Who Is on The 2ww?
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JENNY22074 - December 18

Lucky - do you know yet if they will be doing a 3 or 5 day transfer with the one egg?...If I were you I would try to see if the eggs were good enoug quality to make it to 5 day blast...It may give you a better outcome if they are only transferring one...Which I find weird no matter what age you are...I though all places transferred at least 2 at whatever age you are...Actually at my center they transfer more after your 35 and so on ans so forth.....

Wesleysmom...That is a GREAT number!!!!!...Can't wait to hear how your u/s turns out the day after Christmas...

How is everyone else?


lucky - December 18

Hie ladies i just racieved a call from nurse saying that have 7 fertilised from 8 i had 10 eggs but 2 were not mature enough, because i had history of 8 years of trying they decided to do ivf normal on 4 and icsi on the rest 4 i got 3 from normal ivf and all 4 from icsi, she thinks the results r great, i spoke to here aboat transfering 2embroys she agreed to writte down for the
docs but she thinks that twins can born early and lotts of coplication can accure not that am disherting any one but its clinic to clinic so they perfeare single pregnancy unless ur over 35,I have a day 3 transfer which is tommarow at 12,30 so u first go for my actupunture and then for the tfansfer , wish me luck,
thank u so much jenna marina bdantonio reneeg
for all the support i will join all of u soon in the 2ww, see u then
take care ltts of baby dust


bdantonio - December 18

Marina: We live with my parents right now so there isnt much time im home alone. WE sold our house quicker then expected and i got pg. When i got real sick my parents asked us to stay with them until after the baby is born since dh works nights. They didnt want me left alone with dd if im sick. So dh is home during the day and my dad now leaves work early to get here before he leaves to take care of morgan my first daughter. Morgan goes to pre-school during the day so even when dh is sleeping i dont have to care for her. Morgan is very advance for her age, she understands more then most thinks. When people asks her how mommy is she tells them mommy has to stay in bed to keep my sister healthy. When she comes home from school we watch tv together, color, or do puzzels in my bed. Most nights when dh is not there she'll wake up in the middle of the night and climb in bed with me. And you talk about peeing alot i dont think i can go 20mins without peeing it sucks i feel like i live in the bathroom sometimes, especially cause im suppose to drink so much fluid to avoid labor. Also the babies name is going to Angelina Grace D'Antonio after Dh grandmother. Dh and myself didnt buy eachother presents either we just bought 1 gift from morgan for each other. WEll im waiting for the dr to cll now i hve been having alot of preasure in lower stomache area and back pain im a little worried that i may have dialated. I will keep u updated as soon as i hear something.


lucky - December 18

It felt so nice hear ur sweet story every one is taking care of u, o god i miss my parents, there in london not far but not same like when there living near buy so i only have my dh to take care of me, but lotts of luck and do keep us updated, buy the way that is a lovely name wish u luck


ReneeG - December 18

Lucky...that's wonderful news! Seven embryos is fantastic!

Good luck with your transfer! Lots of baby dust for you! You are in our prayers!


bdantonio - December 18

Well the dr just called me back. I have an apt at 2:30pm. They are scared that i may have started to dialate. I am praying that i haven't. I am so nervous. I have made it this far i dont want anything to go wrong. Im also afraid that if im dialted they may hospitalize me. I so dont want that this close to christmas. At least on bedrest at home i can see my dd open her gifts. Everyone pease pray for me, that im not dialted. Well i will let you all know after the apt.


lucky - December 18

Good luvk and dont worry every thing will be oright just keep positive thoughts, and hopefully u will be home o chrismas
lotts of baby dust


bdantonio - December 18

well everyone cervix is open a lttile not even a centimeter. Go back next thursday. Baby dropped even more. HAve to keep my feet up at all times.


ReneeG - December 18

bdantonio: Please, let us know how you're doing. I'm praying for you and sending all kinds of good vibes your way!


Marina - December 19

Beth,hold on there!We'll pray for you,I'm sure you do everything you can,sometimes it's just not in our power to prevent what happening :-\.You'll be ok! :)
You can congradulate me: I had my 1st official morning sickness today.Not fun,was late for work.I guess,we should be carefull what we wish for :-\


ReneeG - December 19

waiting2bamom: I have no symptoms either and it's making me nervous. My transfer was 12/14. I had some cramping and general discomfort for a few days, but nothing now.

I was so worried I called the nurse. She was very nice about my panicked call. She said if conception had been nautral, I'd not have known anything was up yet, since I'd be a week or more away from getting my period. She said that women in IVF are so aware of everything that they expect to feel something at this point, but most don't.

I was just hoping for some sign that the embryos implanted....cramping, spotting, something. Regardless of what the nurse said, I'm still worried.


bdantonio - December 19

I think that is why we all go crazy knowing when we concieved. Women who concieve naturally dont even find out till they are 4-6 weeks pregnate.


Wesleysmom - December 19

Hello everyone. Wow, lots of posts since I was on 2 days ago!

Beth, I'm glad everything is ok & I hope you will stay home over Christmas. I know you would die if you had to miss Morgan's Christmas!! Marina, morning sickness?! That's good and bad, right?! Still nothing for me. Except I was having a bagel this morning & there was just a little liquid in the bottom of the cream cheese container & I gagged just a little. But anyone would do that, right?

Lucky, sounds like everything is going well for you, and I am so glad. I would definitely try to talk the docs into tranferring 2 of those little guys. Twins would just be double the fun, right?! Waiting & Renee, I am still having next to no symptoms & I'm 5-1/2 weeks. Don't stress okay? That's easier said than done!!

Take care, all. Love & prayers.


waiting2BAMOM - December 19

Hey Renee,

its really comforting to know I am not alone...

we are probably very anxious about conception..and what your nurse says makes sense....

lets hope for the best!fingers crossed..

so when is your beta-HCG scheduled?


Marina - December 19

I think around 7 weeks ,when baby's heart start beating,that's when fun begins ::)My doc told me at my 1st U/S that in next 2ww will be a lot of changes.I 've noticed Idon't care for meat any kind,only can eat fish.And fruits.Can't stand a smell of my coworker's parfum,she hung her coat next to mine yesterday,I almost threw up om my way home in the car-the fur collar still smells like her(I never liked it in a first place,now it makes me sick)
Take care!


Sirenexyz - December 19

Hi Marina,
About pregnancy calculation as we talked., as my egg retival was on 29th Nov, I should be 4 weeks 4days prgnent right. Just wanted to make sure the calculation.

Hey as you know I am very thin and just worried what will be the best food I should take. I mean which fruit and what kind of drink will make me energetic.

Sometimes I am feeling very week not feel like standing or doing any work. My heartbeat are also getting rapid. Does anyone have this kind of symptomps.



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