Who Is on The 2ww?
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bdantonio - February 22

gemdnandy: Dont lose hope. I went through fertility off and on for 6 years. I have a dd who is 3 and i just gave birth to a second on 2/8/08 both clomid and iui babies. It can and will happen in its own time. I also have unexplained infertility but aso iwth unexplained miscarriges i have lost 5 along the way also. Its hard when it you and not him.


gemdandy420 - February 22

Thanks for the support ladies, it really does help. Today is CD10 and I am feeling crampy, slight but there still. Is this normal for Clomid? Does this mean it could be working and stimulating my ovaries and getting ready to O? My dr. said you usually don't O until CD14 with Clomid, that's why they scheduled me on CD14 for u/s and tests. Anyone with experience using clomid, I would love your comments if these are good signs - the cramps that is....

Congrats to bdantonio on your new baby... That is such great news to hear, I love hearing the sucess stories, they give such hope to the rest of us still ttc.



lyly14 - February 22

gemdandy- When I did the clomid I had a few u/s to monitor my follicle size before the O. When the follicles were a certain size I was told to monitor with a home ovulation kit (opk) and when I had a positive to have intercourse. We also did the post coital test for the first and 3rd clomid cycle the morning after the positive opk. I never ovulate on cycle day 14 even on the clomid but everyone is different. Each dr. is different too some monitor you closely and others do not. I wouldn't worry about the cramping. I also had some cramping and bloating on the clomid. It is just the medicine at work. Unfortunately it did not work for me but dh also has sperm issues. Try to stay positive, many women have gotten pg with clomid.


JasJulesMom - February 22

Welcome Goria I too have PCOS and have been trying to conceive for 3 plus years with 1 m/c along th way.

Keep the faith. If it brought yo back together with the love of your life I am sure it will not fail you now.

I am on day 10 of 2ww and about to lose my mind. Some days I feel like something is going onn and I am going to get BFP. Other days like today I am sooooooooo convinced it is going to be BFN!!

I am so ready to break down and so HPT, but I am trying so hard not to. I can thank th esnow from keeping me from buying one today.

Wish me luck and baby dust to you Gloria!!!


gemdandy420 - February 22


I am trying to stay really positive this time around for sure. I am also on Metformin 1000mg daily. This is my 5 month on it. It has not however regulated me though.

The 2ww is killer, hang in there. Is it too early for you to test? I would wait if you can handle it, good for the snow. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you and wishing you best of luck and baby dust.


Thanks for getting back to me. I know everyone O's on different dates especially on clomid, I guess I just need to wait until Tuesday and see what the u/s shows as far as follicle size and how many. I have the opk's and just started using them, so far no positive.

Thanks Ladies,


JasJulesMom - February 23

Gloria since you do have PCOS and do not ovulate on your own, why isn't RE having you use trigger shot.

I am on Metformin also but 2000 daily and after alsmost a I started getting af without assistance. Not every month like clockwork but at least every 6-8 weeks.


JasJulesMom - February 23

ok so ladies I broke down and POAS. I have 4 days left on my 2ww and I had to pick up medicine for dd. She is sick, so of course with my lack of self control I purchased a HPT. I went home and it said if you were testing 4 days before should use first urine. So of course I did not listen and did it anyway. I figured it was atwo pack and I could do one now and one again tomorrow. Welllllllll.........to my supprise BFP!!!!!!

Not sure what to do with myself. I have such mixed emotions. Am I truly pg. Is it the ovidrel still in my system. Although I have read the ovidrel is gone after 7 days. I am now 12 days post trigger. Help I am so crazy right now. Does anyone think it can be from ovidrel ao is it truly BFP.


lyly14 - February 24

Debbie- Wow that is great news! The shot is probably out of your system by now, so I am thinking it is a true bfp!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you, of course I am wishing it was me, but so happy for you. I guess all the hard work and waiting really paid off. Good luck with everything and keep me posted. I can't wait to hear what the beta is.


JasJulesMom - February 24

lyly- I wish it was you also along with me. I am keeping my celebration to a minimum the lines is really light on the test. I hope it remains BFP. I do go for beta until Thursday. I also have symptoms one day and not the next so I am doubting every second of the BFP


Marina - February 25

Hi guys,
I just came back from the hospital.
I lost my baby suddenly at 16 weeks.
Last thursday we went on my regular appoitment and the doctor didn't hear the heartbeat,she sent me right away to have ultrasound-and it confirmed no heartbeat.
I didn't see it coming,they send us to the hospital,indused me and I had my baby boy 24 hours later,folowing [email protected],lost 2.5 litters of blood,got blood transfusion,fever105,infection.They put tons drugs in me.
They don't know what happend,took tons of tests.


lyly14 - February 25

Marina- I am so sorry to hear what happened to you. I completely understand what your are going through, as I went through a very similar situation with my last pg at 11 weeks. I don't even have any words to give you comfort. This is such a terrible thing and I am truely sorry. I hope you are feeling okay physically. How are you and dh handling everything? Men and women react so differently so be patient with him and be patient with yourself and the grieving process. Again I am so sorry. I hope you can get some answers. If you need to talk I am here.


Arabsrcool - February 25


I am so sorry. My prayers are with you.


gemdandy420 - February 25


I am truly sorry for your lost and thank God you are alright. Such a high fever and complications. There are no words for your lost. Keep the faith, at least you know you can get pg. Its such a long journey to get to the end. We are all here for you and my prayers go out to you and your dh.



gemdandy420 - February 25


Congrats on the BFP, it propably is a true positive. Can't wait to see what your beta is. I am so happy for you and hope the best for you.

I think I need to ask more questions to my dr. I have been just doing what he says and not really asking anything since I am knew to this thing. I guess I will find more tomorrow and I will ask more questions. I think I messed up my post coital though, was suppose to wait 3 days to bd and we bd last night, make-up bd, had an arguement. Oh well he still will have plenty in the am for sure. He has no problems...lol...



JasJulesMom - February 26

Marina I am so sorry for your loss. I am sure there are no words to describe how you must be feeling. I hope you feel better physically. My prayers are with you.


Marina - February 26

Thank you guys for your support,
I've been through this before with my first pregnancy,only difference was i was 18,it was unplaned,and I was 32weeks and my baby girl lived for 4 days. I was young and stupid,my ex husband didn't care much and we had all life ahead of us.
Now i'm 37 and have a wonderful 12 years old son and married to the best man in the world (who was ready to pay any money to have a child together)and we were soo lucky to get pregnant with IVF from the first try...only to get this far?! I think it would be easier for us to get BFN or m/c in early PG,not now when we thought we are safe after 12 weeks...All your life wraps around one thing now-your baby.And when you read about other people loses,you feel for them deeply,but ,yes you can't possibly know how they feel,until you get in this situation yourself.
Lyly,I'm a strong person and I'm not going to let myself or my husband to get depressed ,because we are happy and have a wonderful child and my husband loves him dearly,we just wanted to add more joy to our family and we still might do this.
I need some time to recover physically(I feel weak and dizzy after all) and emotionaly and get the answers(if they 'll give us any).The day it happened,when I wasn't able to lift my head off the pillow,I didn't think I could do this again.We do not have much time,I'm 37 and my husband 50,we got to have some time left to raise a child.But the ironical thing is-now I want this more than ever.



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