Who Is on The 2ww?
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bdantonio - December 27

you cant go by the symptoms it can be the meds. You also have to remeber tht if you concieved naturally you wouldnt even notice symptoms even if you did have them


ReneeG - December 27

Hi Cherryberry and welcome!

I had to smile when I ready your post that you're 'thinking way too much'. That's me, too. I researched obessively, dwelled on every detail, etc. etc. Sometimes, internet access is not a good thing. There is such thing as too much information!

Anyway, welcome to the dreaded 2WW! My name is Renee, I'm 39 and I had my transfer 12/14. (Incidentally, we initally had 9 embryos, but only three made it. We transferred all three)I got a positive beta yesterday, although it was only 26.5. I test again tomorrow and we're praying it at least doubled.

When is your beta?


Wesleysmom - December 27

Basket, I had my first beta on 12/10, another on 12/12 to make sure it was doubling, and then another on 12/17. My first u/s was yesterday, 12/26, 27 days after my transfer date (11/30). Does that help?

Welcome, Cherryberry! I'm sure you've read back over the last several pages. Symptoms are so random & not very indicative. When is your beta? How are you doing with the shots? Do you give them to yourself? Good luck!

I'm glad to be back on here after the holidays. When I was bleeding on Sunday, I wanted to badly to let all of you know & get some feedback, but I was afraid to go downstairs (and back up again!) to get to the computer!!

Hope everyone is doing well.


lucky - December 27

Hie cherry berry
wellcome to the forum, I had my transfer around the same time which is 19th dec so r betas should be nealy the same time, i had embroy transferd day 3, tell us more aboat u?
lotts of baby dust


cherryberry - December 27

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! I have to admit that even posting to a board is new and seems a little strange to me, but i have been reading them obsessively since my transfer, so I figured, what they heck!

My beta is on 1/3, which of course seems like an eternity from now! I am trying so hard to be positive, but must admit it is really tough. I started this process in June, found out I had a blocked tube (which has since been removed) and a genetic mutation called MTHFR. I am also dealing with thyroid issues, but luckily have had great luck with the meds.

I am currently taking progesterone suppositories (oh what fun!) and estradial patches. I did give all of the pre-retrieval shots myself, which was interesting to say the least. I must say though, that in the end the toughest part was mixing the meds.

Does anyone know of anyone getting pregnant on their first transfer? I was really counting on some frozen embryos. I am not sure if I can afford another round of this. It saddens me to think that this may be my only shot.

Renee, I really hope that your number doubles!

Thank you!!


ReneeG - December 27

Cherryberry, this is our first transfer and we are pregnant. The friend who recommended the RE we use also became pregnant on her first cycle. She delivered twin girls in September. Just remember, miracles happen every day!

We also don't have any "totcicles", so this is pretty much our one shot. I'm not sure we can afford another round of IVF and we're also not getting any younger.

Although progesterone suppositories sound unpleasant, I'll trade for the shots I have to get in my butt every night! The progesterone is in, of all things, sesame oil, which is really thick. The needle for the shot is like a sewer pipe it's so huge! I use ice on the 'site' for about 5 min beforehand so I don't jump when the needle goes in. My DH jokes about me feeling the stab of the needle going in, then running away like a darted wildebeast!

Anyway, I'll be praying for a good beta for you on the 3rd! And sending lots of very sitcky baby dust your way!


basket - December 27

Thanks wesley, your info. did help.

Welcome Cherryberry! This is also our first transfer and we are pregnant. Good luck on 1/3.


Marina - December 28

We are prego from the 1st IVF with ICSI and transfered only one embie(purposly,I was afraid of taking chance with twins).My friend got PG from the first time also,I went with her thrugh all her pregnancy and only after that decided try myself-I also have blocked tubes.
So,it happens all the time.good luck!


waiting2BAMOM - December 28

Hey Renee, Basket and Marina,

Thanks for being there...anyways DH and I have decided this would be our last attempt through ART...it is so expensive and in my country insurance doesnt cover it...

So, still keeping my fingers crossed...how are each of you doing?

Take care


cherryberry - December 28

Wow, I am glad to see that there actually are people out there that get pregnant on the first try! Did you do three or 5 day transfers? I am still so disappointed about not having any more embryos. I would have really liked to have had the comfort of knowing that I could try this again, no problem.

Although I had a very thorough screening before I started this venture, I still feel like there are some potential unknowns about my fertility since I have spent the past 20 something years trying not to get pregnant - meaning, that although I have had my blocked tube removed, have a great reserve , good FSH levels and so on, that there are so many other variables that can throw this off course. Am I just a nervous nelly or what?

I had my first semi-normal day today since my transfer. I had tea with a friend and then did a little retail therapy! I had to remind myself to get home and rest, which of course left me worrying that I walked around too much!

Thanks for listening!


ReneeG - December 28

Well, ladies, it doesn't look good for me. I have my second blood test today, but peed on a stick this morning and it was negative.

I guess it's all over but the call from the doctor to confirm our worst fears.


lucky - December 28

Hie reneeg
please dont give up pregnancy tests can work out wrong some times r u still on the hormone medication, if no that can be the reason my doc told me to test after 3 weeks because when we quite medication after 2 weeks r hormones drop suddenly giving us a false result and the same can happen with when we u r on medication , for which reason we r told too waite another week=3 weeks, just believe in god, u r in our prayers strongly and worry not(easy said then done) what ever hppens always happens for a reason, i hope this helps u?lotts of baby dust


JENNY22074 - December 28

Renee honey you are still pregnant until the dr says that you are not...Hang in there (easier said then done)...Sending babyhugs your way...Talk to you soon.

Cherryberry welcome...I had 2 IVF cycles this year one in APril and we had a 3 day transfer which did not take and then we had one in July which was a 5 day transfer and it worked...I have been told a 5 day transfer has higher success rates...Don't look too much into your symptoms and what you have one day may not be the same as the next day...I got really weird over whether I had this symptom or that symptom and thought there was something wrong daily...Talk to you soon.

I only had 2 betas done...My first beta was 10 days post 5 day transfer and it was 336 then 72 hours later it was 1570 indicating twins...We then had a u/s 10 days after the 2nd beta and they saw one definite sac and one questionable sac...In the definite sac they saw the fetal pole and yolk and in the second nothing...10 days later we had our 2nd u/s and the second sac was no longer there and the definite sac had a heartbeat...Then 10 days later we had our final u/s and still a beating heart and we were sent on our way to the OB that we had chosen...Hope that helps a little...I did not have as many betas drawn as most of the ladies on here do...Talk to you all soon.


Wesleysmom - December 28

Renee, Don't get down yet. Keep us posted today, ok? Love & prayers.

Cherryberry, One of the doctors in my practice (which is very good-probably the best in Atlanta) says that you just "can't shake out a good embryo!" Don't worry about the walking, just don't overdo it!

Lucky, when is your beta?

Have a great day.


lucky - December 28

Hie every one it seems so nice to see how every one is so supportive,
how u doing wesleys mom? my beta is not confirmed yet.first they whant me to waite a week after my 2ww so the medisense r out and the result is not false, so me and my dh have decided to test on the 8th jan 2008 and then phone the clinic as we were told to do a home pregnanct test first, but r 2 ww end 1 jan new year day, am just hoping till then if all stays well and i dont get my pp.

hie jenny how u doing there?

lotts of baby dust


waiting2BAMOM - December 28

Renee...thought of sharing this with you....I peed on a stick once..it was negative...but beta showed 336...unfortunately it ended being a tubal pregnancy!

What I am trying to say is...please wait to see what your 2nd blood test report says...my 2nd one is tomorrow!



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