The agony of the 2WW
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shady grove - June 24


I'm thrilled for you! Congrats!!!



md - June 25

I am very glad for you.


CPape - June 27

Hi Shelly,

How have you been? Anything new ? Did you decide to do the ivf? My husband and I went to Sedona. We hiked in 100 degree heat and went mountain climbing. We visited these Vortexes that are supposedly healing vortexes. It was a wonderful experience and the perfect time to go. I hope you are doing well and are going to give the ivf a try. We are beginning the "prep" phase of the ivf. 19 days of prometrium then on to the shots. The good thing, I'm off for the summer and this cycle is the only thing I have to schedule. I hope you're well!! Thanks again for your messages, they were comforting when I needed them.

To the girls in the 2ww.......BEST of luck and TONS of baby dust to you! Have you found out yet? I didn't look at the dates, I haven't logged on in a while. My sticky thoughts are with you!!!



shady grove - June 28

Well... what do you know... I'm pregnant too.


SHELLY - June 28

Needed this great news today !!!
This is what keeps me going !!!

Hey there Catherine,
So very good to hear from you. I've thought of
you often ! Wow your trip sounds excellent!
You sound good ! I think that is just what you
needed ;D I would love to visit AZ one of these
days. I just got back from Holden Beach NC and
I was a lazy ole dawg ! loved every minute of it
too ;) . I am doing the IUI thing on this cycle
with the gonal-F injections. This is my first go
round with injections so wish me luck. If my
prayers are not answered on this go round I will
have to really consider the IVF. I'm not getting
any young and that ole clock is just ticking louder
and louder. What about you ?? Going for the IVF
again this cycle? Or just going to take a little break?
Please let me know what your doing and keep me
advised on everything. I wil be praying hard and
here is to truck loads of baby dust going your way 8)



md - June 28

Hi Shady Grove


shady grove - June 29

Thanks, both of you! I go for my next HCG test tomorrow, and then again on Monday. Praying hard. My level was at 479 yesterday. I wish you all the luck, and hope and pray that you have good news too.

Arent you testing today?


md - June 30

Hi MSL , Shady
I am pregnant too!!
My next bloodwork is on tuesday.


MSL - June 30

:) ;) :D ;D 8)
Congrats to everyone who found out they were pregnant.

Throwing baby dust to all who are waiting for the results.

take care


md - July 1

Take care


shady grove - July 1

Congratulations! So happy for you. What are your hcg levels?


md - July 5

Hi shady
How are you? First time my blood level was 600 or 900 . I don't remember. I was so excited and shocked when nurse told me about +ve . SO i didn't listen blood level properly. But second time on tuesday july 4th it was
take care


MSL - July 11

Today we found out that we are having twins!!

Hope everyone is doing well!!



shady grove - July 12

Today I saw the baby's heartbeat. 6w3 days. Its a singleton. I wanted twins very much, but my husband wanted a singleton, so he has his wish. I am grateful for what I have. Heartbeat was at 116. Have another sonogram scheduled in 2 weeks. I feel pretty awful though. I'm very nauseaus and feel very light headed and dizzy all the time. Having a really hard time at work. By the time I get home in the evening, I just crash into bed. My poor husband! Hope you two are faring better. Take care.


shady grove - July 12

Double congrats to you!


md - July 13

Hi MSL and Shady
How are you ? I had my ultraound las tuesday. I saw two sacs. but one sac is very small as compare to ohter sac. So i am not sure whether i will have twins or singleton. Next week i have appointment for ultrasound to check it out.
Everyday i am getting tired. After work, I am taking full rest. MY husband is taking care of house and food. I have to take progesteron 2 more weeks. Dr said once i will doine with my progesteron i will be ok little bit. Doctor told me that i need full rest upto we heard the heartbits.
Rest is fine
Take care



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