Two Week Wait beginning 5/6/07
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wish2bmom - May 7

Is anyone else out there in the 2 week wait period right now?
It is so hard. The last several times I have gone through this period of time, I ended up disappointed. I am optimistic because this is my first cycle of injectibles with timed intercourse. I will be taking my HPT on the 19th if AF hasn't come by then.
Just wanted some others to share stories, feelings, and thoughts with who are going through the same thing as me right now.
Thank you.


JLK - May 7

Hi wish2bmom. I am also in the 2ww. I had my FET last Wednesday. They transferred 2 5 day blasts - a 5bb and 3bc. My progesterone test was last Friday and came in at over 40. My beta is next Monday, 5/14. My symptoms will likely be different from yours since I'm wasn't on injectables this time (I have had 2 failed IVFs - the second one resulted in a postive beta, but didn't double). So far, I just have dull cramps in the lower part of my abdomen. I'm taking 1 cc of progsterone in the am and prometrium in the pm. Good luck to you!


Tara F - May 7

Hi Ladies,
I just started the 2ww today also. My pg test is on 5/17. I have a son from my 3rd attempt at IVF born in May 05. We did a FET in Sept of 06 which resulted in a chemical pg. Fresh cycle in Jan 07..beta came back at 13 then down to 0. I'm a poor responder and do not produce a lot of eggs. We transferred 3 embroy's.. two 9 cell grade 4 and one 5 cell grade 4. Disappointed in the grade and suprised at the 9 cell. Never heard of anyone getting past 8 cells on a day 3 transfer. Seems my grade is declining with each attempt. I just turned 35 but my ovaries seem to be years ahead of me.
Good luck to both of you during the wait.


wish2bmom - May 8

Good luck Tara and JLK.

Tara, I completely understand. I shared with my OBGYN that I believe that I am going to menopause already (I am 32YO). She told me that it is rare, but could happen. My aunt was completely done before she was 40 and began in her early 30's. It is definitely making baby making tough.

I had Ovidrel on Wednesday, a lot of cramping and pain on my left side Thursday, then the same on my right side on Friday. I O'd on Saturday. Bd Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The cramping is gone, I look bloated, I am peeing constantly, and my bbs are sore...not sure if these are symptoms of the Ovidrel or if it actually took this month.

Here's to a quick 2 weeks.


Tara F - May 8

Hang in there wish2bmom. Cramping is a good thing.
On my 3rd attempt of IVF I had major cramping in during the 2nd week of the 2wk wait and I thought for sure I was not pregnant and expecting my period. I was very surprised to learn that I was pregnant and I continued to cramp until the 10th week of my pregnancy. Nurse's told me that cramping is good.


wish2bmom - May 8

Tara - if that's the case then bring on the cramps :-) Thanks for the feedback on how things went for you.
How is this cycle going so far?


JLK - May 8

Hi Ladies -

Tara - During my last IVF attempt in January, I think I had 9 embryos - and I remember that on day 3 one of the embies was a 10 cell. I asked why they decided not to transfer that one because I assumed it was the best since it was mulitplying so fast. They said there was nothing wrong with the 10 cell but since 8 cell is the standard normal, they just used those. I later froze two others (one could have been the 10 cell, I'll never know) and that is what they used for my FET this month. In any event, I wouldn't worry about the 9 cell.

Wish2bmom - I asked that same question to Dr. Jacobs back in January and she told me that cramping is often caused by your ovaries going back to your normal size after all the injectables.

I am on day 6 in the 2ww and have a feeling of steady pressure on my abdomen - don't know what that means. During my last IVF transfer I had definite cramps and some spotting (and I had a positive beta, but ultimately the beta dropped instead of doubling)

Good luck - and keep me posted on your symptoms - it helps me put mine in perspective. JLK


victoira - May 9

hey ladies, well i have to wait until may 17, to take a PT. Its been a long road this is my 2nd iui. in this 2nd attempt i have a lot of cramps that feels like i going to get to AF. so ladies i wish you all good luck and just pray to GOD that he will bring you a special GIFT.


