Who Is on The 2ww?
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waiting2BAMOM - December 28

Renee...thought of sharing this with you....I peed on a stick once..it was negative...but beta showed 336...unfortunately it ended being a tubal pregnancy!

What I am trying to say is...please wait to see what your 2nd blood test report says...my 2nd one is tomorrow!


Marina - December 28

Renee,I agree with girls.And remember,with hpt you can get only false negative,there is no false positive.
But I'm not agree with Lucky-meds we are taking have nothing to do with test results.Dr. Jacobs on this forum explained this a couple of times- HCG shot we take 36 hours before the retrival can only affect the result of test IF it's done too early(7 or less days after the transfer),otherwise it's out of our bodies by the time of testing and after that only embrio start producing HCG that measures in betas.So,for you Lucky,there is no sense to wait 3 weeks to find out if you are PG,because if you are, hpt will show 14 days after the transfer and at least you'll know if implantation took place,which is very important in this process.
remember,miracles happen and like they say,you are pregnant untill proven otherwise.


lucky - December 28

Hie thanks marina, if this is true do u think i should test on the 1jan , if the hormones we r taking do not effect the test, then why r we told that r body will feel pg, we have sor breast so i thought maibe the test can show false positive is well, this is what my clinic told me, any advise in detail will be great,
how u doing hows the little one?
take care


lucky - December 28

Hie again i was wondering can the test for every one be depending on what day transfered was done. for example a day 5 transfer would be more easily and early reconised if we r pregnant?then a day 3 or etc,
because of its growth some comments would be nice,
take all again
lotts of baby dust


ReneeG - December 28

My doctor called with the bad news. My HCG has dropped to 9. I don't think it's sunk in yet, because I've not cried a lot. I guess that comes later.

I'm going to rest my body for three months. We're moving to New Mexico in 3 weeks, so I'll be busy getting settled into our new home. We're not going to think about babies until April. Then I'll find a new RE and see what comes next.

I guess the good news is that IVF did work for me. Although the baby (babies?) weren't able to continue to grow, they did start. So, we know we did things right.

I want to thank each of you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and prayers and all. I'll never, ever forget you.

Good luck to all of you who are still waiting and for everyone with babies on the way. I'll pray for you every day.

I'll be back here once we start again. Although it would be neat to see you guys in here in a few months, I hope I don't because that would mean you're having your babies and all is well. No more 2WW for you!

God bless and keep you all safe!


lucky - December 28

Hie reneeg good r best wishes r with and hope to see u hear again with positive news, miracles do happen and thats what we all r living with, take care and lotts of hug,

another question i have asked this before but racieved ni replies when is the soonest we can have r periodsand when tje latest we can have r hopes up
thank u all


cherryberry - December 28

Renee, I was so saddened to read your post this morning. I know you have a busy move ahead of you, but please be sure to be extra kind to yourself and take care of yourself physically as well as emotionally.

Lucky, I have the same question. It all seems so confusing since my normal cycle has been so manipulated during this process. How does one figure out when they should be expecting their period?

Also, I am sure that this has been asked/answered before, but how long after one's transfer should the embryos begin to implant?

Thanks for all of your help!


lucky - December 28

Hie cherry berry
i hope ur doing well as from what i know it deppends on ur transfer what stage the embroy was, normally implatation takes place from 5 cell embroy to onwardas if am right thats what i read,
am so sad and just demped knowing
lotts of bay dust that a a girl from clinic who had the transfer with me just started here periods am feeling so bad for here,


Wesleysmom - December 28

Renee, When I had my son, it was my second IVF. With this pregnancy (fingers crossed!), it was an FET after a failed IVF. (Incidentally, after the recent IVF I got a positve beta that dropped 2 days later.) I know how disappointed and empty you feel, and it is ok to feel sad and hurt for just a little while, and it is ok to grieve. And once that's done, you hold your chin up and work on your move, and enjoy your 3 months of no shots & no meds! Have some fun with dh & maybe get away for a trip. The spring would be a great time to try again. Any one going through fertility treatment has endured the same emotional roller coaster. God answers prayers, and when He finally does, the joy is immeasurable! Lucky is right... Take good care of yourself. Good luck with the move.


Wesleysmom - December 28

Cherryberry, Several of the ladies on this forum seem to have WAY more information than I do, but here's my 2 cents...

For me, this past IVF & FET was with 5-day blasts. From what the dr. said at the transfer, the little booger is implanted within about 24 hours. The only information I have about IVF hormones & how they affect hpts is the hcg trigger shot. Since it is an actual injection of the pregnancy hormone, it can affect the test for a few days after the injection.

