Who Is on The 2ww?
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Marina - January 3

If you remember,I had some bleeding(more than just spotting) around 7ww,and u/s on the next day-back than everything looked normal and now I'm waiting for my10ww u/s(jan 8).I'm kind of worry a little too,b/c my regular ob (they already kicked me out) didn't want to do u/s at 8ww b/c in her opinion it wasn't nessesary...I wish I had it for the piece of mind...
But they dont seems to be concerned with light bleed,unless you misscarry,but than you'd know,in your case it was only light spotting.I know how hard waiting is,but nothing we can do,it's part of the game!


JENNY22074 - January 3

The embryo will grow at a weird rate at first...I had my first u/s on 8-6 and loked for the sac and fetal pole and I measured 5 weeks at that point...They scheduled me 10 days later to see the heartbeat and the sac measured 7 weeks with a heartbeat...Then 10 days later when I was at my graduation appointment just to check that all was still okay the baby measured 9 weeks...So don't look to far into it as Marina said...They catch up very fast in growth whether the impanted late or right around the time they should have...Hope this helped a little...Talk to you later.


Wesleysmom - January 3

Thanks, Jenny. It does help. I'm feeling a bit better than earlier. I keep telling myself that last week there was only a yolk and sac & the RE wanted to be able to see the heartbeat this week & we did. Of course I will still worry. How far along should you have been on 8/6?


JENNY22074 - January 3

Based on retrieval I was right on target at 5 weeks...They counted back at about 2 weeks before transfer and if you were within a day or two in measuring from that date then all was normal...When was your transfer and how many weeks did they say you measured?...


Wesleysmom - January 3

My transfer was 11/30, which puts me at 7w4d. They were saying I measured 6w1d. That seems like too much of a discrepancy. That little guy wouldn't have hung out in there for 10 days before implanting! Could it just measure small for the gestational age, but still be growing fine? Again, last week there was no heartbeat (RE said was normal) & this week there was. 4mm is just really small. From what I've found online (bad idea, I know), it should be around 13. Thoughts?


wolffie - January 4

wesleysmom -

sorry to jump in...

did you have a 3 day or a 5 day transfer? I have heard that the time of the transfer can effect how long it takes for an embryo to implant.



Sirenexyz - January 4

Hi Girls,
As I have talked before I have two frozen embryos left which we are not sure if we are going to put them. That will cost 3500 in my lab.

Before some where I read that you can take loan for IVF. Can anyone describe that, how the procedure works. Also someone wrote that with 25000 you can go upto three cycle. I am not sure how to take that loan and who provide it.

Please let me know if there is other way to mange the IVF cost. Our insurance won't cover it. In my clinic they take 15,500 for one cycle.


Sirenexyz - January 4

Wish all of you doing good.

Most probably if possible I will plan my next cycle in March. Just wanted to know did you all took birth control pills before taking the different hormones (Menepure, Novadril etc. )

Do I have to take the birth control pills in second cycle too.

Myegg retrival was on 12/29. Still my follicle size is very large until today. Does any one had this kind of problem


Marina - January 4

Hi Siren,
About IVF loan-I can give you number to call:it's 1-877-559-5050 Capital One Health Care Financial Center,and if you e-mail me ,I'l forward you all the info on that,I just don't know how to insert all this on this forum,my e-mail <[email protected]>
That $25000 insurance "shared risk" program is offered in my clinic,I don't know if they offer it everywhere-most likely,they provided us with this info at my clinic,but we didn't take it,because I wasn't sure I'd go through this again if we fail 1st time...
Your ovaries still large from overstimulation,probaly it's a good idea to wait a couple of months before you start a new one,so your body can go back to normal.And yes,they usually put you on a pill a month before the procedure.


JENNY22074 - January 4

Siren - I applied for the healthcare financing online...Basically you either get approved or you don't and whatever loan amount you choose to apply for they will issue a check to your doctor for his costs and then if there is any left you get it sent to you to help cover your meds or whatever you would need it for...It is a very simple and easy procedure...

My IVF procedure went a like this...I got AF and then the Monday following that I started the BC pills...For instance if I got it on Friday then a few days later I would start the pills...Then on the 3rd week of the pills I did a LUPRON injection in the morning I believe it was 10cc of medicine...Taken around the same time each morning...So for my 4th and final week of bc pills I was also on injections...Then They would do bloodwork and u/s and start me on Follistim and Menupor and baby aspirin after I finished the bc pills...I then did lupron in the morning and the Follistim and Menupor in the evening...Usually within about 10 - 12 days I was ready for the trigger shot of Ovidrel and the had retrieval 36 hours later...After retrieval I was put on the Progesterone suppositories 4times a day and Estrace pills 2 times a day until I had my beta...The second IVF was a 5 day transfer...


Sirenexyz - January 4

Marina -- Thanks for the info. I just sent you an e-mail and expecting the answers from you.

Jenny22074 -- I appreciate your answers. Is there a limitation in the amount of loan you can take. Did you took 25000, as some lab offer or you just took loan for one cycle only. In how many years we need to pay it back.


Wesleysmom - January 4


My I had a FET of excellent quality 5-day blasts. That makes me even more concerned. From what I understand, and 5-day would dig right in within 24 hours or so. Not 10 days late!! Is there any way that it can just be a little behind, but continue to grow just fine?

Thanks everyone for the feedback. Take care.


bdantonio - January 4

siren you can also got to arcfertility.com they help with financing too.

also on th babys size you need to remember that a u/s is not always right With my first daughter i had on a week before i had her they told me she was over 8lbs she was 6lbs 9ozs. They induced my sister in law early due to the baby not growing enough they said he would do better outside. They said he was like barely 4lbs. They induced her 6weks early my nephew was almost 6lbs.


Marina - January 4

Siren,I just e-mailed you back all info


wolffie - January 5

Wesleysmom -

When is your next u/s? Try to stay positive...you saw a heart beat. I think that's a pretty good thing! No one can pinpoint the exact outcome of a pregnancy, not even a doc. I'm sure your little one is spending this week growing growing growing!



Wesleysmom - January 5

Next u/s is on Thursday. I'm going to die having to wait until then. I swear that since the news last week, I'm feeling less pregnant than I was before. Is this just psychosomatic?!

Siren, How are doing? Did you decide against frozen embryo transfer?

Hope everyone is doing well.



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