Who Is on The 2ww?
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Sirenexyz - December 19

Hi Marina,
About pregnancy calculation as we talked., as my egg retival was on 29th Nov, I should be 4 weeks 4days prgnent right. Just wanted to make sure the calculation.

Hey as you know I am very thin and just worried what will be the best food I should take. I mean which fruit and what kind of drink will make me energetic.

Sometimes I am feeling very week not feel like standing or doing any work. My heartbeat are also getting rapid. Does anyone have this kind of symptomps.


bdantonio - December 19

There is no food or beverages that will help. Unfortunitly especially if you are pregnate you wil lget tired during the 1st trimester then get energy during the second and then crash in the middle of the day during your 3rd. Even being on bedrest and not doing anything about 2pm everyday i can barely keepmy eyes open.


lucky - December 19

Hie ladies am back and joining the 2ww,
i had my transfer today which whent well not allot of pain, but after few hours am in so much pain plus the the old pain from the ratrieval i can hardly get of the bed.is that normal or is it me always me in the 1%, They transferd 1 embroy as planed, the embroy developed in to 3 cell i dont know if its good enough, the rest were not capable of the freezing process so there disposed, I have 2ww plus they think we should test after an extra week or the result can be false because ot the trigger shot,, so wish me luck is every one doing welllotts of baby dust, got to run to the bed i need few days rest,


Marina - December 19

Sirenexyz, I agree with Beth,it's hard to tell what to eat.You body will tell you.You can find recomendations on food on any pregnancy web site,but you can't make yourself eat something if you feel like you are going to vomit after that.I use to like pomegranate juice,yesterday it made me so sick-I don't even want to look at the botle anymore,but I still love pomegranate fruit...That protein shake we were talking about-I don't think I can drink it the way I did,I'll try to mix it in yogurt.
And you don't have to eat for two-it's an old wife's tale.More important the quality.Take your prenatal vitamins.
You know,wait with your calculations until your u/s and they'll tell you exactly.
I had the same-rapid heartbeat and sometimes shortness of breath,weekness.It's gone now.So,no worries,you are feeling perfectly normal for being PG!


Marina - December 19

Lucky,get on a couch and take it easy!All you can take is Tylenol for your pain(which is acetominofen)
I still don't know about your clinic,I don't want to criticaze any one,but I've never heard of transfering 3 cell embrio...In USA they transfer only at least 8 cell embies.Hopefully,they know what are they doing and little one will attach it self.I'l pray for you!


ReneeG - December 20

I had a blood test today for progesterone. It was 24.1. The nurse said it's normal, so we're pretty happy!

My beta HCG is Dec 26. One week to go. I'm half way through the longest two weeks of my life!


ReneeG - December 20

Lucky...take it easy and think happy baby thoughts! Hang in there!

Waiting2BAMOM...my beta HCG is the day after Christmas. When's yours?


JENNY22074 - December 20

Babydust to all of you on the 2 week wait...I see there are a couple new ones on here since I last posted...Welcome to you and we are here to help you through your journey...Talk to you all later.


Marina - December 20

What do you know about placenta seperation?
Last night I started bleading suddenly,first it was pink,than got darker.I called my RE,he wasn't so concerned,said that it happens in 50% early pregnancies,but told me to come this morning and make sure the baby is ok.We went,he did U/s,we saw heartbeat(it was so exiting,my dh almost cried).So,what it is, he said, it's a slight separetion of placenta and put me on a bedrest until I stop spotting.
How serious is it,anybody know?


Wesleysmom - December 20

Marina, I had spotting early on in my first pregnancy. Also, even after I got past a few complications I bled again and continued for a solid month while I was safely carrying a perfectly healthy baby. I think there a numerous things that can happen that can cause spotting/bleeding that are not harmful in the least to the health of baby or mom. I do think it's a good idea for you to rest with your feet up. If nothing else, it might give you a little piece of mind. Take care of yourself.


lucky - December 20

Hie girls i hope u allr doing well, u know what this waite thing is orady killing me only a day has just past buy but seems its been years i dont understand how to cope with i dont eaven work so am thinking abaot it all the time its stressing me ,

how u doing genee how long far r u in ur 2ww?

Hie marina hoes the little one doing take care pf ur self.
its normal i guess my aunty had her bleeding through her pregnancy she only found out shes pregnant at mounth 4 because of bleeding she though it was period, she ad 5 kidds with the same way, so dont worry and keep
keep ur leggs up lotts of hug


lucky - December 20

sorry its reneeg , see how this is getting to me i forgot i to spell ur name lol


ReneeG - December 20

Hi Lucky! I had my transfer last Friday, so I'm on my 6th day. My beta HCG is on the 26th. If we get good news, this will be the best Christmas gift ever!

How are you doing since your transfer? I hope you're OK.


Marina - December 20

Thanks for comforting me!It's scary when something like this happens,especialy for the first time.I had nothing like this happened before with my other pregnancies.
When I saw blood,of course I thought the worst,but my RE wasn't very concerned,but ordered bedrest untill things calm down.The good thing is-we got to see our baby's tiny heartbeat!( I was scheduled for 26)
I hope everybody doing good and get ready for the Holidays!


lucky - December 20

Hie reneeg
Letts hope for the best , i hope ur taking lotts if bed rest
no heavy activities, letts pray our selve and others , how was ur day after ratieval and transfer it took me 2 to 3 days after ratriecval to be back but iwas not back and the transfer happend so it got worse and know day and a half and i seem better,
lotts of baby dust


bdantonio - December 20

Marina: Just listen to the dr. Stay in bed And i know that its hard. I have never had any experiences with the placenta seperating, to give you advise. If the dr isnt that worried then take it easy, and rest.



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