The 2 week wait symptoms
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Brianandjena - November 13

Thank you again for all of your support. I needed to read that. SA you can see what time it is. 3:30 am I am up cant sleep breast are tender. So i thought I would check to see if u wrote to ,e. And I am so happy to see that you have with great information. I will stay possitive. I have had some dull cramping again today. Bad headache testerday. I really hope that is correct . I would love to think its the begining and not have to go through this again. (NOt that I wouldnt ) but wow. what a challenge. *HUG* take care.


JENNY22074 - November 14

Jena - you are so welcome...I just like believing that I am helping someone out there who is in need...Hang in there honey you will be okay...Have you thought about doing a HPT?...Just to let you know most of us cave and we do POAS!!!!...You would only be human if you did...By the way I caved 5 days before my beta and it said BFN....5 days later my first beta count was 336 and the results were BFP!!!...So even if you cave don't lose hope because you are still considered pregnant until the lab/doctor says you are not!!!...Hope all is well....I will talk to you later...You sypmtoms sound pretty darn good to me!!!


Brianandjena - November 14

Hi*HUG* about the hpt I REALLY want to. BUt I know I wont believe it until the day im "suppose " to take it. so I am just playing with my emothions by doing it. But I really want to..!!!!
Im glad you are keeping in contact with me. I wish I knoew if there was anyone else going through this at the same time as me... I do enjoy hearing from you. I only have about 6 more day s left.


Daydrmer07 - November 14

Hi Jena,
I am going in for my Beta on 11/21. I had my 1st IVF transfer on 11/12. My dr. normally does 10 day Beta's but since it falls on Thanksgiving he's bringing me in a day I am here with ya girl! Just think positive thoughts and rest, rest, rest your body. :)



lmr69 - November 15

Hey Jenna, I am towards the end of the 2ww but I caved today on day 11 and POAS and it was a faint line, but a line is a line. My RE said to try and not cave before day 10 so the HCG is built up in your system. I had sore breasts for the first 7 days or so, now they aren't sore, not sure if I am used to the PIO now or what.
Hang in there, I know that waiting stinks, if you cave, thats fine....

Hey, Jenny: Hope all is going well. I go for my beta on Sat, POAS and got a faint line today, staying hopeful on that. I may try to talk my RE into testing me tomorrow. He is pretty nice, and if I get a positive POAS tomorrow morning I am going to call him...
I'll keep ya posted...


Brianandjena - November 15

Daydrmer, HIJA! I am praying for you. OMG! Thank you I am so wanting to go by a test I want to go to the store right now. Thats why I thought I would log in to get support.. *Smiles* I will keep checkin on you. Stay positive.


Brianandjena - November 15


A faint line!! wow!!! awesome. Crossing fingers!
PIO??( im new) lol
um.. I wonder if I do my HPT tomorrow if it will tell me or not. I will be optomistic either
WOw this is so hard to do (this waiting)
I pray to God it worked.
Did you have iui?
*HUG* I am praying for you.!


bdantonio - November 15

A line is a line i always did the clear blue easy minus and plus sign and mine were always faint but a faint positive is a positive.


Brianandjena - November 15

Did you do iui? or ?


lucky - November 15

hie what is a humidifier?

take care


JENNY22074 - November 15

Lisa and Jena - hope all is going well...

Jena - sounds like you may have been able to sleep through the night....I did not see an early morning post from you...LOL!!!..Not too much longer now...I am still here keeping fingers, toes and the dogs have their paws crossed too for a BFP...

LIsa - omg...only 2 nerve rackign has it been for you?...Just so you know in case you did not see other posts...Disappearing symptoms are very common so all sounds good for you also....The more on the shared journey to motherhood the better....Stay positive...

Talk to you all later...


Brianandjena - November 16

Lisa, Jenny, Lucky...
It's 10:12 pm Thursday the 15th. 4 days to go.
Well I caved and took the HPT I am waiting for the results.
Let me go look. brb
*sad* it says neg. I am now wishing I wouldnt have done it. Because now I am wondering if it is accurate or if I tested to early and there isnt enough of the hormone built up... I knoew I was going to do this.. Dang I am so upset for giving in... LoL> there is no pleasing *HUG* to everyone.
stay possitive Lisa! I am praying for us.


JENNY22074 - November 16

Jena - I tested in the afternoon 5 days before my beta and it said BFN....5 days later I was a BFP with a starting beta of 336...Sometimes I think there is not enough HCG built up in the urine especially in the afternoon or evening...Please still try to stay postitive...I got bummed as well but things turned around 5 days later and everything has been great....Talk to you soon


bdantonio - November 16

i did iui i tested with the first morning urine though


RobAmy - November 16

Hi Guys! This is my first time his is my 3rd fresh cycle IVF. Transfer was 11/6 beta scheduled on 11/21. You would think I would be used to this waiting game by now....NOPE!!!!! I also am a paramedic and RN and have a lot of knowledge, but I am still nervous as a turkey on I feel different this time..had been cramping for a few days, has sudsided, boobs had really been tender, not so much any more, but feel slight twinges of queasiness throughout the day. You guys are great and very supportive. God bless and I'll keep my fingers crossed for all.



bdantonio - November 16

Amy i wish you the best of luck



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