3 miscarriages at 7 wks my husband and I decided it was time to seek help. This is my 3rd month of Clomid. Week 1 & 2 no luck with timed intercourse. I just had an IUI today so my 2ww has just started. I have a feeling it is going to be a long 2 weeks.

I feel like a nervous ball of energy. I know you all can relate.

I wish everyone here the best of luck!

Love and God bless

Monica in NC


RB - March 23

Hi Monica,

welcome! you are in the right place...here you will find many people who can identify with what you are going through...these 2 weeks appear to be the longest 2 weeks ever and after that there is even more waiting :\ try to keep busy and stay positve...i think it helps. chatting with the others on these boards was really helpful for me.

Good luck and lots of baby dust!



JENNY22074 - March 24

Hello everyone...I am getting ready to go to my final doctor's appointment...It looks like if he doesn't come on his own in the next few days I will be induced on Friday the 28th between 6am and 8am...I am so excited and just want everyday to be the day...So we are finally at the end of our journey...What a great way to be ending our almost 10 year journey to parenthood...All you other ladies that are waiting or just starting...DON'T EVER GIVE UP HOPE!!!!...MIRACLES HAPPEN EVERYDAY!!!!

How is everyone else doing?


JENNY22074 - March 24

Today was my last doctor's appointmnet and we have our set schedule now for Friday...I have to be there by 6:15am and my induction will start at 6:30am...My doctor chose Friday since he is in labor and delivery all that day...So we will be letting you know when he arrives...Talk to you soon



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