Who Is on The 2ww?
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bdantonio - January 24

MAggie you have to look at all sies of everything. At least you know one probelm you hve and how to fix it. I have been through more then one dr and been a lab rat for over 5 yrs. Yes i have one child and am pregnate now, however i lost 5 children. I have never found a reason for my infertility or my m/c's im unexplained in all catagories. You have to just keep forging ahead and like marina said lean on us and do research even if that means picking our brains we dont mind.


Marina - January 24

let us know what your doc said about c-section.
I had an appoitment with my ob today,all she did is listen to the baby 's heartbeat,which was 157,and they took my blood preasure and weight.Nobody offered any type of testing,like blood or urine sample.
Is this normal?


JENNY22074 - January 24

Marina - my doctor checks my urine each visit and has since I was transferred to the OB...No sure why your visit was not the same way...I thought at least all of the OB checked for protein and such in the urine at each visit...At least most of the books woul say the same thing about what to expect at your next visit...Talk to you later...How far along are you again now?...Around week 16 they will give you a lab slip to do the triple screen bloodtest or maternal AFP...They should have talked to you about the first trimester screening...Which if I remember correctly you are not doing...So I am not sure why they did not check for protein in the urine...Hope this helps a little


lyly14 - January 24

MaggieB- This was your first IUI correct? Don't give up. Even with women with no fertility issues it may take 6-12 months to conceive without assistance. We only have about a 25-30% chance of getting pregnant each month. Sounds crazy I know. Just because your first IUI wasn't successful doesn't necessarily mean something else is wrong, but I would make sure that any tests you or dh haven't had yet, if any, you get done. Otherwise keep trying. Lots of luck and baby dust to you.


bdantonio - January 24

MArina:They should test your urine everytime for bacteria and protein. When your pregnate you are more prone to both. Well they are suppose to call me either tomorrow or monday they are going to reschedule my c-section for next friday 2/1/08, i dont know what time they have to see when a OR is open. So 1 more week and i will meet my little girl.


Marina - January 25

thanks,I thought it was kind of strange,but I wasn't sure,because when I was PG with my son,I lived in different country,but they had us go to the lab before each time you had appoitment with ob.
So do you think I should call them and ask why they didn't do any testing on me?Or wait for the next visit in 4 weeks???
My husband mad about this, and wants me to call and find out or he will.I feel kind of shy-it's not like this is an emergency...


JENNY22074 - January 25

Marina - I would call and ask them why and see what they say...It my just be a matter of being busy and overlooked...Just ask them about it and if they say that they forgot and if that is the case then ask them what you should do...In our cases I would never wait for the next appointment without the doctor saying so...Talk to you later...


bdantonio - January 26

Marina i would call them. WEll the dr called friday it wont be 2/1/08 but they are suppose to call me monday for eith the 5th, 7th, or 8th hopefully it will be the 5th. I cant take much more.


JENNY22074 - January 26

Beth - so sorry to hear that...However, we will pray and keep fingers crossed for the 5th...Yeah your going to be bringing your baby girl home soon.................. ;)


Marina - January 27

Well,I called,talked to the nurse,she said no,they don't do it every visit,unless there is a problem.I asked,how would I know-they never took any tests from me since I was transfered for my RE-nothing what they would do to regular patient on their first or second visit.She said they have everything they need from my RE(well,not the urine test...)I said,ok,what about progesteron levels,I just finished my shots,are we supposed to chek levels,if everithing normal?no,we don't do that,unless there is a problem.I kind of got irritated with this "no,unless there is a problem" and told her,that I had IVF and I don't want to have a problem,because if I do,it couild be too late to fix it and I'm not just your regular patient,but need just a little more extra attention.Well,she told me,she understands and I can talk to the doctor next time about my concerns,but since they released me from RE,i become a regular patient like everybody else and if doctor thinks I need more testing she'll order it.

Well,I didn't tell my DH about this conversation ,because I know he'll be furious and will start looking for another doctor,but I want to see what happens on my next visit,I like my doctor and I know her for a long time,so I guess I just really need to make a point how important this to me(well,who would guess it,hah?)and I've talk to other "regular" people,they said they didn't get tested every time also...


bdantonio - January 29

well everyone i didnt get the date of the 5th they moved my c-section to the 8th. However i ended up in the er yesterday and ended up about as fusterated if not more then Marina. I went in for sharp pains and cramping in my lower stomache and left with no answers and the same problem. All they did was see if i was dialted, hook me up to a heart monitor for the baby and a contraction monitor for me and wait 1/2hr-3/4hr. They came in said there was no contractions and the heartrate was fine and sent me home. I told them i knew that i wasnt havent contractions and wasnt in labor thats not why i came in. I told them i dont understand how pain and cramping can be good evey other time i had this it was not good. The nurse had no answers nor did the dr. I told them both that they were incompetent and that my three year old could tell me the same thing. I asked for a u/s and they said there was no reason the heartrate was fine. I am now waiting fr the dr office to open at 8:30am so i can call cause i am still in pain. I cant wait till its over and i dont ever have to go to thathospital again. Sorry if i ranted .


JENNY22074 - January 29

Hey just wanted to let those of you know that Gabriel is weighing in at 4.8 pounds and is measuring at 32.4 weeks in gestation...Also we have another sonogram scheduled for February 25 where he will be measured and weighed once again...At this point in time there is talk about moving his due date to sometime in March...He looks good and is doing well...We have technically hit single digits in our countdown...We are at 9 weeks left and counting...Hope everyone is happy and healthy and in good spirits...Talk to you all later...


Wesleysmom - January 30

Hey, Ladies!

Just checking up on everyone. Beth, hang in there girl. Those ER nurses/drs. sound like a bunch of idiots, and while we're on the subject.... Marina, call that stupid office back and leave a message for the DOCTOR to call you back. Not a nurse. That is ridiculous. (DH is RIGHT!) They should be tesing your pee when you just walk in to say hello! AND, furthermore... you ARE special because you have an IVF baby!! You & that extra-special miracle that was so hard to get deserve lots of care and attention! My regular OB is great. I'm sure she realizes that everybody's baby is special, but when I was 39 weeks with my son, she was talking about inducing me. When I asked why, she said because you had to go through IVF to get this baby & we don't want to take any chances. Jenny-congrats on a good checkup!

Everyone take care of yourself & remember that YOU are in charge of your healthcare. Not doctors, nurses, insurance companies or anyone else. Take if from a girl who has had cancer twice!



Arabsrcool - January 30


Just checking to see how you are doing? When are you going to start again?



Marina - January 31

Hi girls,
Jenny,glad your son doing good,do you think you'll have him earlier than planed?Are you having a c-cection or natural?
Beth,I can't even tell you how sorry I feel for your strugle...like it wasn't enough problems from the very begining.

Wesleymom,thanks for kicking my butt,you are right,I guess,I'm not going to be shy anymore and if at my next visit I won't be satisfied,I'll look for different doctor.

I'm doing fine,no complains,exept my DH still afraid to have sex with me,even after I gave him an article that it's ok to have sex-and the thing is-I don't mind!Last pregnancy I could care less ,this time around is very different,I have such a vivid dreams,it's almost embarrassing(he-he)!


bdantonio - January 31

marina my sister in law is a "regular" pregnancy and tehy test her urine everytime



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