The agony of the 2WW
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CPape - June 5

Hi Everyone! I am new to the message board thing. We have been ttc for two years now and have just competed our first ivf cycle. I am in the terrible 2ww. I have to wait until Friday the 9th for the blood draw. I want to do a hpt so badly but I don't want to see a negative AGAIN. I am feeling crampy, my bb's are ENORMOUS and they do all this jiggling when I walk. It's awful. I am wondering if anyone has done ivf and had positive results with 7 cell grade 1? I had three embies transferred two of which were 7 cell grade 1. I feel terrible and don't know how I will make it until Friday. I was also sending good thoughts to the lady who had her test today (the 5th). I hope the first try was the one that stuck!


SHELLY - June 5

Hi CPape,

Wow your 1st IVF. You must be sooo excited....
and freaked out and nervous. These treatment
spark so many different emotions. I have only
had 2 IUI both of which have resulted in BFN.
I have read up on IVF and just wanted to ask
you is it a rough as it sounds? I want to go
for it but I am just unsure. I hope and pray
that this will be it for you..... hang in there
and I'll pray for a BFP for you !!!!

Shelly :)


CPape - June 5

Hi Shelley

First, thank you for your positive prayers, I'll take all I can get. I did 4 iui's before moving to ivf. I was very excited but mostly nervous to start ivf. I didn't know what to expect and I could just explode waiting for the beta on Friday. I wouldn't say it's a horrible process, just time consuming. There are a lot more visits to the office for u/s and blood draws and then the bed rest after the retrieval, so plan on early appointments or some half days at work. I was really nervous to start ivf. BUT, it was a good experience. The meds were increased quite a bit from the iui's and there is a lot to remember as far as dates of when to start certain meds and for how long. But, the nurses are great. They call with reminders and don't mind emails or questions. I say go for it if that's the next step you need to take. It's definitely a journey, but a journey that everyone says will be worth it. My fingers are crossed for you and my prayers and baby dust are coming your way! When you start the ivf process, please email me and ask me anything, I'll be happy to help if I can. Thanks again for your positive message.


SHELLY - June 6

Thanks Cpape!

This is great information. I needed to hear that
IVF was not some kind of torture treatment. I
am going to pray about it for sure. DH and I
are discussing Intl Adoption and IVF right now.
Deeeeeep stuff ;)

Let me know how the IVF works. tons of baby
dust being sent your way !!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day


CPape - June 7

Hi Shelly,

Well, I am beginning the freak out stage of the 2ww. I had my last day of school yesterday and a group of us went up to Lake Geneva, WI to celebrate summer. Yesterday morning I started spotting and lost my mind. I cried and tried to figure out a way to get out of going to Lake Geneva all the way to work. (They wouldn't let me not go, so I went). I spotted all day, but only when I wiped and I cried every time I wiped. Today it's the same, spotting but with less crying. My blood test is Friday, and I am already spotting and awaiting AF. I'm miserable. Anyone spot before the test and it still turn out positive?
I hope your discussion has lead you in a direction you and DH are at peace with. IVF is a great thing and I hope you give it a go. We will try our remaining ivf's that are covered by insurance then discuss adoption. My husband is adopted and if he wasn't adopted I wouldn't have him, so adoption is a wonderful thing. (He is a wonderful man, so I know it's a great thing!!) I have thought about you a lot since you wrote me back, and I have sent you prayers and positive thoughts hoping you are doing well. Thanks for writing me.



SHELLY - June 7

Well Hey there CPape,

Sometimes you just gotta hate AF. I have cried
many times when AF came to visit and I was just
sure I was pg. I can remember one time I was having
terrible hot flashes and nausea and I thought this
is it.. only to come home from church that same
day and see pink when I went to the bathroom.
I was mad at myself for believing it had finally
happened. For allowing myself to get my hopes
up..... I know very well what you are feeling
Catherine. ON A BRIGHT note I did see some where
on this forum where the doctor said it was normal
to spot when first pg for some women. Keep me
up to date. I will continue to pray pray pray that
you are BFP !

It is very interesting that your DH is adopted.
If I end up going that route I may have to ask
more questions about the whole thing. You
sound very much in love with your DH and that
is a true blessing ;)

Dont forget to keep me up on your process...



