Who Is on The 2ww?
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Marina - February 26

Thank you guys for your support,
I've been through this before with my first pregnancy,only difference was i was 18,it was unplaned,and I was 32weeks and my baby girl lived for 4 days. I was young and stupid,my ex husband didn't care much and we had all life ahead of us.
Now i'm 37 and have a wonderful 12 years old son and married to the best man in the world (who was ready to pay any money to have a child together)and we were soo lucky to get pregnant with IVF from the first try...only to get this far?! I think it would be easier for us to get BFN or m/c in early PG,not now when we thought we are safe after 12 weeks...All your life wraps around one thing now-your baby.And when you read about other people loses,you feel for them deeply,but ,yes you can't possibly know how they feel,until you get in this situation yourself.
Lyly,I'm a strong person and I'm not going to let myself or my husband to get depressed ,because we are happy and have a wonderful child and my husband loves him dearly,we just wanted to add more joy to our family and we still might do this.
I need some time to recover physically(I feel weak and dizzy after all) and emotionaly and get the answers(if they 'll give us any).The day it happened,when I wasn't able to lift my head off the pillow,I didn't think I could do this again.We do not have much time,I'm 37 and my husband 50,we got to have some time left to raise a child.But the ironical thing is-now I want this more than ever.


Tracie64 - February 26

Hi Marina

So sorry for your loss darling. What a terrible thing to have to go through.

I know no words can say how I truly feel but know that my heart breaks for you with sadness.
This journey really is the pits.

Take care cybergirl and be kind to yourself, you deserve it.

Tracie64xo ;)


wolffie - February 26

Marina -

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.



bdantonio - February 26

Marina: sorry i havent been around. I just got to read of your loss. I have been in your shoes too and there is nothing to say or do to help i know that. However if you need to vent or just talk im here. You can e-mail me even. When i read of your loss i cried, Over the last few months you and everyone had become part of my life closer to me then friends i have had for years. I felt as if a long time friend needs me, and s a bad place that i know is dark. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts.


Marina - February 26

Hi Beth,
I know you've been busy with your girls,and it's so true that everybody here became part of your life and we all here live one day at a time and cheer for each other.When I looked at your and other girls tickers I was dreaming to be that far with you and was counting every single day on my ticker.And finaly when I was a little less stressed because I passed that 12week mark and start looking at baby stuff and plan in my head-it happened to me.No signs,nothing,was feeling good.I 'm in shock and like everybody else can't belive it happened to me at 16 weeks.
My DH is very upset and crying too,worry about me like crazy,calls me every hour.He was so exited and happy.
But i'm not going to let myself or him to get depressed,we still have 6 frozen beauties there,I just need to recover physically and get answers why it happened.
You know how hard for me to go back to work and see all my clients?I hope it won't affect my job because people will think I'm too upset to do my jod good-the real thing is-they are sympathetic,but care about themselfs and how they look.I'm so glad that many of them didn't know I was pregnant,I didn't want people to know that I might be off work soon and look for another person to do their hair.The same with my husband because we work together and all his clients know me very well.


bdantonio - February 27

Marina: I read your post on the lovenox site. I was on lovenox for Angelina but only the first trimester. I do not have a clotting disorder it was a preventative they wanted me on it until after the baby was born but i didnt like how i felt on it so i stopped it knowing the risks. Thankfully nothing happened. I have lost one at 15 weeks but also at 13 weeks and 3 others earlier. They have never found a reason. they have done pleny of tests with no answers. The wait for answers sucks and it said but you want them to find a reason unfortunitly they have never found one for me. If there is anything i can do let me know.


gemdandy420 - February 27

Hello everyone,

So my dr. appointment yesterday was interesting, no O happening but my dr. feels positive about the first cycle. I had no eggs in the left, and some in the right. The right ones are not very big. My dr. is happy because at least there are some and I responded to the clomid at 50 mg (developed eggs). He is going to keep me at the same dosage and we will repeat this cycle again with provera to bring on bleed on the 11th of March. He said the eggs that are in the right ovary will still be there and should grow from the 2nd round of clomid and I should get a better response and O. It is so hard to have to wait cycle after cycle. My BF is so excited about the results, said they are very positive and we are on the right track. I also lost 4 pounds since my last visit, so that was nice. So I guess I won't be in the 2 week wait after all.... My breasts are getting really sore though, is this normal from the clomid?



JasJulesMom - February 28

Hi Gemdandy,

I also had a bit of success with my 1st cycle of clomid at 50mg. Not enough though and my re just continued the dosage, he did not make me have af and then start again. Not sure why everyone has such different procedures. Anyway at least there was progress, I have had some cycles that the progress seemed like it would never happen. Did you ask RE about ovidrel to trigger O when the time comes?

I am so nervous, I have my beta tomorrow. I have taken about 6 hpts because I cannot believe BFP!! I hope beta is good because the last time this happened I was so excited and then m/c. The beta numbers never got higher and it was a long drawn out m/c. Four weeks after we knew there was notgoing to be a baby it finally happened.

Does anyone know when RE usually does 1st u/s. Since I had so many follies, just wondering how many fertiliZed.


gemdandy420 - February 28


That is so exciting. Let us know how it goes tomorrow. I'm sure all those tests can't be wrong. What did you do this cycle? Was IVF? Wow, congrats....


Marina - February 28

JusJulesmom,Good luck tomorrow!


natalie08 - February 28

Hello all,

I am fairly new here and am also in the 2ww. : ( I had 2 5 day embies transferred but they were not blastocysts yet. So, I dont know if it worked or not. My transfer was on the 25th and my test day is March 5th. So, I still have quite a while. Alot of you ladies are much stronger than I to hold out on HPT's as long as you have. I broke down and tested 2 days after the transfer. : ) Of course, it was negative but I just had to try it. I will not be doing another HPT until the 3rd.

I wish all you ladies the best on your tests!


JasJulesMom - February 28

Well ladies I had my beta today and BFP!!! I am so excited but I have been down this road before. I will be even more excited if results are good on Moday. My starting Beta is 168. Re said that is a great number. I hope it continues to rise. last time it never doubled and then stopped ending in m/c. I will keep my fingers crossed.

Welcome Natalie. The 2ww wait is tough but keep the faith



natalie08 - February 28

Thank you Debbie! CONGRATS ON THE BFP!!! I bet youre very excited. : ) Hopefully things will work out well for me too. : )


lyly14 - February 29

Debbie- Congrats! I knew it would be good. Your beta sounds great. I am so happy for you. I can't believe they are making you wait until Monday for a second beta. I thought they like to see the numbers double every 48 hours. I would think they would want to re-check on Friday. Anyway I am sure this is going to be it for you. Hopefully I will be joining you soon. Keep us updated. How are you feeling?


JasJulesMom - February 29

Hi Lyly- I just went this morning and if they had me go in 48hrs i would have to go to the only office that is open, which is far from home. So I am kinda glad Monday is when they told me to come back. I feel ok. My bbs are sore and I have some occassional heartburn. Not much nausea yet.

I will be praying for you in April. Before you know it it will be here and I know good things will happen. For now stay positive.

Do you know when they would usually have the first u/s. I forgot to ask and since I had so many mature follicles I can't help to wonder how many fertilized.


lyly14 - February 29

Debbie- Once your beta levels hit 2000 they can usually see something on the u/s. I think by 6 weeks they will probably do one, but each dr. is different. You should call and ask. Are you nervous about how many took? How would you feel about twins?



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