Who Is on The 2ww?
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bdantonio - December 22

Renee: Unfortunitly i suck at crocheting and all that stuff. Also unfortunitly for me at this point, im a neat freak and all my pics are in albums. For the pregnancy journal im glad i didnt keep one. I have hated this pregnancy more then loved it. Dont get me wrong i want this child more then anything, and love it more then anything. However it has been hell since the beginning. I have had so many problems, that i think if i would of kept a journal and the child ever read it they would think i hated them.


ReneeG - December 22

bdantonio...well, I am completely out of suggestions. I feel so bad for you! I wish I could do something to help you pass the time.

Just keep posting here to vent a little and to help with boredom.


Marina - December 22

Hi girls,
I just got back from work and back on a couch feeling guilty. My spotting stopped yesterday,so I did a couple of clients today.Here come the pregnancy symptoms- I don't feel like eating anything,just fruits.Everything else make me feel nauseous.
Renee,if you can't wait untill your HCG,you can take e.p.t. at home,but not earlier than9 days after transfer(I did and got faint line,but make sure it's e.p.t.)
Beth,I have to agree with you-if your daughter will ever read your journal,she'll decide to never have kids or be PG.
Lucky,how is your cramps?


ReneeG - December 23

Marina..I'm so happy your bleeding stopped. Please, please take it easy so you don't have any more trouble!

Thanks for the hint about the e.p.t. home test. I'm so tempted to try it! Is it possible to get a false positive or negative because of all the meds I've been taking? I'm afraid I'll get an incorrect result and that will add to the emotional roller coaster.


Marina - December 23

here is how it works:it is possible to get negative result,if you test too early(I did mine 5 days after the transfer-it came negative)At the same time,it could be possitive from HCG shot that you gave yourself 36 hours before the retrieval.So,it's too early to test 5 days after the transfer.But after 9 -10 days it's ok,because HCG from the shot is out of your system by now and if you got PG -you'll get the line,there is no false positive at this point.You just need to buy the most sensitive e.p.t. ,they show when HCG in your urine = or more then 20..I know how impossible that waiting time could be and there is the reason why they want us to wait until the blood test,because you can get false negative,get upset...So,this is your choice-if you are strong enough-wait,if not(like the rest of us),go find out.And remember-there is no false positive ulless you test too early(like 3-5 days after retrieval)
Good luck and let me know what happens!


ReneeG - December 23

Marina...Argh! I'm so torn over what to do! LOL!!! I'm going to pray about this and see what answer I get. Tomorrow is day 9. I don't have the e.p.t. tests here. I have Early Response. I'd bought the mega-size box of them a few months back when I was still hoping it would happen naturally. If AF was like a half hour late, I was testing. Silly, huh?

Thank you for giving me the technical info. Now, I just have to decide how I feel about it. I don't know what I'd do without you and all the other ladies here. You are so kind and helpful! You are like angels sent from heaven to help me stay sane!


lucky - December 23

Hie raneeg when did u have ur transfer ?
normaly its better to weight 2weeks and 3 weeks alway s better if u can,

Hie marina how u doing there, i hope ur well, whan do the cramps normally start? i feel very crampy today , am little scared i hope i dont gett periods, am very restless at night is that normally is well, i pee atleast 5 times a night, o this 2ww is making me mad but me and my dh have decided to test a week after new year to be on the safe side,
lotts of baby dust


bdantonio - December 23

Lucky what was your transfer date. I tested 10 days afterwards but i did not use ept. I use clear blue easy (not the digital one). My first fertility clinic recommended that brand. Thats how i found out about this one and al my others i could never wait until the beta.

Marina: Take it easy you dont want to be on complete bedrest early like me. You think the 2ww will make you crazy try bedrest. I think your right if my girls ever heard ll the dtails of my pregnancies they would never want children, or they will think that i didnt really want them.

Well to everyone have a god holiday just in case im not on.


ReneeG - December 24

OK, I'm not doing a home test. Although it's driving me nuts. My dh said he doesn't want to know until the 26th, so if I wanted to test early, he said I couldn't tell him. There's no way I'd be able to keep that kind of news to myself. My emotions are always written all over my face. He'd know the second he looked at me. So...I wait until the 26th.

waiting 2BAMOM...we're almost there! Lots of baby dust to you! Are you gonna test at home early?


JENNY22074 - December 24

All the mommies and waiting to be mommies have a very Happy Holiday....I figured it to be best that I wished everyone it now since the next couple of days will be nothing but running here and there...Best of luck and I will be praying for those of you testing right after Christmas that you will get BFP!!!!!....Christmas wishes and babydust to all!!!!!


basket - December 24

I am new to this board and have been reading your posts and they have been uplifting and given me more positive thoughts. I had transfer 12/12 and 4 days after got bloating and some cramping, I also felt some anxiety s/s for a couple of days after transfer. Is this normal? It's so hard to tell when you are on so many medicines. I have felt swollen some and some cramping since then but I haven't really felt anything the past couple of days except for being more tired. I had to start taking Heparin shots twice a day and aspirin daily 2 days before my transfer and have to continue through pregnancy if I'm BFP due to positive immunotesting. Does anyone else have to do this?

Thanks ahead of time!


waiting2BAMOM - December 24

Hi Renee - I am feeling nervous...think should wait for beta-HCG, unfortunately hubby dear would be out of town, when I do it......

Merry christmas to all you lovely ladies..may Santa get loads of baby dust and BFPs for us all!


ReneeG - December 24

Hi Basket! Welcome!

From my limited experience (1 IVF cycle), it sounds like all the symptoms you have are normal. The bloating could be from ovarian hyperstimulation, though. Have you gained more than 2 or 3 pounds in a day or two? If so, call your doctor.

I agree that it's so hard to figure out if what you're feeling is because of the medicine, because something is wrong or because you are pregnant (Which is what we hope and pray for!) I also think being extra tired is normal. Think of what your body has been going though the last few weeks!

The only med I still take is progesterone every evening. I don't know what Heparin is.

So, tell us a little about your story. When is your beta HCG?

Lots of baby dust to you!


ReneeG - December 24

Waiting2BAMOM....does it seem like the closer it gets to the big day, the harder it is to be patient? Yikes! I'm going crazy over here.

I'm feeling somehow different the last few days. I can't explain it. I hope it's "Pregnant Different", but I'm afraid of getting my hopes up. I still have essentially no symptoms. Just some little twinges or small pains down low in my abdomen. I pee a lot now, too and some foods that I used to love turn me off now. But that all could be from medicines. Or it could be just wishful thinking! Argh!

Have a wonderful Christmas! Think baby thoughts and may your dreams be of babies, not sugar plums!


bdantonio - December 24

BAsket: Why do they have you on heprin and not lovenox. Most pg women are on lovenox during the pregnancy then switched to heprin the last 4 weeks due to it being suregery friendly.


basket - December 24

My beta HCG is 12/26. It has been a long 2 ww. I had pretty much given up last Thursday thinking it's going to be negative and that the symptoms I was having making me feel awful was from the Progesterone shots every night. I actually called my dr.'s office to see if I should go off of the shots since I thought I was going to start AF but she said that the s/s would be the same if I were pregnant and to stay on full hormone support until the 26th. They put me on Heparin ( a blood thinner) because my husband and I are both + for an antibody that is basically making me fight getting pregnant and they said that the Heparin will reverse this. They never mentioned Lovenox. I'm taking Heparin shots 2 x's/day and ASA daily, progesterone shots at night and 1/2 pill of Dexamethasone every morning.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!



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