I have heard of women starting AF before the end of the 2ww, but I have never done that. When I got negative betas, I was instructed to stop all meds, & then several days later (about 4 days for me), AF would start. Also, barring affects by the trigger shot, I understand that you do not get a false positve on an hpt, but you can get a false negative if the hcg level produced by the embryo is not yet high enough to register.

Hope this helps.


bdantonio - December 28

REnee sorry to hear your news. Well sorry i havent been on for supposrt i have been really tired and not feeling well.
I did wantto share this with everyone that i have had false negatives and false positives before, when it comes to hpt. It is more rare to see a false positive them a false negative but it can rarely happen. With my duaghter i got negatives on hpts until i was 3 mths. I kept taking them to see when it woud shoe positive since i new from blood work that i was. The test took till almost 12 weeks. sometimes if you are urinating more fequently and its not staying in your bladder long enough it wont get enough of the hormone to show on a hpt.

well just wanted to give that info.


Sirenexyz - December 28

Hi all,
VERY VERY SAD NEWS TO SHARE WITH YOU ALL. My HCG level did not went up as it should. We went for u/s today and the doctor said they don't see any Sac or any embryo. Only the placenta is forming which we need to take out through d & c today. My uterus is also unusual in size. I am not bleeding until today. So I was thinking that everything might be going well untill I get there. Me and my husband were so happy before that I can not explain. I am feeling so depress and frustrated now. I am not really sure how I can tolerate this.

We are only left with two frozen embryos. Can anyone share there story from the success of frozen embryos. My Dr. said it's even 10 % lesser chance of success than the fresh one. We are thinking to wait until March to do the transfer. We don't have any child so we were so desperate for that.

Also wanted to know if anyone have gone through this kind of situation and they have got success later.

I llive in San Diego. So just wanted to know if any one is from here and if you know any good IVF clinic here.


Wesleysmom - December 28

Siren, I am so sorry to hear your news today. Remind me, was this your first IVF? We had success transferring 2 frozen embryos & you can too although your dr.'s information is a bit disheartening. From what I understand from my practice, FET success rates have gone way up in recent months. Remember, they only freeze embies or blasts that look REALLY good. So it could just be that they froze the good one & it's just waiting to get back into mommy so that it can grow!! The freezing & defrosting should have little to no affect on the embryos, so best of luck with the next try.

Can you even change clinics once your embryos are already frozen? I'm not sure. But always get a good recommendation on a fertility clinic. I worry that some of these docs can be schiesters.


Sirenexyz - December 28

Hi Wesleysmom,
Thanks for your nice and kind words. Its definitely giving me hope for next try.

Yes this was my first IVF try. Yes they froze two embryos which reach to the blastocyte stage. Can you please tell how long you have been PG. Are you expecting twins? How long did you guys froze your embryos.

I am not sure if we can afford 2nd one. I am asking about the clinic in case we can afford the 2nd IVF cycle I would like to choose different one.


Wesleysmom - December 28

My FET was on 11/30. I am 6 weeks, 5 days pregnant with a single pregnancy. The embyos were only frozen for a short time-the IVF that resulted in embryos to freeze was in September of this year. However, my understanding is that embryos can be frozen for 5, 10, or even 15 years. A frozen embryo transfer is significantly less expensive at my clinic. Around $3000 versus about $11,000 for a fresh cycle. Hang in there...


basket - December 28

Renee & Siren, I am so sad to hear your news but I will continue to pray for you and please take care of yourselves. This whole process is definitely an emotional roller coaster.

I had another beta done today and it was 1500, I'm supposed to go again 1/2 and have another beta done and the nurse said if it was over 2000 then that is when they would do my ultrasound. I asked her when she thought it would be safe to actually tell people that we were pregnant and she said that it was up to us but we were at a good level now and were definitely pregnant. I just know from some of your posts on here that your levels dropped later and I'm kind of afraid to tell many people and then something happen. I would love to hear any of your opinions on this. I just worry about everything!

Bdantonio - I hope you get to feeling better, I hate to hear that you've been down.

Cherryberry - My dr.'s office told me the same thing that Wesley's did about implantation, that they should implant within 24 hours after transfer. They also told me that a HPT would give a false + reading until about 3 weeks after my transfer. I've just chosen not to do an HPT so far and decided that if I was going to be disappointed I would just do it when I got my beta results back.

Everyone on here is such a great support network and you have all helped me feel so better this week and I've only gotten to know you since last Sunday. WOW!



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