Who Is on The 2ww?
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bdantonio - February 6

yeah everyone 2 days counting today time is crawling though. I feel like i may go insane before i get to have her.


tmayac - February 7

Tomorrow will be 1 wk since the ET I'm thinking of doing a HPT.


lyly14 - February 7

tmayac- My beta is this saturday 2/9/08. I had a 3 day ET on 1/30/08 and I am so scared to to take a hpt. Did you do a 3 day or 5 day transfer? Good luck to you.


tmayac - February 7

lyly14 - I had a 5 day I was anticipating a 3 day which was supposed to be 1/30/08 but it was on 2/1/08. It looks like we had our retrievals the same day 1/27/08!!!!!!! Good luck Saturday!


Marina - February 7

Welcome tmayac,
good luck to you and a lots of sticky baby dust.
I know how hard to hold of the last days,it seems all you think about is to do the hpt !I didn't even think about it untill I found this website when I was desperately searching for PG symptoms,I did'n t know hpt can show as early as 8 days after conception(not transfer),but mine was negative on the 8th day,than I did 2 days later and it was faint positive.The e.p.t can detect as early as your HCG level is 20 or more,otherwise it shows BFN.They say implantation takes place in 24-48 hours,but sometimes it's late and embryo doesn't produce enough HCG to show on HPT,so you get BFN.That's why they want us to wait until official test.Keep us posted!


Marina - February 7

Lyly,did you break down yet?Hold on ,you almost there!


bdantonio - February 8

well everyone tomorrow is the day.. I will meet my angel.. Just wanted to check in with everyone. I will try to read all new posts tomorrow in the am before leaving i dont have to leave until 9am. my c-section is 11:30am i am sooooo happy and excited.. I hope all mommies and babies are good and to all waiting lots of baby dust.


Marina - February 8

Beth,I wish you all the luck tomorrow and will pray for you and your little angel.I wish you easy and quick recovery and let us know as soon as you can how everything went.GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lyly14 - February 8

tmayac- it looks like you are right. We did have the retreival the same day. Did you test yet? I am so nervous, you?

Marina- I still haven't tested yet. Only 2 more days till my beta!!!!!!!!!!!

bdantonio- I am so happy your day has finally arrived. I bet you can't wait to meet your new little one in person. Congrats and best wishes!


JENNY22074 - February 8

Beth - best wishes tomorrow...I know all will go well for you and your little girl...Let us know how everything is when you get settled in back at home...Talk to you soon...

To all the new ladies on the 2 week wait...Best wishes and my all your dreams come true...Sticky babydust for the upcoming betas...Talk to you all later...Can't wait to hear how many more we are adding to the BFP list!!!!!


lyly14 - February 8

tmayac- I broke down and tested this morning. It was a bfn :( Did you test? Lots of baby dust to you.


tmayac - February 9

lyty14- yes I tested yesterday morning too it was BFN also. :( I bought a 2 pack I'm not going to use the other one I'm just going to wait until the blood test.Best of luck today!!


lyly14 - February 9

tmayac- Hopefully it was just too early for both of us. I'll keep you posted. Good luck to you on Monday.


lyly14 - February 9

Tmayac- I hope you get have better luck than me and get your bfp on Monday. Mine is a definite BFN! So no more estrogen patches or progestrone shots for me. I wonder how long it will take for AF to start.


JasJulesMom - February 9

Lyly- So sorry I really thought it was going to be BFP, how did dh take it? Isn't there a way you would not have to wait until MAY?


Marina - February 9

I'm so sorry this one didn't work.Hopefuly the other frozen embies will do better.At least you don't have to pay for your treatment(I know it doesn't feel any better emotionaly,but at least financialy you are not going broke trying to find another $15 000 to pay for the next try).This is going to be very hard,but you'll feel better one day and don't give up.Keep us posted,what doctor say he thinks about what could went wrong.Hugs



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