The agony of the 2WW
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md - July 13

Hi MSL and Shady
How are you ? I had my ultraound las tuesday. I saw two sacs. but one sac is very small as compare to ohter sac. So i am not sure whether i will have twins or singleton. Next week i have appointment for ultrasound to check it out.
Everyday i am getting tired. After work, I am taking full rest. MY husband is taking care of house and food. I have to take progesteron 2 more weeks. Dr said once i will doine with my progesteron i will be ok little bit. Doctor told me that i need full rest upto we heard the heartbits.
Rest is fine
Take care


Shdy Grove 2 - July 13

Shady Grove, MSL and MD

I am so happy for you all!!! What great news to hear. It is comforting and encouraging to see all your work has resulted in what you hoped for. I wish you all so much happiness and a quick three months of unpleasantness. Gosh, what us women have to go through. Ginger ale and plain crackers do wonders. I hear there are ginger lollypops for this too.

I'm doing the BW next week. Well see....


catomateach - July 15

Hey I'm new to this. I have been TTC for 2 1/2 years. I do have a 5 year old. I just got off clomid from eight months. I went one month and then went to a specialist. This month I did my first IUI on a natural cycle on July 4th. I'm in the 2ww. I have had some cramping these past 2ww. I had one egg. My question is does cramping mean something good? I usally have cramps, but not this early. They seem a little different. my BB aresore around the outside and have been for almost the whole two weeks. Also been having lower back pain. talk to Nurse yesterday, said not to test until After Monday. I think I will wait until Thursday!!! Hoping for a BFP!!!! Hoping this is the month for me. Any help would be great!!
MC in 2000
Baylee born 2001
TTT for 2 1/2 years


CPape - July 18

[quote]Hi Shelley,

Long time! How did the cycle go??? I sent many a positive sticky thought to NC for you!! I hope it was positive!

We are on hold. I went in for my b/w and u/s for a baseline after the 19 days of prometrium and my fsh was high and we got cancelled. So, my ivf nurse put my on bcp's for two weeks and I go in on monday the 24th for a new baseline blood draw and u/s. I am hoping we can start stimming then. Last week was really disappointing, but I have this week to wait and see what they say on Monday, hopefully, we can start.

I think of you a lot and am so hoping you receive good news soon!!!!! Positive thoughts and prayers to you!


Hey there Catherine,
So very good to hear from you. I've thought of
you often ! Wow your trip sounds excellent!
You sound good ! I think that is just what you
needed ;D I would love to visit AZ one of these
days. I just got back from Holden Beach NC and
I was a lazy ole dawg ! loved every minute of it
too ;) . I am doing the IUI thing on this cycle
with the gonal-F injections. This is my first go
round with injections so wish me luck. If my
prayers are not answered on this go round I will
have to really consider the IVF. I'm not getting
any young and that ole clock is just ticking louder
and louder. What about you ?? Going for the IVF
again this cycle? Or just going to take a little break?
Please let me know what your doing and keep me
advised on everything. I wil be praying hard and
here is to truck loads of baby dust going your way 8)



SHELLY - July 18

Howdy doo Catherine,

Sounds like you and I both being pulled back by
our pigs tails...

I didnt get to do anything this month as I gave my
DH one simple task which was to get the insurance
coverage clearance and order the meds. Well...
just so happen day 3 hit me on July 4th and he had
not done his job and the gonal-F was $579.00 for
a 900 pen. I was going to need more that 1 pen
sooo I cried with frustration, cried with disappointment
and just cried. The reason this was such a BIG deal
was because I had used June as my vacation month
and Aug is my 15 year wedding anniv so I am going
to the outer banks for a week soooo JULY was it
sister. On the bright side I do believe that everything
happens for a reason and GOD is still and always will
be Awesome and in control. I think DH learn a lil
bit during all of this ordeal he he he ....

YOU.... so now does this mean that the whole this
whole cycle is blown ??? OR if the numbers
come back better ...can you proceed?? Hope I dont
sound dingy but I havent gone thru this yet..
Let me know. I'll continue praying for you and your
DH. I havent forgotten about my TTC ladies...
Just havent had much exciting to report.
(thanks to my DH.... he he he .. just kidding ;D)

God Bless and keep you healthy and productive!


