The long long 2ww
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mybaby1 - November 10

Im Tracey and my 2ww after FET is nearly up, 3 more sleeps and then i will know! missacrried last IVF, one at 7 wks and one at 9 wks :'(
This time has been totally different from the last, feel really nauseus the last 3 days, watery mouth and metallic taste a lot. Woke up this morning with lower left sided abdominal and back pain, bit worried. Have any of you gone thu this? Im very worried cos of my last heart-ache which was onyl 2 months ago, help if you can :)


mjforney - November 10

Hey ladies... Yes, I had those same symptoms. Especially tenderness in the stomach! Hang in there... you will also possibly experience wierd dreams!! Look bak and read other ladies postings, it helps!

BABY DUST TO YOU BOTH,,, When is your beta's??


kathyadam - December 3

I had cramps on either side. My Dr. Said that it was my ovaries. They were still pretty swollen from the IVF. I am now 7weeks and I just had my first u/s and they were still pretty swollen. Did you have IVF?


Marina - December 3

I'm off my2ww now,but still in a" waiting room",because my HCG came back low on a 1st test(21)The 2nd was 66and the3d 272-it was a relief for now(at least it confirmed pregnancy,we transfered only one-thats why it could be lower at first).I just want to add some of my symptoms(or what I know about this stuff).We all of course want to find a proof of PG immediately,but the reality is that we all have different bodies that could react dif. to all the meds we taking and they all similar to pregnancy symptoms(like sore bbs-due to progesteron) or feeling that we are about to get our period,cramps(remember, what they did ti our ovaries?).Some people don't have any(like myself).And remember,that "normal" people who get pregnant naturaly,don't know until it's at least 7 weeks!And even than they do not have any symptoms(in fact,my friend,who already had her 1st child and should know how it feels,had no idea until 4 months!)So the bottom line is-don't rely(and panic,if you don't feel) any symptoms,it's too early too feel anything exept sideeffects from all the meds.And just wait for the test(it's a torture,I know).
Good luck to all of you!


bdantonio - December 3

marina congrats. The only symptom i had at firt was vomitting and that was the only one for most of the first trimester.



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