CPape - June 11

Hi Shelly,

Thanks for your prayers and positive thoughts. I am so appreciative for them. Our test this time was negative. We were pretty dissssaaaapppppointed. It's been a crummy weekend. We are celebrating our third year anniversary on Wednesday. We were supposed to go to South Carolina to see family, but the last time we saw my family my mother was irritable and told me that she had a 5 year old and an 8 year old by the time she was my changed our tickets and are now going to Sedona. We're going to stay a night in Phoenix and see a Diamondback game, then on to Sedona for the weekend. Just the two of us. Hopefully, we will come back rejuvenated and ready to take on another ivf cycle. I feel badly sharing a negative with you after I said ivf was worth it. In the end, when we get our children (AND, we will!) it will all be worth it. I hope your discussions are going well and you are doing well. Thanks again! Catherine


SHELLY - June 12

Hey Catherine,

Good for you for getting out of town and taking
much needed R&R for you and DH. I'm with you
we will some how and some way have a dear
new child but we just have to stay positive. Good
call not going to you Mom's house if you would
get any negative. We just dont need that crap.
We are all going thru enough without added stress.
You just keep doing what keeps you sane and on
coarse for getting pg. The people that love us
will have deal with it and be patient with us. That
is a part of being a family. Gotta go for now but
keep me update to and let me know how the
trip went !

Shelly ;D


MSL - June 17

I'm new to the site and looking for support from you ladies who are going through the same treatment.

I had my IVF treatment Tuesday 13th - I will take the blood test Thursday 22nd. :o I have symptoms of my period is going to start any minute since Thursday 15th. And my BBs are sore. I have a burning sensation when I use the restroom. Before this IVF treatment - I attempted 5 IUI's.

Wishing luck and support from anyone out there.

Thank you :)


shady grove - June 18

I had 2 8-cell (grade 1) and 1 7-cell (grade 1) embryos transferred on June 14. One of the 8-cell embryos has 5% fragmentation, but the embryologist said it was still a grade 1 embryo. Am waiting now for my pregnancy test on 28 June. The wait is killing me. I keep going to the bathroom to check if anything untoward is happening. Last night, I thought I saw something, and cried buckets. I feel a kind of wetness all the time, and run to check in the bathroom. My breasts are sore, but its probably because of the progesterone which also gives me palpitations --- my experience from 4 previous failed cycles. Please, is anyone else feeling the same kind of wetness?


MSL - June 18

Shady Grove,
Oh my gosh, I have the exact same symptoms. I'm due for my PG test on Thursday 22nd. Four more days. I have wetness - I had a little brown spotting this morning but ever since that it has gone away. My BBS are sore once in a while. And I get cramps every so often since the 14th.
I had 2 Eight Cell Grade 0 & 1 transfered. Previously had 5 IUI's - This was our first attempt at IVF. Very expensive since we pay out of pocket.
Keep in touch so we can compare symptoms. I'm so glad someone else is feeling the exact same way I am!!



md - June 19

Hi Shady & MSL
I had 3 embryo transfer on 15th june. two 8 cell and one 6 cell. I am very tired all the time. Sometimes having pain on right and left side,sore boobs I heard that if you see the brown spot. It could be a good sign. Because when embroyo get attached into uterus they shed little blood. I have pg test on 30 june.
i don't feel anything ecept these above symptoms
keep in touch ur conditions
good luck


MSL - June 20

Baby Dust your way and my way!! ;)



shady grove - June 23

Hi MSL and md,
How is it going? I felt very tired on days 7 & 8 (day 0 being retrieval day on June 11), breasts were very tender; had to stay in bed most of day 7 (sunday). In fact, the right side of my stomach hurt so much that I had to sleep with a pillow under my belly on the Satuday and Sunday. It felt as though something was gnawing in there. I was also totally bloated. But then, Monday evening (day 8) it all went away. I just don't know what to think. Then yesterday (day 12) I was very tired again. I refuse to allow myself to think these are symptoms, either positive or negative. I test on 28 June. Worried sick. By the way, my RN said that the wetness was due to some progesterone and estrogen leaking out and I shdnt worry about it. How are you girls?


shady grove - June 23


Hope it went well for you on Thursday.



MSL - June 23

Still in shock but doing well.

I'm sending baby dust to all of you!!



shady grove - June 24


I'm thrilled for you! Congrats!!!




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