Who Is on The 2ww?
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bdantonio - January 22

Jenny: There are days when my baby barely moves all day just a little here and there and then days were she never sit still its perfectly normal You have to remember they react off our activity, stress, and food intake so every day will be different.

Marina: I see the dr on thursday im hoping that they will move my c-section up, i dont know how much more i can take, as you see it is late and i cant sleep due to contractions. I will keep u guys updated as much as i can unfortunitly sitting at the computer is not always comfortable either anymore.


janrb - January 22

BFN - just got the blood test results. It's going to take some time to get ready for going through this again. :'( Can you guys tell me anything about the differences with different injectible hormones that you've tried as far as side effects, increased likelihood of pregnancy, increased likelihood of multiples and cost go? I've been told that my insurance company will not cover injectibles. Is that what y'all have found? Thanks for your support - it has meant a lot over the past two weeks of crazy-making time.


jbmiller06 - January 22

I am a newbie here, and also on my 2ww. Ugh, I hate this! We have had 2 chemical pregnancy's and I just started taking baby asprin to see if maybe that will increase my lining if that is what the problem has been.
I already have 7 yr old, from a previous relationship, and my hubby and I are soo ready to have one together. Being that my son was not planned, I am discovering how horribly hard this is! The wait kills me every month, and I have started to call af, my disappointment. I hope to not be disappointed this coming month!
I am considering renting a cbe, opk. Has anyone had any luck with this?


bdantonio - January 23

jan there are meds that you can take orally the only med i did as an injectable to get pregnate was the trigger shot (ovidrel) you do it 24-48hr before O.

Jbmiller06: are you doing ivf or iui?


jbmiller06 - January 23

Neither, old school- just trying to conceive. Like I said, my son was unplanned, and my doc said everything looks ok- we've been trying for about 6mos now. I have just been thinking about trying the clearblue easy fertility monitor. We were hoping to do this as naturally as possible.


bdantonio - January 23

oh well i have used the clear blue eyes monitor the expensive one not the disposable one. I did concieve with it but i was taking fertility drugs also.


jbmiller06 - January 23

That is good to hear! I don't think we will have a problem once we finally figure out exactly when I am o'ing. I am not very regular, and don't want to do the charting thing if there is an easier way, hence wanting to do the CBE fertility monitor.
I heard of a website today where you can actually rent one for $25 a month. I don't want to drop $300 bucks and have it work the first month or two. I hope that doesn't sound too weird!


Marina - January 23

Jan,sorry about your BFN... :'(
I know that with IUI you take meds oraly,exept trigger shot.I did IVF and my insurance covers NOTHING until they have a proof that i'm pregnant.All the meds and tests and IVF itself-we've spent around $16000.In some states you get insurance coverage,but it's a long journey.You can't really control multiples with IUI,but with IVF you decide how many to transfer.Good luck next time!We are here for you.
To increase your chances you might look at fertility diet and for your husband also to improve sperm quality.


JENNY22074 - January 23

Beth - thanks for lending an ear about the movement...He was very active today....So all is well...

How is everyone else doing?...Hope all is well..


bdantonio - January 23

jenny mine has been so active that since she is ready to come out it actually brings tears to my eyes.


JENNY22074 - January 23

Beth - that is crazy that now since they won't stop labor on you that all seems quite...She is a stubborn one huh?!?!?...

Jan - you may also want to try this everyday herbal vitamin called FertilAid...They make one for men and women...I tried it but I can't seem to say that it helped since I had other unexplained fertility issue and started a IVF cycle right after getting that in the mail....Also you may be able to get this stuff off the interenet called ovulex...I hear a lot of women have success with that...You may want to ask some of the women on here who has tried it...Best wishes and babydust to you...

How is everyone else?


bdantonio - January 23

my first daugther was the same way i just dont dialate but like i said i go to the doctor tomorrow going to ee about having her sooner then 2/13/08


MaggieB - January 24

Took a HPT last night BFN :(
My 2ww is over Monday but I am spotting tonight with mild cramps. My period is supposed to start tomorrow.

This totally SUCKS!

First IUI was a BUST. I thought that getting past my cm was causing all of the problems..now it could be something else and I am so depressed. I am so tired of feeling like a lab rat and this is only the beginning!!!!!! I had acupuncture today. Don't think that made any difference. I'm so over this.


Marina - January 24

Sorry for your BFN,but you right ,this was just a 1st step,and you didn't get PG,don't get so dissapointed so fast.You know how many girls on this site who spent years of fertility treatment,IUI's ,# IVF's,trying to get PG and still didn't give up! You can't lose hope now.My advise-do your homework,recearch as much as you can on IUI or other fertility treatments and go forward .And if you need help-we are here,we are veterans(kind of) at this.


JENNY22074 - January 24

Maggie - Marina is correct...I myself spent 9 years off and on...Had a blighted ovum in 2000 after a clomid cycle after trying trying with clomid assistance for 2 years...Then started with a different doctor who retested everything that the other doctor had already done...Had 2 iui's in 2003 the 2nd one resulted in a chemical pregnancy and then I had gastric bypass in 2005 to help my fertility chances and be healthier when I did get pregnant...Then I was released from the gastric bypass doctor in November of 2006 and started with my RE once again and was retested once again to make sure that the bypass surgery had not caused any type of scaring...We did an IVF in APril which as you can tell was BFN...Then went for our final one no matter the outcome and FINALLY got a BFP....Hang in there...It will all work out in time...Be patient (i know it is hard) and be determined!!!!...BABYDUST to you...Talk to you later...


bdantonio - January 24

MAggie you have to look at all sies of everything. At least you know one probelm you hve and how to fix it. I have been through more then one dr and been a lab rat for over 5 yrs. Yes i have one child and am pregnate now, however i lost 5 children. I have never found a reason for my infertility or my m/c's im unexplained in all catagories. You have to just keep forging ahead and like marina said lean on us and do research even if that means picking our brains we dont mind.



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