The 2 week wait symptoms
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bdantonio - November 16

Amy i wish you the best of luck


RobAmy - November 16

Thanks BD you too!


Brianandjena - November 16

Hey Amy, Good luck!!
I wish you all the baby dust in the world.


Brianandjena - November 16

Day dreamer,
How are you feeling? I am praying for you.


Brianandjena - November 16

Thank you I needed to hear that. That provided a little hope. Thank you for always taking time to write.
I will test in the morning on the 19th and not any sooner. I actually have no urge to test now..*sad*
I really am trying to stay possitive. I am 34 and have never been pregnant.


Brianandjena - November 16


Did your iui work the first time? If u dont mind can you share with me your story.


Brianandjena - November 17

Hey all,
Its 11:43 am I am Just checkin in to say I am trying to stay positive. I pray to God that it works!II only have 2 more morning then I will know... *nervous* How is everyone doing?


JENNY22074 - November 17

Jena - how are you feeling?...You are very welcome for the last post of mine...I love writing on here, I feel as though some of my experiences are able to be of help to some...We just finished painting the letters in Gabriel's name for his nursery...We also painted some shelves for the accent walls in his nursery...I am sure you will be doing the same come next year....I pray that this is the end of your journey from infertility.

To all I can't believe that I am 1/2 way through my pregnancy...His little kicks are getting a little stronger now and more noticeable and able to kep me awake sometimes...LOL!!!!...I hope everyone else is doing well and staying strong and positive...

Talk to you all later.


isabelle - November 18

I am new to the IVF world...I did 6 IUI (unsuccessful) and on nov 10th I have 5 great looking eggs harvested and all 5 grew out to 5 day blastocysts. Which my Dr. says is kinda unusually. So on Nov 16th (at the 130 hour mark) I had 2 eggs implanted. I won't know till around the 27th if I have a pea in my pod.

I really just wanted to say reading everyones posts has made this last week much more bearably.



JENNY22074 - November 18

Isabelle = let me just say welcome to your final 1/2 of your 2 week wait...We are here to help you through your weirdest of times and pray that you will also end your infertility journey with a BFP...Wishing you much babydust...Talk to you later.


Brianandjena - November 18

Isabelle, When u did ur iui's what were ur symptoms...?


Brianandjena - November 18

I would love to see the finished project. I bet it looks great!
I am so happy for you. U r going to make a wonderful mommy.
I am so nervous hints: its 12:5
Ps. I have a major migraine and I cant take anything. If I am not preg I am going to line up the meds that I havent been allowed to take and take them all before i start my cycle!!!!!!!!!!!!


JENNY22074 - November 18

I know it may be a lost cause but have you tried Tylenol for your migraine...I always used motrin before I got pregnant because Tylenol never worked for me for any type of headache...However between either the fertility drugs and or the pregnancy itsself, Tylenol has a different effect on my lately...It may be worth a try....Less then 24 hours for you here on my Eastern shore clock....Wihsing you much babydust and praying for a BFP!!!!...Stay positive and send positive vibes to the baby home!!!!


meg25 - November 18

Hi there...Im totally new to this. DH and I just had 1st round of ivf after almost a year of trying other fertility treatments...2 cycles of clomid, 3 cycles of follistim, 6 IUI, plusy loads of acupuncture since July of this past year. I was TERRIFIED of IVF, esp when the dr said that we had unexplained infertility...I kept asking about DH's sperm, to which he replied, was "normal". I knew in my heart of hearts that the problem was w/ him as he is 48 and I, 32. Anyway, with all of the testing with the IVF, we discovered a morphology/motility problem. I MADE DH start acupuncture treatments for 2x a week prior to my retrieval. Wouyldn't you know it, we didn't need ICSI after all? Im convinced it was b/c of the acupuncture!
Anyway, we retrieved 10 eggs, of which 7 fertilized. They froze 3, and watched 4. Only three made is to transfer. 2 were grade B (6-8 cells) and the other was grade C, with only 4 cells. They also performed assisted hatching...
Anyway, I have been a miserable cow since Thursday, as I REALLY feel like AF is on her way. I have that same weird PMS cramy sensation in the uteral area, and my right ovary is kind of crampy. My lower back has been a bit sore, but I work on my feet, so that could be it. Also, have been a bit out of breath, and have had the oddest nightmares all this week. My test is the day before Thanksgiving ( 3 more days), and I am soooo nervous, that I almost don't want to have it done. My DH is the absolute BEST on the planet, and if anything positive has come out of this year, it is that our love for one another has deepened to a level I was not aware was possible. Oh, I also have this weird taste in my mouth and occasional heartburn.
Has anybody had similar symptoms?


bdantonio - November 18

Brianandjena: I have done fertility off and on for five years. I had 3 m/c's then my daughter came. I had 2 m/cs after my daughter and now i am 27 weeks pregnate. I lost all my children anywhere from 6-14 weeks pregnate. I got pregnate the first time on iui. My dh has no problmes and i am unexplained infertility and unexplained m/c's. I have seen two different fertility dr and no one has ever found any reason. I went to one in Philly and one in delaware. This will be my last pregnancy it has been very hard on me i am a scheduled c-section on 2-13-08, and i am getting my tubes tired at the same time.

Meg. Is the taste like metal and no matter how much you brush it doesnt go away. I have that. Its a side effect of acis indegestions which i only get when im pregnate. Also in the beggining of my pregnacies i alwasy feel like i have pms it can be the hormones of the pregnacy especially with us since they pump us up with more hormones on top of what you produce when your pregnate.


Brianandjena - November 18

thank you for sharing ur story with me. That taste sounds



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