Who Is on The 2ww?
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lyly14 - February 29

Debbie- Once your beta levels hit 2000 they can usually see something on the u/s. I think by 6 weeks they will probably do one, but each dr. is different. You should call and ask. Are you nervous about how many took? How would you feel about twins?


Arabsrcool - February 29

Hi ladies,

I officially started my 2ww. my transfer was on 2/27 and I'm back to work today. Felt like I could have easily stayed home, headache, bloated, kinda blah feeling. Then I remember if this works, I need my days for maternity leave and if it doesn't I need my days for more trips to doc ofc.


congrats on your BFP!. When was your transfer?

Baby dust to all.


gemdandy420 - February 29


Congrats!!!!!! That is such good news.

Welcome Natalie, great support on this board.

I have been feeling so depressed lately, do you think it is from the clomid? Maybe its just I wanted better results this week and I am disappointed. I don't know how you ladies have done this month after month. I am a strong person so I know I can do it also. So I have a question though, I noticed a lot of women do not O until later in the cylce on clomid sometimes not until cd 19-24. I am only at cd17 and my dr. has already ruled out that I won't O based on u/s done on day 14. He wants me to do beta on Friday March 7th and based on the results start provera again on the 12th for 2nd cycle. I have been using the opk's everday since cd 10 and nothing has shown up. The u/s on cd14 showed eggs but not really big, there was about 5 of them though. I don't know how to feel about all of this, there is so much info. on the web its hard to figure it all out and know if your dr. is doing the right thing or not. I am seeing an OB/GYN abd not a RE. My dr, monitors with blood and u/s on clomid though. I have zero coverage for inferility and can't afford to do anything really expensive at this stage. Please pray for me and hope that the clomid works for me.



Marina - March 1

Debbie,congrats!We'll pray it stays this way for you!

Gloria,I'm sorry,I'm no help with your situation-we did IVF and used different drugs,not clomid.Maybe someone knows more.Unfortunately most people don't have coverage for infertility and yes,it's very expensive.But in your situation you should see RE,not just regular OB-they just waste your time playing this kind of games,most of them didn't recive this type of training(infertility) and just try to experiment on you.And better if your doctor will be gynicologist-endocrinologist.


JasJulesMom - March 1

Gloria I agree with Marina. I started with Ob/gyn and he wasted I would say a year for us. I also started with clomid and so did a friend of mine. There were definite days of craziness and as re upped my dose the crazier I got. It has been known to cause those side affects.

My Insurance did not cover for IVF but did for IUI. I had to pay for meds out of pocket. RE visits were covered because they were considered a specialist under my plan.

I also had some follies with clomid, but they would grow and then stop. I never O on my own with clomid, it just was not powerful enough for me. So OPK is probably correct. You will probably not ovulate without help. The only thing that confuses me is the follies, true they will still be there next month, but as with me they will probably get smaller again. That is why I wondered why dr did not just up your dose and continue cycle??

Arabsrcool good luck and stay stong during 2ww. I did not have IVF I used gonal f and had an IUI.

Natalie how are you holding up?


Tracie64 - March 1

Hi Girls

First of all congrats to Debbie on your BFP and good luck for your pregnancy. What a scary but exciting time for you.

Good luck Nat in your 2ww darl and that beta on the 3rd

Good luck to you too Arabsrcool on your 2ww.

Its a horrible time this 2ww. I had 2 blasties transferred on the 20/2 and beta is on Monday. I did 2 HPTs one yesterday and one the day before both were BFNs so lets just say I am not feeling very confident.

Well better go now good luck to all those girls waiting to be mummies

Tracie64 ;)Aussie Girl


JasJulesMom - March 1

Good luck tomorrow Tracie. You must have great strength to have endured your journey. I pray that it will finally be BFP for you tomorrow.


Tracie64 - March 1

Hi Jasjulesmom

Yes I wonder were I get the strength to keep going but I wanna be a mum so bad.

I thought I would have given up after the first egg donor but I advertised and found a second one who was a young mum of 21. So I thought this would be it.

But after 2 negative HPTs its not looking good

I am prepared for bad news I guess.

Thanks darl and take of yourself

Tracie64xo ;)Aussie girl


bdantonio - March 2

Gloria i conceieved 7 times on clomid. however lost 5. The drug did work for me. I didnt feel cazy on it though.


DOLIVE - March 3

Hi everyone,

I am brand new here and this is my very first post. I am 42, 43 in May and my life recently started over when I got remarried 5.5 yrs ago. I just finished 5 days of femara + 6 days of 75 IU of Follistim. We were supposed to have IUI tomorrow a.m. but only had one "good" follicle so the doc thought it was best to blow off the IUI and just have timed intercouse since we are 100% out of pocket and already have one failed IUI (clomid only). So we bd this morning at 12 hrs post Ovidrel and then again in the morning at 36 hrs. Any success stories with the Femara/Follistim/Ovidrel protocol?

This is the LONGEST 2 week wait!

Baby dust to all and thanks for any advice/input!



gemdandy420 - March 3


I wish you the best of luck, one good follie is all you need. I will pray for you in your two week wait.

Tracie - Hopefully the tests are wrong and not sensitive enough and your blood work will show something different. Try and stay positive, I know it is hard to do everytime.

Marina - My ob/gyn is also a specialist in fertility and has a degree in it, so I have some faith in him. If I don't see the results I am looking for in 3 months then I will find a RE and try to afford it some how. So far no O showing up on the opks, so I think I will stop testing with them so I don't waste anymore. I will go in for blood work Friday am, beta and estradiol tests. Oh boy...

Thanks for eveyone's support and comments. This board is the best.

Baby dust to everyone....



RB - March 3

Hi everyone,

I only joined the forum today after reading some of your posts and identifying with what many of you are going through. I am a newbie having had my 1st IVF transfer on 24/02. I have 4 days to go before my Beta...i am so nervous...i have been reading everything i can find on the internet to see if i have any symptoms that can tell me whether we are gonna have a BFN or BFP...i have also been praying like i never prayed before and my husband and i have been talking to our embies...i know this is probabaly nuts but it cant hurt right? Anyway, i havent had many symptoms over the last few days...mild twinges around the ovaries and in the general pelvic area and slightly sore BBs. Right after ER I had severe cramping but that has passsed. No spotting, at least not yet so i dont know if that means implantation has not taken place...any thoughts?

anxious and hopeful,


Tracie64 - March 4

Hi Girls

Just a quick one as Im not feeling very good right now but just wanted to say we got a BFN yesterday on Beta and am now looking at possible immunolgy testing. We got 8 good frozen blasties but for some reason no luck so want to look at any other avenues before I waste anymore.

Just want to say thankyou all for your support and good luck with your BFPs and pregnancies

Tracie64xo Aussie girl ;)


lyly14 - March 6

Tracie- sorry to hear about your bfn. I am glad you are going to look into more testing before you try again. Good luck and keep us posted.


Tracie64 - March 6

Hi Lyly

Thanks mate and good luck for your FET in April.

Who knows I may be doing my FET then as well

Take care of yourself

Tracie64xo ;)AussieGirl


jeni_turner - March 8

Hey ladies! I haven't posted in a while, but here's my story: trying for #2 for 18 months...
11/07: clomid 50mg + IUI= bfn
03/08 (new RE, much better!): clomid 100mg + HCG trigger + IUI= ???
I had the IUI today, a progesterone test next Thurs., and a preg test in 2 weeks!
I had 4 good follies, 3 which were definitely big enough for the trigger shot! Finger crossed and lots of prayers! I wich you all luck and patience during this LONG wait! :)



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