The agony of the 2WW
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liz - July 26

Stac -

I am so sorry to hear about your bfn. I know the disappointment is still there.

I admire your strength to let things up to God. He truly does have a plan for all of us. I pray that you and your husband will find peace and comfort and someday be pleased with a beautiful buddle of joy. None of us has the answers and yet we try so hard to find them. I often wonder if mabye we but too much thought and energy into trying to find the problems when we should just stop and allow it to happen if it is meant to be.

Take care of yourselves.



Shdy Grove 2 - July 26


I was disappointed to read your positing, but think you have a great outlook. What you said is really true. My DH and I felt the same with this IVF, we give it our best shot and it's out of our hands. Really, life has a way of taking us on the right direction even though we can't see around the bend. We were on the fence with having children and were perfectly happy with our little buddy - our cat- just the three of us and great friends, family and doing our thing. You held out for a great husband, and wasn't he worth the wait? You should have no regrets and that's a strong feeling. Thank you for sharing your experience and I hope you've taken comfort in the comments of those around you. I wish you so much happiness in your life together and much fulfillment.



Fortyfour - July 27

Stac - sorry to hear about your af coming. It sounds like you had a chemical pregancy though with hcg over 5. Hmmm.

I also test on Monday the 31st and had my first I cant wait anymore breakdown today. I always feel like I am getting my period pg or not. The only difference I felt this weekend was the tingling cramping I had inside. Oh lord, let the time fly.

Baby dust to all.


Fortyfour - August 1

Were is everyone? My test was positive with a HCG of 44. I will be more comfortable on Wedsn when we see if it has doubled. Take care all and baby dust to all.


Mel1975 - August 1

congrats, to you. I found out I was pregnant today after a m/c last month. I am praying for asuccessful pregnacy and a healthly baby..


Fortyfour - August 1

Congrats on your positive test Mel 975


liz - August 1

FortyFour -

Congratulations to you.

Good luck on Wed. with you second test. I am sure you will be just fine and it will help ease your mind.



Megz - August 25

Today is my first day of the two week wait. Any suggestions on how not to lose my mind during it?



CPape - December 28

[quote author=Shelly link=board=15;threadid=2481;start=0#20423 date=1150126254]
Hey Catherine,

Good for you for getting out of town and taking
much needed R&R for you and DH. I'm with you
we will some how and some way have a dear
new child but we just have to stay positive. Good
call not going to you Mom's house if you would
get any negative. We just dont need that crap.
We are all going thru enough without added stress.
You just keep doing what keeps you sane and on
coarse for getting pg. The people that love us
will have deal with it and be patient with us. That
is a part of being a family. Gotta go for now but
keep me update to and let me know how the
trip went !

Shelly ;D

HEY SHELLY! Do you remember me? I fell off the message board after my bfn in June. We went to Sedona and relaxed, got another bfn in August and ended up seeing an oncologist for many appointments for a bad pap. I will have to continue seeing him every three months forever. BUT, the good (great) news is we're pregnant!! We had a frozen transfer on the 15th and we had a positive beta yesterday. It was 888. It's been a long 3 years! And, finally a positive. I have thought of you often and am hopeful you have moved forward in the process. And, things in North Carolina are going well. If you get this, check in with me! I hope all is well! Email me and let me know how you are doing. ~Catherine



vidia1103 - January 13

Hey everyone well the date of my next AF is just around the corner.This coming wednesday. I am so nervous. It will be hard for me to see another bfn, but in the mean time my days are going by so slowly! Al day long I am thinking: " What if I am pregnant? How soon should I test? What if IM not? " LOL alll day even while I am working. DOes anyone have any suggestions how I can keep this off my mind! It will only make it so much worse if I do get a BFN!

Baby dust to all. You are in my prayers


butterflywishes1 - January 14

Hi ladies ...

I usually post on the Ovulex forum since I will begin ovulex if I get a bfn this cycle... The 2ww has put a strain on me, as usual, but I am trying to keep my mind busy with work and a supplementary chemistry class I am taking right now.

Well I noticed alot of creamy/lotiony cm today. Not sure if this is a good sign b/c I am still in the luteal phase (9 dpo) One section of the book "taking charge of your fertility" states creamy cm can be a sign of pregnancy (occuring late in the luteal phase and continuing throughout pregnancy), while another section states wet or ewcm is normal 1-2 days before af. I expect af on Friday (if indeed my luteal phase is exactly 14 days). Good news is that my temps cont. to be above my coverline, so I don't think af will occur within the next 2 days...

I am noticing some intermediate pelvic pain/cramping today as well as swollen/sore bb. So, I don't know what to think... Has anyone noticed such symptoms and received a bfp? I def. don't want to get my hopes up.

Typical thoughts that come to us all during the latter part of the 2ww! (lol) I will keep ya'll posted! Thanks for your input.

Much love and babydust!
~ Butterfly

PS. Megz ~ what I try to do is keep myself as active as possible. I am an icu nurse so work keeps me so busy that I don't have time to think about it! In my spare time, I am taking an extra chemistry class and I try to exercise, too. Keep positive and keep the faith!!! <hugs>


trababy - March 10

Had my 3rd iui and it doesn't look very promising. I have NO symptoms at all. I usually get crampy after which would build hope in me but... Has anyone had an iui with no symptoms and become prenant?


amyjoy - March 23

trababy- looks like we are on about the same cycle. I had my IUI 9 days ago and I don't have ANY symptoms-nothing. All I can do is wait...



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