The dreaded 2 WW, number 2
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Windy - September 23

I am a 33 y/o mother of 3 children from my first marriage, who made a bad decision to have my tubes tied. Now I have a wonderful husband and we've been in the process of IVF for several months. All seemed well, I'm an excellent candidate having 3 children previously, and my husband is a good candidate as well. Well first I experienced ovarian hyperstimulation. I was admitted for albumin infusions, my gallbladder wasn't working, I couldn't stop throwing up, and I felt like I was going to die. It was the worst thing ever and since I gained 18 lbs and looked 7 mths pregnant, everyone who saw me that week asked if I was pregnant. I had to explain that no, I wasn't pregnant, but yes, we were trying.
The good news was that 54 eggs were retrieved, 43 fertilized. So, I thought we were home free. We waited a couple of months for everything to calm down and for me to have a normal cycle and tried a transfer. They transferred 2 good embryos, however after the 2 WW I found out I wasn't prenant.
Last Tuesday I had another 2 embryo transfer. I hope and pray that I have better results this time. I am having some cramping throughout the day. I have had some weird dreams. But I remember feeling this way last time as well. I found this site, and am just looking for support from fellow IVFers. I have a lot of people at work who keep asking about how things are going (they know due to the OHSS symptoms). I told them about my last failed attempt, but have been trying to keep this one hush, hush.
Good luck to everyone!!!! And god bless.


keisha - September 23

Hi Wendy I too am mother of 3 who had tubes tied but we opted to have reversal instead of ivf (kinda wish we went the other way with things) so far i ve been preg at least 3 times with each ending in m/c I never knew the effects of having your tubes tied but appatently it causes a lot of problems we are now trying clomid with prog and estrog this is our first month on any drugs and i am just now O i had my surgery 6-22-06 so we have been going thru this a lil over a year if i can help any let me know i do understand your need for another baby im sure yours like mine are in school and independant and i also have remarried and would like my dh to have a chance to be a father although he loves my children .


Windy - September 24

Yes, having your tubes tied is not good. My RE suggested from the get go, if we only wanted one pregnancy, the best bet is IVF. Although we aren't having the greatest luck, and I feel like maybe we made the wrong decision and should have gone with reversal. Yes, my children are all in school and independant. My husband loves my children too, but my kids were all in school when we met, and he and his family would like the birth and up experience. I know if things don't work out, he'll be fine, but why does it have to be so hard?? I really have a bad feeling about this transfer too, I hope and pray I'm wrong. How far along were you with the m/c's?


keisha - September 25

the first m/s was the worst 13dpo i had a very pos test went in for b/w hcg was 74 which was great but progesterone was only 12 BAD i was on 3 - 200mg progesterone pills 3 X a day so i was taking 900 mg a day 15dpo hcg was only 128 bad didnt double but i didnt actually m/c until 3 weeks later( actually one year from today)my hcg made it to 250 then went up and down for a month they think i lost twins but it seems ironic i am o today and tried like hell to get preg and one year ago i was in delivery room with sis helping her have her baby while i was beginning to loose mine the next m/c occured in feb i was only 14 dpo and hcg was 24 prog 50 so i thought i had a chance but within 1 week hcg was 0 my sis told me she was preg again 1 month later her baby is due same time mine would have been lol nov 11 the 3rd happened the same way i lost it on fathers day that was a blow to dh i understand about your dh family mine doesnt have any gr kids and his 2 sisters have no plans of having any due to diff health problems so that just leaves him i will pray for you i hope all goes well with your ivf this month


Windy - September 29

My test was a postitive!!!
Good luck!!!! Keep me posted.


keisha - September 29

oh windy that is wonderful please keep me posted did you have your beta yet let me know how your numbers are doing and again good luck


mjforney - October 7

Congratulations Wendy! I go in for my beta Wednesday and am soooo nervous!!! Did you do a hpt before your beta?



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