Who Is on The 2ww?
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bdantonio - December 20

Marina: Just listen to the dr. Stay in bed And i know that its hard. I have never had any experiences with the placenta seperating, to give you advise. If the dr isnt that worried then take it easy, and rest.


ReneeG - December 21


How are you doing? Has the bleeding stopped? I'm hoping and praying that all is well for you. I've never heard of placenta separation. It sounds so scary, but if your doctor said bed rest should take care of it, maybe it's not so bad?

I know it's tough to stay in bed, especially with Christmas in a few days. Please take care of your self and the little baby.


ReneeG - December 21

After my retrieval, I felt all crampy and sore for a few days. After the transfer, I had a few cramps like getting my period. It sounds like you are having a much rougher time than I. Hang in there....

I've been trying to take it easy, but we are moving from Miami, Florida to Albuquerque, New Mexico in three weeks. There's so much to do to get ready for the moving truck. My DH has been handling most of it, but I still have to sort through my own personal things.

We are supposed to fly to New Mexico on Jan 2 to house hunt. I'm afraid to fly. If I am pregnant, is it OK to fly?


Marina - December 21

thanks for your kind words.I guess my situation is not uncommon.This is what happens when some women say they don't know they are pregnant,because it seems like they just keep having their periods after they got PG.I still have some brownish spotting and have to be on bedrest until it's completly gone.

I think you can fly after your test,I was reading about this-it's dangerous only after8 months or if you have blood clogs.They recommend get up and move every 30 min,if it's a long flight.I know moving could be very stressful,but it's exiting too.All the baby dust to you on a 26!


JENNY22074 - December 21

Marina - So sorry to hear of your troubles...I unfortunately do not know anything about placenta seperation...Sounds a little scary to me...I would go on like webmd.com or what to expect.com...Maybe even discovery health may be of help...I am praying for you...Try to relax (better said then done) and we are here for you...Talk to you later...


waiting2BAMOM - December 21

Hey Renee and others,

Hope all are doing fine...

My beta-HCG is due on 27th December....fingers crossed..so one day after yours, Renee!

Baby wishes to one and all!


lucky - December 21

Hie reneeg
i hope ur doing well, flying will not be the best thing i will be onest ,but bed rest and taking it easy is always the best option , but when u have to do things u have to there is no ther option. i think untill the pregnancy is between 1 to 3 mounths we should be care full, but if god wills a pregnancy nothing can change it thats what we believe right so good luck , and dont worry just be on the safe side nothing is proven,
lotts of baby dust


ReneeG - December 21

Good morning everyone!

How are all of you doing?

Lucky, Marina, waiting2BAMOM, bdantonio....everybody OK today?


lucky - December 21

Hie girls am only 3rd day pass my transfer and am having cramps like have i have for my periods whitch is when the cervix or should i say utrus tends to open a bit for bleeding that is in side the am shy(vagina)it cramps exactly the same is it possible to have periods right after the transfer? did ay one had this type of feeling or any on day 3rd,
take care and lotts of baby dust


bdantonio - December 21

WEll Everyone i guess i am doing okay, just going stir crazy. By the time i am alound of bedrest i will be so sick of being in the house. There is nothing on tv and no one to talk to. I feel like i will sometimes go crazy and start talking to myself. I still am having some pressure but not much. However it hurts so much when she moves, last night i was lying in bed and she was moving and it hurt so bad that i started to cry. I cant wait till the end.

How is everyone else doing?

Sorry I just needed to vent.


waiting2BAMOM - December 22

Hi All,

Another 5 days left for me to do beta.....

How is everyone else doing? Marina dear hows u doing?

bd u are welcome to vent out ure feelings to us....we will patiently hear you...

keep posting


ReneeG - December 22

bdantonio...it's OK to vent in here. That's why we're here! TV's crap, I know. I found that out after only a day and a half of bed rest after my retrieval. I don't know how anybody survives longer than that!

I know it can be annoying when people try to give 'helpful' suggestions, but I'm going to risk it and offer some to you. Have you kept a pregnancy journal? Your baby might appreciate it in 20 years. And you can use it to record all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) details of this amazing journey you've been on.

Do you do any crafts...maybe knitting, crochet? Have you read "A Thousand Splendid Suns" by Khaled Hosseini? I just finished it. It's amazing! What about organizing all those family photos into an album or scrapbook? I need to do that myself...I have three shoeboxes full!

I'm sure others have suggested this stuff already. I hope time passes quickly for you. And that you continue to take good care of yourself and baby.


ReneeG - December 22

Hi ladies!

Only three days until we find out if all this IVF stuff worked. I'm still not cramping or feeling anything, but we are thinking positively.

waiting2BAMOM....I'm not sure if having Christmas at the end of the 2WW is good or not. It's a distraction to be sure, but I'm emotional from all this and it's kinda strange to be "Keeping the Big Secret" from everyone until after the 3rd trimester. It would be easier to keep the secret if everyone wasn't visiting or calling! And I'm so worried that if I get a BFN, that I'll completely fall apart at some point.

Lucky...how are you doing? Everyone says cramps are normal. Lovely, huh? Feeling like crap is normal! We're all thinking about you and praying for you!

When's your beta?


lucky - December 22

Hie reneeg i copletely agree with u, if it deos not work out god forbidd then i will shatter down , thats what i feel atleast know, but then we except things as they come, so letts keep each other in prayers ,
lotts of hugs :-*


ReneeG - December 22

Oops...I meant to say I was keeping the big secret until the 3rd month. (Not 3rd trimester) I think everyone would catch on by 9 months!


bdantonio - December 22

Renee: Unfortunitly i suck at crocheting and all that stuff. Also unfortunitly for me at this point, im a neat freak and all my pics are in albums. For the pregnancy journal im glad i didnt keep one. I have hated this pregnancy more then loved it. Dont get me wrong i want this child more then anything, and love it more then anything. However it has been hell since the beginning. I have had so many problems, that i think if i would of kept a journal and the child ever read it they would think i hated them.



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