Red - May 9

Good afternoon ladies! I have never participated in a forum, but feel extremely alone here. I've read some of the various postings and it made me feel better so I thought I'd give it a shot. My DH and I have been trying IVF for a couple cycles now. The first time my ovaries didn't stimulate well, the 2nd time I had a cyst, and then we finally made it to a 5 day transfer with 2 embryos (An "A" and an "A-"). I had my early PT and it didn't come out very well (hcg 7, estrogen 201, and progesterone 27.9). They tested me again today and I'm thinking it isn't going to be a positive answer. What usually happens after a failed IVF? How do you ladies stay positive for the next try? I started out that way and feel I'm on a slippery slide downward. Thanks for listening (well, reading actually ;D )


Tara F - May 9

Hi Ladies -
JLK - Thanks for your input. I hope you get a nice strong beta.

So far I have no symtoms but I didn't have any 2 yrs ago when I was pregnant w/my son until the end of the wait when I started getting period cramps which wound up being the uterus stretching to make room for a growing baby.
I dont' feel positive about this cycle since the grade was so never know and I know I need to stay positive.

Red- Hang in there..a low HCG can eventually take off and keep rising, I've heard a lot of stories where healthy pregnancies start off this way. I had 3 experiences with low hcg numbers and it's not fun.
If this cycle doesn't work then you're doctor will should continue working with you to find the right cycle. I had 2 cancelled cycles before my lucky cycle 2 yrs ago and that was after 3 yrs of IUI's w/Clomid & Injectibles, surgery, and switching doctores 3 times. Hang in there and don't give up. Your doctor will learn more about your problem and it will only help you get it the nex time. The fact that you responded and had a transfer is a good sign.

I can't wait until the 17th to get this over with. I hate the 2ww.


Red - May 9

Tara, thank you so much for replying. This is definitely an emotional and physical roller coaster and I really haven't known where to turn until I read some of these postings. I know other women (including yourself) have gone farther along that me and I shouldn't be too discouraged at this point. That is obviously easier said than done! I, too, had a cycle cancelled and thought for sure this would be a positive outcome.

I will add you to my prayer list and I hope things are positive for you! Thanks again!


vw79girl - May 11

Hey Tara, I am in the 2ww as well and have a PT scheduled on the 17th. just like you. So we have one more week to wait. This is our 2nd attempt at IVF. Got pregnant the first time but lost it soon after~chemical pregnancy. :(
Hoping this month is lucky for us. I had 2 Grade A embryos transferred on the 6th. an 8 cell and a 6 cell.

Good luck to all of you!
baby dust *****


p.s. i have been crampy too


Tara F - May 12

Hey Girls,
How is everyone doing in the 2 week wait. Only 5 more days to go after today until my beta test.
I have started cramping this morning after being exhaused the past 2 days. Hoping these are early pg symtoms. I also have a bad cold so the exhaustion could be from that and the cramping could be from a period about to begin. I feel like I'm tuned in way too much to every ache/pain and twinge going on. Can't wait for Thursday to get this over with. Either way I'll be glad the wait is over. Anyone else with any symptoms?


vw79girl - May 14

Has anyone experienced spotting in this 2ww? A pinkish spotting actually and is anyone on progesterone? I would imagine so if you are doing an IVF cycle. I am due to have my preg. test on Thurs. and am feeling very discouraged as my spotting started today off and on and i don't feel breast tenderness like I did a few days ago. anyone out there ever felt this way and still had a positive outcome?

Lisa :(


Tara F - May 14

Spotting is ok. I have a sister-in-law that spotted all the way through the first 3 months of both pregnancies. I've had friends that had spotting and found out they were pregnant. On my first pregnancy I used to have symptoms on and off for the first 8 wks..I used to get nervous that I wasn't pregnant anymore. I think it's ok to have symptoms on and off. I was cramping all weekend and today nothing. It's hard to tell.
Keep thinking positive. I'm trying to stay neutral this time.
3 more days to go after today.


Red - May 14

Hi ladies! I, too, have had spotting. Friday was officially the end of my 2ww and my hcg has doubled every couple days. They are still relatively low, but are doubling. I should know more at the end of today. I also haven't had many other symptoms. The doctor did say that the spotting is normal as many women spot during a pregnancy. I am continuing to pray it is positive and hope for the same for all of you! I truly wish there was a cut and dry answer for all of us!


jamielee - May 14

Hi ladies, I hope you are all surviving the 2ww! I had pink spotting a few days before my test and I was positive. I have been spotting ever since and I'm 12 weeks pregnant. My breasts were also only a little sore and that went away before my preg test, and they haven't been sore since! Oh and period cramps as well! I had no significant symptoms until about 9 weeks and I'm having twins! I hope you all get a BFP!! Good Luck!!



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