Who Is on The 2ww?
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isabelle - November 18

[quote author=Brianandjena link=board=15;threadid=5003;start=0#43293 date=1195375413]
How are you feeling? I also am praying for 2 lines..*smiles*
I will be keeping you guys posted. and please do the same. I will pray for you.

I will be sending you bunches of baby dust for your test tommorrow...actually is baby snow...I live in alaska.


Daydrmer07 - November 19

Hey Jena,
I have been keeping as busy as possible without being up on my feet doing tooooo much. Ex. planting poinsettias out front, decorating for the holidays...etc..My doctor told me to take it easy and stay off my feet as much as possible.

I lay in bed at night and I find myself focusing on my body, trying to see if I feel anything....I feel like things are def. going on in there like dull faint cramping, twinges in my ovaries every once in a while, sore bbs, and lower back pain but I feel like this could also be caused by the progesterone or the swollen ovaries. i try to think positive!

I didn't feel comfortable with the way the RE presented the photos of the embies. She sounded like she was trying to say they weren't of the "best" quality without actually saying it. So thats the only doubt in my mind. Because me and my DH are both 26.

AAAAnnnnyyyy wayy! sorry to keep blabbing but how are you feeling? when do u go in for BETA? I'm still scheduled for 8:30am Wed!

Praying 10 times a day!!! ;)


Brianandjena - November 19

NO I Just am going to take the HTP in the morning. But I just came from the bathroom there was a little dark spotting ?? dont know if it is my perriod or what the heck. I am so confused.


irish2991 - November 22

I am new to all this, I just started my TWW, my test is on 11/30 - I think I just might go out of my mind!!!



Brianandjena - November 23

*HUG* hang in there. It will be here in no time.
Did you have iui or take clomid or ivf?


irish2991 - November 24

Thanks, is really doesn't feel that way right now... I had IVF with two 3 day embryos implanted. Now I'm wondering if I should have insisted on sticking it out till the 5 day mark??


Brianandjena - November 25

Irish, It will be okay. the 2ww is the craziest feeling ever. ! It will get here in no time! Keep having positive thoughts. any symptoms?


Marina - November 27

Hi everyone,I'm new to this forum and never done forums before.I just found this web site,bcse was going crazy(like all of you) trying to find any info on 2ww symptoms.For the past 2 days i've been reading all your posts,so now i'm on my 9th day and I have my beta test tomorrow!My Q: is-why they call it 2ww-not 10 days wait?Mine was scq. after 10 days(5 day transfer on 11/19).(Is it too early?)Is anyone from St.Paul/Minneapolis?This is my 1st IVF,transfer only one embrio 5AA grade,I'm 37.It was a big step for us,I've been reserching a lot on IVF...
And if this is not my imagination and not from all the drugs we've been on-
here is my symptoms:I've had a little sore bbs for the 4 first days after transfr ,not anymore,no cramps at all antil last night(day 9)it woke me up at 4a.m.,a little sore nipples todayagain.Shortness of breath on and of(that one was the 1st sympt. and definitley not my imagination-never had this happen to me before.But this could be mild sympt. from ovaries overstim.).Headace 2 days in a row (maybe after 1st pach of estrogene(Vivele)?.And i'm tired more than normal.That's all my symptoms.I will let you all know tomorrow the result.I wish you ALL only the best luck! And ya,girls,DO NOT buy hpt!!!! I did (stupid me,I knew better!)after reading this forum and what happen?Negative(after 5 days-duh..!)Of course,it couldnt be different.There is the reason WHY they want us to be patient and wait for the blood test,bcse HCG shows in urine much later than in blood.The most sensitive hpt(e.p.t.-I've done reserch after my bad behavior)show only if HCG in your system above 20 and this is not a lot...So,if you test too early,you'll get false results,and THAN it's going to drive you(and your husbands) even MORE CRAZY!!!!!!
Again,best luck to all of you, who is "patiently"(ha-ha)waiting and to all who is on this forum-like you all say- a lots of baby dust your way!(Very cute,never heard this before!)


isabelle - November 27

hello all the 2ww's
I can't believe how emotional painful the past week and half has been. my day 14 is on 30th Nov and like the rest of you have a already tested like a zillion times.
My IVF Dr. called last night and there was a power outage on sunday and he is not sure that my remaining 2 eggs that we froze are still good. I feel like I am living a soap opera. The more I think about it...i feel I should get a discount on the next round (if I have to have one).

so getting a negative hpt on day 11...I should not lose hope yet. If I have a girl...I have deceided on Hope as a first name. So I have to still have Hope...literally.

thanks for listening to me babble.


Marina - November 28

sorry to hear that about your other embies.Gosh,your doc is very"sencetive"person!Couldn't he wait at least antil your results on this round, before tell you this "exciting " news!?They know how awful 2ww for us to begin with...and now you have to worry even more...
But think possitive,you may not need to use them anyway.And yes,I'dd ask for discount even if your current round will be(and it will!) a sucsesss,we pay them wayyy too much money to even do oops-es.
best luck to all of you,


Brianandjena - November 28

*HUG* I am sorry to hear about the power outage and the eggs. Praying for you. So on the day you find out if ur preg I will be fining out how many follies I have made., Keep me posted!
Baby dust to you.


Brianandjena - November 28

Welcome to the world of hope. *smiles*
I pray that everything is going perfect for you and that you are preg, Please dont forget to post and let us know how it turned out for you.!
Good luck , Baby Dust to you as well.


Marina - November 28

Hi ladies,I think this web-site will be helpful for all of you who is dying to buy hpt <www.ovulation-calculator.com>
and click on pregnancy tests.
They tell you what tests most sensetive and when is NOT too early to test.I did mine today and the line was very light,but it was definately visible,I'm on 9th day and my official test tomorrow(I also tested 2 days ago-and didn't get nothing).So,don't waste your money,wait at least 8 days after the transfer(in our cases)And, in my opinion,day3 transfers should wait 2 more days.
I will let you know tomorrow,if my test was positive.
Be patient,ladies,and good luck!


baby4jenn - November 28

I go in for the big test on Friday morning 11/30
This is my first try with IVF so I am very anxious. Hope we all get good news soon!


Brianandjena - November 28

I am crossing my fingers for you. Do u have any syptoms?


Brianandjena - November 28

Wow a line , Faint or not a line is a line! wowo great news congrats! Keep me informed .. How are you feeling? I will be awaiting to hear the results! GOod luck!



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