Who Is on The 2ww?
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bdantonio - February 12

I had Angelina on Friday 2/8/08 at 11:34am she was 7lbs 15oz 20 3/4inches long. She is perfect. She has a full head of hair....


tmayac - February 13

Thanks Jenny for your support it really helps to know others have been here and are still here encouraging others. We did a 5 day transfer.

bdantonio CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I'm so excited and happy for you guys.ENJOY your little angel. I'd love to see pics when you get them!I just love baby pictures.


JENNY22074 - February 13

YEAH Beth and Welcome baby Angelina!!!!!


Marina - February 13

:) :) :) :) :) :) :)
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Big Congrads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lyly14 - February 13

Beth- Gongrats on your new baby girls! It must be such a great feeling to finally hold her in your arms.

Tmayac- Lots of baby dust for your next try. keep me posted.

Jenny and everyone- Thanks for all your support. Af is definitely starting to show so the BFN is an actual reality. I thought I was going to be more upset than I was when she arrived as that is my usual trigger, but I am proud to say I was only in a depressed state for a little while during the day and no crying! I am not giving up that easily. Less than one week untill I go in for my consult with the RE.


Marina - February 13

Lyly,I have a great respect for you for not losing a hope.And very glad you are not depressed-it wouldn't do any good!
How is your DH? Is he ready for the second round?


bdantonio - February 13

WEll if someone can tell me how to get a picture on this site i will show u all angelina i cant figure it out


lyly14 - February 14

Thank you Marina- I think dh is ready. He was talking about having a baby the other night like he knew it will only be a matter of time. I am still hopefull but at times wonder if it will ever happen. Round two should be much less stressful for both of us. As long as the 3 embies we froze are in good condition, we are good to go as soon as the lab is. I was so happy that the 2 fresh we were putting in on the day of the transfer were of the highest quality, I forgot to ask about the ones that they froze. I will know more on Tuesday when I go in for my consult.


JasJulesMom - February 14

lyly-Glad to see you are so positive. I truly believe good things happen to good people and your time will come.

I just did 1st IUI today. I have to tell you was less stressfull than timed bd, but dh was very stressed out giving sample. Almost did not happen. All in all RE said he has a count of 15 mil, not sure if that is good but better than expected.

SO I am officially on third 2ww, hopefully it will be BFP this time. Although it was 1st time and then the m/c.

Im also very nervous because RE said I had alot of follicles and possibly six cpould ovulate. He said I needed to think hard before I did trigger. I have never had such a good response to Gonal-f. DH and I decided to go for it, I would not mind twins anything else scares me.

Has anyone else had such a big chance of multiples, if so what was the outcome? My PCOS makes it hard not to have so many follies at once. Either the gonal-f does not work cause of low dosage or works too well due to higher dosage. Anyway here I go 2WW and hopefully BFP without it being a litter


JasJulesMom - February 14

Congratulations Beth!!!!


lyly14 - February 14

Debbie- I am happy to hear you had your IUI today. Dh was not happy giving his sample and was very stressed out and quiet about the whole thing. I was worried he may not be able to perform under the pressure, but like your dh came through. Even though we go through so much as women, I can't imagine having to perform under those circumstances. It sounds like the IUI was a good idea with dh's count. It was a bit on the low side. My dh had about 13 mil but his morphology was terrible too. Hopefully with all those follies and his swimmers had a head start it will be just what you needed to get your bfp. I know no one really likes to think about it , especially since we all struggle just to get pg, but selective reduction is always an option if you get pg with 3 or more. My RE told me that usually 1 out of every 3 is a good egg, so hopefully 1 or 2 will be your lucky numbers. I am praying for you!


JENNY22074 - February 15

Debbie - best wishes for a BFP...When do you do your test?...Also is it a beta or hpt?...

How is everyone else doing?....Hopefully hanging in there and some of you I am praying are preparing your mind, body and soul for the next round in your journey...Talk to you all later


JasJulesMom - February 16

Hi Jenny thanks for asking. I am just starting the 2ww I willnot do beta until 2/28. It seems as if it is an eternity. Glad to hear you are doing well. I feel I have to catch with everyone. Not really been posting for a while we took a break. Cannot believe you are so close, it seems so fast. I am sure you are not feekling that way. Especially with everything you went through to bring this miracle into the world.


JENNY22074 - February 16

I have a good feeling about the 28th!!!...Actually it does seem pretty fast compared to what I though I would be feeling...I am anxious at this point since the shower is over and his stuff is washed and ready to go...I have packed my bag and his bag for the hospital...I have another u/s on the 25th to see what he is weighing at that point and then I have a dr's appointment the same day and we will hopefully discuss the weight and delivery at that point...I pray that you will get a BFP at the end of the month...Talk to you soon...


JasJulesMom - February 16

Good luck with the Dr next visit. When is your exact due dat. My friend just had a baby and she had a csection two weeks before the due date. So funny, they thought the baby was going to be closed to 10 pounds. He was 7lbs 15oz. I think they were off a bit. Good luck to you, hope he will be here sooner than later.


JENNY22074 - February 16

My exact due date is April Fool's Day...I wish it would be sooner...My legs are starting to cramp at night and my belly is aching and braxton hicks are starting to get more and more frequent at night so it causes me to stay up late at night...I had a really easy pregnancy and just ready for it to be over with and I can finally hold my miracle baby....Hang in there and all will be just fine...



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