Who Is on The 2ww?
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ReneeG - December 16

Hello Everyone

I'm new here. Just went through our 1st IVF cycle. We had our embryo transfer 12/14/07. They gave us three high quality embryos.

Now, we wait.....

I'm so excited, scared, nervous and unsure about all of this. Reading all your posts made me realize that I'm not the only one feeling these things.

My prayers are with all of you!



Marina - December 17

Welcome Renee ! :)
You are in a right place!When is your HCG test?
You probably know a lot about us from reading out posts from before.
What is your story? :)


Marina - December 17

Renee,It was a smart choice to go straight to IVF,in our age(I'm 37) it's wasting of time sometimes,if you got other health issues on a top of everything else(I had blocked tubes and my husband horrible sperm).It's not the cheapest choice,but in my case it was the only one.
this is my 1st IVF as well,and we transfered one 5 day embrio(I took a risk,because I was afraid of possibility having twins,I have a 13years old son from previous marriage)and frozed the rest of them.Miracle happened,we got PG.My clinic does mostly 5 days transfers and PG(HCG) test on 10th day after the transfer.I found this forum when I was on my 2ww and been here since.Very helpful,nobody can understand better what we are going thru than girls on this forum,some of them stay here long after they got PG and support the rest of us.But I'd like to give you an advice-don't try on every bad situation what happens to others,belive in yourself and your succes,don't drive yourself crazy("what if this happens to me?!")Sometimes too much info is not good either.Stay positive no matter what(I know it's hard,but we are doing much hurder job than people who concive naturaly,don't you agree?)
Your headache probably from progesterone,I/ve had this in the begining.All you can take is Tylenol.
If you have any questions,we all here for you!


JENNY22074 - December 17

Hello ladies and new ladies...I am still here just been really busy finishing shopping, wrapping presents and trying to stay a little sane...I see we have some new waiters on the forum let me also extens a warm welcome to you...

Everyone else doing okay?


lucky - December 17

Morning just a quick word wish me luck am going know for ratrieval , it seems we have lost pages here,
take care weel come new comers


ReneeG - December 17

Good morning everyone!

Lucky, my thoughts and prayers are with you for your retrieval today! Relax and take it easy for the next day or two to let yourself recover. Take advantage of this opportunity to just lay around and do nothing! You deserve it...your body has been working hard the last week or two!

Marina, I'm so excited for you that your IVF went so well. It gives me hope! Before I found this site, I found so many with horror stories about IVF and stupid doctors and all kinds of bad stuff. It was making me more nervous than I needed to be. I am so glad all the beautiful ladies here are positive and supportive!

My hubby is in the Army and we just found out we are being transfered from Miami, FL to Albuquerque NM in January. Yikes! So now I have to worry about house hunting and packing in addition to all the baby stuff. Funny how life throws it all at ya at once!

Well ladies, much like Jenny, I've got presents to wrap and cookies to bake. At least this gives me something to think about other than how the time is dragging these two weeks!


Wesleysmom - December 17

Welcome Renee! Going through IVF over the holidays may be a blessing in disguise! You'll be so busy, you won't be able to obsses over this process! (Like I did!) I totally agree that IVF is the way to go. It worked for me! My son is 20 months old.

I hope everyone is doing well. Marina, any symptoms yet? I still have ZERO. My 3rd beta is today & I'm just a little nervous. Could the little booger stop growing in there? I'm telling you, I feel nothing.

Glad you're feeling better, Lucky.

Jena, Still haven't heard from you. Any update? Do you have an hcg test? I'm a little confused about the IUI process. I never went through it.

Take care, everyone. I hope you're enjoying the holidays!!


lucky - December 17

Hie every one i dont know how i have the courage to writte am not trying to scare any one but the ratieval was hell for me but the other ladies got through well typacal with me amlways in the 1% , but any way they ratrieved 10 eggs that was a surprise because the last scan showed only 8 follicles but thats good, But i racieved a bad news whih is that they will only transfer 1 embroy o thought it was 2 but looking at my age they dont whant t,wins thats sad if i dont mind y not but thats the clininc rool i cant do any thing, just have to be lucky with one, so ladies pray for me i will get a phone in the morning aboat the embroys and how they did lets see ,
Yhank u so reene for ur concern i hope u will get a positive news soon think positive it will be positive,

Hows every one else hie marina i hope ur doing well ,
lotts of baby dust


Marina - December 17

Wesleymom,glad you are doing well.No ,I have no symptoms(it's 6w5d today),nothing bothers me,no morning sickness.One thing I've noticed-more trips to the little girls room,everything else is the same.When I had my 1st U/S my doc said there will be changes in this 2 weeks untill my 2nd U/S...Well,not yet,tell me about worring...But again,nothing we can do,but wait and be carefull what we wish for-should be thankfull for not having morning sickness and etc.
dont' know if they told you(it seems like your docs do very differently from our docs) but now for 48 hours you MUST lay down on a couch,only go potty and eat.For your sake.Your little one will be implanting in this 2 days,so you can't jump around.
are you doing ok?Haven't heard from you...


Wesleysmom - December 17

Hey ladies. I just have to tell somebody since this is such a big secret right now... My hcg is 3969 today! up from 516 on Wed. So I'm pleased & relieved as I am still having no symptoms. Other than the bathroom trips like you mentioned, Marina! Thanks so much for letting me share. I'm trying to keep it a secret from most everyone. My first pregnancy was a twin pregnancy & I lost one of the babies at about 10 weeks-even after seeing both of the heartbeats on an u/s. So I don't want anyone to know before then. That is, if I can keep my big mouth shut. My first u/s is 12/26.


Marina - December 17

Lucky,oops,I thougt for some reason you had your transfer,than you have to rest for 48 hours...But any way,take it easy...
Wesleymom-congrads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Keep fingers crossed!


ReneeG - December 17

Wesleysmom...WooHoo!! I'm so happy for you! I'll be praying for you!


lucky - December 17

Hie wesleysmum
we so happy for u stay positive and happy
take care


bdantonio - December 17

Marina: Sorry been resting alot. I fee llike she has dropped more today. Going to call the dr in the am. Im just worred i want to mke it to at least he 36 week mark i want her lungs completly developed. I sometimes feel like she is between my legs. I stil feel her moing though so thats good. I had a a few comtractions here and there but none close together and none real strong. So how are you doing? Are you ready for next week. I feel like time is like a slug and it never moves.


Marina - December 18

I know Beth,when you can't do anything it seems like takes forever to live thru the day ::).How is your daughter?How is she taking her mommy not able to do much?Does somebody help you around the house and everything else since you on bedrest?You know,nothing more you can do,but hope your little one will be patient 5 more weeks...Do you have a name for her?
I still have no symptoms ::),exept extra trips to the laddys room.
We are still not done with our Christmas shopping for our son-we plan to buy him a cell phone,but I'm not sure how I want to do that-prepaid one or share the plan with him ???I beg my husband not to give me any gifts-we already gave ourselfs a very expansive one-got PG!


JENNY22074 - December 18

Lucky - do you know yet if they will be doing a 3 or 5 day transfer with the one egg?...If I were you I would try to see if the eggs were good enoug quality to make it to 5 day blast...It may give you a better outcome if they are only transferring one...Which I find weird no matter what age you are...I though all places transferred at least 2 at whatever age you are...Actually at my center they transfer more after your 35 and so on ans so forth.....

Wesleysmom...That is a GREAT number!!!!!...Can't wait to hear how your u/s turns out the day after Christmas...

How is everyone else?



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