CPape - July 18

Hi there!! Good to hear from you. I am sorry about the mess up with the meds and the pen, timing is everything! If I had a pen or some gonal-f I would send it to you. I am on the follistem pen, though. The meds are sooooo expensive! Hopefully, august will prove to be a relaxing and wonderful time and September will bring good things!

As for me, I am hoping the if the levels are back down then we can just start the shots......not totally sure though, that is my impression. We shall see!!!!!

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!! Catherine


SHELLY - July 18

You are so very sweet Catherine :)
It is cool how we (ttc friends) have so much
compassion for one another.

DH has got the meds called in and all we have
to wait for now is AF in Sept. We are very blessed
as we have learned that the gonal-f will be a
co-pay for us. GOD IS SO GOOD!
Doing nothing over the past couple of months has
been so hard. I guess it is all part of the journey

You hang in there and keep the Faith!

Bunches and bunches of Baby dust to you 8)



CPape - July 18

Hey Woman! YES, he is good! He does the little things that make pushing forward easier! Like having you all prepared with meds (that were affordable!) for Sept.!!!

Happy to have found a great friend like you!

I just heard back from my ivf nurse and she said that if the level has gone down by monday we will go off the pill and start the stim process four days later!!! THAT is promising!

Keep in touch and enjoy your August!



shady grove - July 20

Dear All,

Thanks for your good wishes. I'm still suffering from terrible nausea. I've thrown up 6 times since this morning (and it's only noon) now. This is my busiest period at work. I haven't told anyone in the office - so when the urge comes, I have to run to the bathroom at the furthest end of the office. It would be comical if it wasn't so painful. The doctor has prescribed a new medicine - Zofran. Let's see if it helps. I also have terrible headaches and am completely out of it in the evenings. The last time I ate a proper meal was almost a month ago. I'm hungry all the time, but when I smell food, any food, it makes me sick. I keep telling myself - it's worth all the pain. I know it is, but I am suffering like hell. Hope MSL and MD are doing better than me. My last appointment with my IVF clinic is next week, and if all goes well, I will graduate to an OB. Please pray for me.


shady grove - July 20


Good luck! Keep us in the loop.


Apple - July 21

I went through my 2nd IUI cycle 5 days back....Now I'm just waiting. Though, I keep telling myself I won't think about the just doesn't happen.
I must say, I do feel a lot more relaxed (during the wait period) as compared to my 1st IUI.
I'm sure god has something wonderful planned for all of us.


jennifern - July 21

Good luck Apple- I have my fingers crossed for you!!!!


dms2scan - July 22

This is the first time I have posted to this site and I want to congratulate everyone who is positive and baby dust to everyone ttc. I had my first transfer yesterday a cell 7 and a cell 9 that was starting to compact. I am so nervous and want to know now. None of my other 7 embryos survived for freezing. so that is a sad thing to me. So hopefully i will have 1st time success. good luck


Apple - July 22

Thank you jennifern, for your wishes.

Hope all's well with you.
Take care


Stac - July 24

I am new to this message board. I just finished the IVF with implanting 3 embroys on 7/14 - and find out on 7/27 if it worked. Can anyone tell me if it's normal to have any pregnancy symptoms before you find out? I've had fatigue ranging from severe to average, breast tenderness/enlarging, go to the bathroom all the time. I have had no spotting at all. I'm taking a progrestrone suppostetory (premetrium) 3x a day. My husband and I are going crazy wondering if this worked or not because we don't know what to expect as far as symptoms. AF is supposed to start tomorrow - but will it since I'm on the progestrone? I don't know enough to know how all this works.
Congrats to all of you who had successful treatments!


liz - July 24

Hi Stac,

I have never had ivf, but I will share with you my experiences with prog supp. I have been on them and what I notice is the side effects often mimic some early preg symptoms. I get very sore bb's and often spasms down low. However, these symptoms are also preg symptoms so it could go either way for you. I am crossing my fingers it is the preg and not side effects, as I am sure you as well.

As far as the prog delaying your af arrival.. I was told that it could possibly delay, so the first month they did a beta test 2 days before af's arrival, the test was neg so I went off of the prog. and af arrived right on schedule. This past round I was unable to go for a beta test until the day after af was scheduled to arrive. Af arrived right on schedule and I was still on the prog. So, again it can go either way.

I don't know if I have been any help, but I thought I would give you my experiences.

Best of luck to you, take care, I understand all to well how rough this wait really is.




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