Who Is on The 2ww?
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bdantonio - December 13

Thats good. Now just stay off your feet as much as possible.


lucky - December 13

Hie girls,
I was at the doc today she scanned me every thing is normal, but she has no answer of my bleeding,I have 4 follicules on the right that r between 15 18 in size and 4 on the left that 14 in size a little small but its normal as she said, Is there only 1 egg in a follicle or more?if any one knows? My ratrieaval is on monday but transfer is not confirmed depending on my bleeding if it stops then shore bu ifn it deos not stop the embros have to bee frozen and i will have t waight for my next circul any comments please do say so
good luck


Brianandjena - December 13

Jenny, How are you feeling? I am praying for you.
I am on cd 25. so af should be here soon...


Brianandjena - December 13

Hi there... I am glad that everything is normal just try and relax as much as possible and maybe the bleeding will stop.. Not sure why thats happening either. But I am glad that ur follies are all growing.. I am excited for you. I will keep u in my prayers.~Jena


bdantonio - December 13

Lucky a follicle in an egg. I had 3 with this pregnancy prior to iui, one that ws more dominate then all th rest. So dont worry if one isbigger or not.


Marina - December 14

Lucky,yes there is only 1 egg in a follicle,but sometimes they are emty.I'm a little confused with the way how they do your protocol.Are you doing IVF or IUI? How can they just scedule retriver for Mon.?Your follicles(for IVF) sould be at least 20-21 and blood test should confirm the right level of estrogen( otherwise the follies are not mature enough )and they call you that day and tell when exactly to take a trigger shot(36 hours before the retrival).They sould monitor you very close every day to see when they are the right size.And if you have retrieval on Mon,then your shot will be Sat night,but they can not know this untill Sat morning.Did they tell u that?This is not a guessing game,the right timing very important in this process.Good luck!


lucky - December 14

Hie marina am upset my self i dont know how there doing this, i asksed here each and every question but she seems to sa that the resultes dont mean any thing,
in the manor that they dont tell tell much, she thinks 15 to 18 is big enough am taking me last puregon shot today and then the egg ratrieval shot on saturday night, she had no answer for my bleeding . i just think they whant the hole pricess to finish before chrismas,???????????????i was suppose to have 3 treatments in £1500 i have done one know its tolate to drop out of this clinic?i dont know am so stressed


Wesleysmom - December 14

Good morning. I hope everyone is doing well. I'm amazed at how educated all of you ladies are about these processes. Apparently I have not been doing enough research! So Jena, what does it mean for you to be on day 25? Did you do IUI? What day is your pt, or do you not have one? You mentioned waiting for AF. Obviously, I'm confused.

I had another hcg on Wednesday, and it was 516. Up from 193 on Monday, so I'm very cautiously optimistic! My next appointment is on Monday. When do they do the first ultrasound to look for the sacs?

Have a great Friday!


Marina - December 14

wasleysmom, what a good news,looks like ur doing very well ,your beta more than doubled-it's a very good sign! They do 1st u/s usually 4weeks after the transfer(or 2 weeks after your 1st HCG) to see if pregnancy in a right spot and how many,if there a youk.They probably will not see the heartbeat yet,usualy it's around 6 weeks...
i'm glad for you!Good luck!

Lucky,I don't know what to say about your clinic,I don't want to upset or scary you,but from what I see(and I did a lot of reserch even before I went myself for IVF,read a lot of medical literature) this is not the right way to do the procedure.Probaly it's too late to change anything in this cicle-you can't just quit in the middle,you know miracles happen all the time.But if this one fails,I'd find another clinic.And do your own recerch, prepare yourself,find info,so you'll know what's going on.May be describe your whole situation to dr.Jacobs on this forum and see what he thinks.
Where you from?Where you doing your treatment?


bdantonio - December 14

MArina How have you been feeling? any m/s? I am just couning down to the end.


lucky - December 14

Hie marina
thank u for all the great help, as i have told u i am paying £1500_ £2500 plus madication to this clinic wether i have one round or 3 the cost will be same, so theres no point paying some were else as yet, specialy if only one person is working and paying for the treatment ofcourse my dh.letts see as u said miracles do happen i just think maibe they have there own way of doing things but i have done 3 iuis in london believe mee i was checked every 3rd day it was totaly different, but + point the first meddication which was synarela nose spray( insyead of lupron) made the hole process easier i did not had to take shots,am trying to think positive.
u have been a great help i will pray for u through the holle journey thanks so much

did any one take any type of gell after ratrieval of the egg to support the linning of the utrus

Marina how u feeling i hope ur doing well when r u due?

jena darlig how r u did not see any resent posts from u any news please keep us updated

bdantonio thank so much for ur reply on the follicule issue it was such a basic thing that i think all mothers or to become mothers should know and i suppose i did too but all this that happend made me so insecurre aboat all this that i did not know if i was right this holle thing got to me and whent out of hand this last 3 days am a bitt more calm know and r thinking postive,
thank u so much,


Marina - December 14

Beth,I'm doing ok,still no change in how I feel.I redused my hours(this is hard thing to do before the holidays),but my dh insisted and even said he'd "fire"me if I don't listen(lol).One gal from work already figured out what's going on after she saw the mask...o well I'm not trying to hide enything,it's just too early to tell everybody...That mask sucks,I'm sweating under it!
I cant imagine how you manage stay put on a bedrest.Where you spend all the time?On a couch,in the bedroom?Do you have lap tap?When I was on a bedrest after the transfer,I was cheating all the time,because you need this and that...
U know,Ifinaly figured out after reading some of your old posts about your decise-that morning sickness...I had the same with my 1st PG(I was 19 and lived in Ukraine),I had morn.sickness 24 hours a day for 7 months,Ilost 10 pounds in the beginning and I had my baby girl at 7 months, they just coudn't stop the contractions,she died 4 days later,her lungs colapsed and she had a lot s of other problems.They never told me about IV or anything else to help me than and never took seriously my complaints about vomiting constantly,they'd just say-oh,everybody has morning sickness...But that was than and in a different country,18 years ego.With my son I had no problem at all,I was sick maybe a couple of times,but nothing serious.


Marina - December 14

I wish you only luck with your protocol,keep us updated.So,you live in London now?Sure they do it differently from us...And in most the states insurance do not cover IVF -we paid over 15.000 with meds...If everything ok,my due date Aug.6.
I'll pray for you!


lucky - December 14

Hie marina am in oslo i was born in london my husband lives in oslo we only did iui london,
take care


bdantonio - December 14

Marina: WEll i lost 40lbs in the 1st trimester. I was in and out of the hospital everyother day with dehydration. The blew most my veins due to so many iv's. They then decided to put in a picc line (a small rubber tube that went from my right arm up into my chest) I was given Iv every night through this, vitamins, and medication. The medication that they gave me had a sedative in it, therefore i slept about 18 out of 24 hrs a day. I ot this medication every 6hrs. Even on the meds and all i still got sick. I was like this till about 18-20 week. I felt dead half the time. When they slowly took me off the medication i felt like an addict going through withdraw.

The lovely bedrest: I stay on wither the couch or the bed 90% of the time i do sit at the computer desk to talk to all you guys and i sit at the table for dinner with my daughter. Other then that I only get up for the bathroom, and to bathe. So i listen most of the time.


ReneeG - December 16

Hello Everyone

I'm new here. Just went through our 1st IVF cycle. We had our embryo transfer 12/14/07. They gave us three high quality embryos.

Now, we wait.....

I'm so excited, scared, nervous and unsure about all of this. Reading all your posts made me realize that I'm not the only one feeling these things.

My prayers are with all of you!




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