Who Is on The 2ww?
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Brianandjena - November 28

Wow a line , Faint or not a line is a line! wowo great news congrats! Keep me informed .. How are you feeling? I will be awaiting to hear the results! GOod luck!


Marina - November 28

Hi everyone,
Finaly got a call from my doc(if you think 2ww is a torture,try a few hours after the test!)Well,like he said,there is a good news and not so good.The good-I'm definately preg.,but HCG level low-21.May be, bcse we tested too early-9 days after the transfer,but I'm back in a waiting room with the rest of you,ladies.Hold my breath antill Fr. morning.I'm still wondering,why in my clinic they test us after 9-10 days,and the rest of you talking about 14 days?


bdantonio - November 29

i was tested at 10 days at my RE office.


mjforney - November 29

Marina:I was tested 14 days after the transfer and had high hcg (253) But it was high from twins.... Hang in there.... 9 days seems early and everyone is different. Have you taken HPT???? If so how was the line??

I am sending you baby dust and glitter tooooo!!!


Brianandjena - November 30

I am going to the doctoe tomorrow. to do U/S. wish me luck... I will keep u posted. ANd the fun begins..lol


JENNY22074 - November 30

Jena - Best wishes and babydust this time to you honey!!!!...How are you holding up?

Everyone - I was tested 10 days post 5 day transfer or 16 days past the trigger shot....My first beta was 336....

Marina - let us know how everything goes today with your beta!!!!

Isabelle - Let us know how you are feeling today after your transfer and if the frozen embies are fine!!!!

Hang in there to all you ladies and babydust to all....Talk to you all soon.


Marina - December 1

Hi everyone!I had my hCg today and it tripled since ,now it's 66!Doc said it's very good sign(consider that we transfered only one embrio)We still not in a safe zone,but it's a good news,because I was very upset and nervous(I still don't have real "symptoms,exept a little sore bbs and kinda heavy feeling in uterus area).I have another beta on Mon. again,but now it's a little bit easier,more hope.
Michelle,Jena,Jenny-thanks for your support,it helps a lot when you know you are not alone,there are many other girls going thrue the same exactly thing and know exactly what's going on(like 2ww,HCG,etc.....)Even a small circle of people-in my case,who know and care about our plans with a baby,have no freakin idea when I tell them about levels,embrio,blasto....The buttom line for them-so,are you pregnant or not?Well,at this point,should I say-yes,a little bit.
So,where all of you hangin around now,sinse some of you done with 2ww?The most ,I see ,where 60 p.?
Isabelle,how is your frozen embies?
good luck to all of you.


Brianandjena - December 1

Jenny, *HUG* thank you so much for ur support! how are you?
trippled!! thants great news.. congrats.. we are still praying for you. ! keep us posted please...

update: I went to the doc today and got ultra sound and seen I have 2 follies. one 16mm and one 22mm. so they gave me a trigger shot and I am going back on Sunday to get iui.. *wish me luck**excited*


Marina - December 1

good luck Jena! we'll see you on 2ww! ;)


Brianandjena - December 1

thank you all for the baby dust and the luck. *HUGZ*


bdantonio - December 2

jena i will being praying for you all the baby dust. Now take it easy for the next 2weeks and positive thoughts only.


Brianandjena - December 2

Hello everyone,
Well I had my iui today. I am pretty negative right now, So I wont be getting on here much , I dont want to discourage anyone else on here. today is a crappy day for me. I Just feel like its not going to work.
THank you for all of ur support. Good luck to everyone else.


JENNY22074 - December 2

Jena - we all have had those thoughts...We just get so disappointed when we get a negative that we think nothing is going to work...I was in your spot for 9 years off and on...Miracles happen everyday...Keep your mind thinking positive and relax...Send positive thoughts and vibes to your belly...Believe in yourself that you can be strong and get through this...I would have bet a million dollars 6 months ago that my 2nd IVF did not work...We are here for you when you need us...Take care and sticky babydust to you!!!! Love and Hugs for you and your growing miracle!!!!


bdantonio - December 2

Jena you have to think positive you cant get down. we have all been there are we are all here for you now.


Marina - December 3

hi girls,
just got my results back(and they didn't torture me today!Called in 2 h)Well,it's 272!!!!!Now I have US next Mon.Scary! But I feel much better now.
Jena,I just want to tell you how important to stay positive.After my 1st HCG(21) I was 95%sure it's not going anywhere,the number very low.And to be honest ,now I'm ashame ,that I could let myself become depressed so easy.I'm not in a safe zone yet,but now I have a strong hope and thank for our "support team"(girls who can understand what exactly going on in our hearts like noone else).We all here for you!


bdantonio - December 3

congrats marina i will pray that all is well on your u/s. What is the furthest that you have gotten before?



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