Who Is on The 2ww?
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bdantonio - January 31

marina my sister in law is a "regular" pregnancy and tehy test her urine everytime


Wesleysmom - January 31

Hey, Girls.

Yes, Marina. Don't be shy, ok? Those nurses/dr.s are not having this baby, you are! Insist on what you want & need and don't feel guilty for a second! That's funny about the dreams. My desire is completely gone. What's up with that? I'm not even taking anything right now! Too bad dh wants it more than ever... Anyway...

Ronda, I'm doing pretty well. HCG was down Tuesday to 700 (from 1400 on Tues. 1/22). Can't wait for it to get back down & hoping it will be 0 by the time AF arrives. I am READY to start again! I am praying for the sticky BFP this time!

Anyone have any great stories to tell about BFP's with FETs? Especially the second FET with the same batch? We still have 4 little guys in the freezer waiting for us! We'll probably transfer 2. The quality is so good the RE is afraid to do more. By why the heck hasn't it worked with the 4 we've gone through so far?!


JENNY22074 - January 31

Marina - the talk at this point in time is to let me go naturally by most likely induction earlier then April 1...If not it will be by c-section closer to the due date it all depends on the little one and if he continues to stay head down even though he still has a little room to move around in...Either way is fine with me...Whichever one is safest to bring him into the world...How are you doing?


nivo - February 1

hi everyone this is the third time for me to do ICSI. i beleive stress is decreased b repetition, however ia still stressed, i have some lower abdominal pains and abdominal distention and this is my second day after ET. i hope for everyone to have a successful trial and positive test. GOD IS GOOD


lyly14 - February 1

Nivo- I just finished my first ivf/icsi. I had my ET on Wednesday. We put 2 embryos in. How many did you transfer?



bdantonio - February 2

hey everyone how is all mommies and babies? WEll i have 6 ays left!!!! Angelina will be here 2/8/08 at 11:30 is my schdeuled c-section. YEAH!!!!!!!!

I have a questions for some of the ladies who there dh had sperm count problems a friends asked me if there was anything that they can get without a script to help i told them i would see if i could find anything.


Marina - February 2

Hi Beth,
here is a drug calls"pro xeed plus",I'm not sure if you need script for this or not,I think you can google it and get all info from their oficial web site.
and of course-no smoking during 3 month(that's how long it takes for the new sperm to develop,but you probably know about that)My re wouldn't even speak without garantie that's both of us are not smoking at least for 2 months.Only this can make a big difference in count.
how you feeling?


bdantonio - February 2

still contracting alot and in pain but i just keep trying to think i only have 6 days left.


JENNY22074 - February 2

Beth - not too long now...I pray that she has a safe and healthy arrival into your arms...Your friends hubby maywant to go online to a holistic website and see what the results of fertile-aid are for men...I know there is a mens and womans formula...Best wishes...Talk to you later....


wolffie - February 3

beth -

my hubby took conception xr for men during our ivf cycle. the doc suggested it since he has poor morphology. however it is supposed to assist with all sperm issues. it can be purchased without a script. there is a website...www.conceptionxr.com

best wished for you and angelina! she will be here very soon!!!



bdantonio - February 4

How is everyone doing??? I cant wait four more days!!! I feel like my skin is so tight that my stomache will burst. Well i got another lovely thing of pregnancy. I dont know why but i started leaking my colostrum very early this pregnancy 24 weeks. I had to consult my ob today cause my breast were throbing. My ilk has completely came in. She told me to either get a shower to release the preassure or i could pump and freeze the milk so that i dont waste it. I took a shower earlier however they are hurting again i think i may try pumping earlier. The down side is i have no colostrum, so she wont get the antibodies from me.


Marina - February 5

it seems like another thing to prove that your baby is soooo ready to come out!but to be be serious-I've never heard of this before.
My last 2 days were a nightmare-my dad got a horrible pain and we ended up taking him to th ER,today they scedule surgery to remove his gallbladder,so I've spent most of my time in the hospital,talking to the doctors(his english is very limited).I'm so tired,falling off my feet,but now know for sure-I'm not having my baby in that hospital.
For you, Beth ,it's just 2 more days!Yahoo!


tmayac - February 5

hi everyone I am new to this forum I'm glad to see I'm not the only one so anxious about this 2 ww I will take the blood test on 2/11/08 cant wait.


JENNY22074 - February 5

Welcome TMAYAC...We will pray for a BFP!!!!!...Hang in there and we will talk to you later...


tmayac - February 6

Thank you Jenny greatly appreciated !


bdantonio - February 6

yeah everyone 2 days counting today time is crawling though. I feel like i may go insane before i get to have her.



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