The 2 week wait symptoms
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bdantonio - November 6

I had lite cramping afterward i just took tylenol. My re told me to not to take anything that i would not take during a pregnancy which means you are left with tylenol. I will pray that all goes well with you. I am 25 years old and have went through fertility off and on for 5 years. I am on pregnancy number 7. I have a daughter who will be 3 in january and am 25 weeks pregnate now. I also have unexplained fertility problems. They sont know why i cant concieve or i miscarry. Dh is fine though. Hope all works out and like i siad i will pray for you


hopefulHB - November 6

hey girls-
my name is Holly and I am on my first cylce of Clomid and hcg injection. I am now 6dpo and not having many symptoms. We have been ttc for 8 months and Im so ready to get preggers!
Im a little nervous that I dont have any symptoms during this 2ww. The only symptoms I have are a little bit bigger boobs that are midly sensitive, very mild cramping down low at points which is probably just a side effect of clomid, and last night I had these bad leg cramps like we used to get when we were kids and they were called growing pains(growing leg cramps).....not like a trolly horse kind of cramp.
Anyway, Im not sure if not having symptoms is a big deal.

what do you think.

lots of babydust... hb


bdantonio - November 7

i didnt have symptoms during 2ww


JENNY22074 - November 7

Hello Hb and Jena - I had mild cramping off and on after my 2nd IVF in July which left me BFP!!!! I did have mild cramping after my IUI's in 2003 so that is completely normal. During this last 2ww I had mild cramping that would last for a few days then go away for 1 or 2 then come back, frequent bathroom breaks, sore bbs, and an appetite of a 300lb man LOL!!!. I don't think my appetite was that huge but I did gain most of my weight so far from the 1st trimester. However, everyone is different. I POAS 5dp5dt and received a BFN. Went in for my Beta depressed 5 days after the POAS and received a call saying BFP with a starting number of 336. Now I am having a healthy baby boy. I did not get much more symptoms after the BFP for the rest of the 1st trimester. So it is hard to say however I have experienced though this forum that cramps seem to be a good sign even though I don't want to get anyone's hopes up. It just seems that if you read through other previous posts it just seems that way.


JENNY22074 - November 7

Jena and HB - Here is post section under the 2ww that you may want to look over 2 week wait - symptoms « 1 2 ... 59 60. It was started long before this one so it may have a lot more information on it that could be helpful to you during this time. If not it certainly is enough there to read and keep you occupd since there are 60 pages worth of posts. Best wishes and I wil be praying that you all join us in the next part of your journey that being BFP!!!!!!


Brianandjena - November 9

Hi everyone, The cramping has stopped for the most part. THis 2ww is killing me. I have a lot of breast tenderness. I know better than to get my hopes up. I am trying to read what everyone one else experienced through there Journey, BUt everyone is different.
I would love to know if there is anyone else going through iui and clomid etc.. maybe we can be there for eachother. Thank you to anyone that response to me. I so much appriciate it*HUG*


Brianandjena - November 10

Hey everyone. I know that I should not test. I am suppose to test on 19th but I so want to know!.lol.
I am feeling like i am on a rollercoaster. I am real moody today. Not sure if it is because of me feeling like I want to just know. or why... I am also very tired and crampy. Maybe tomorrow I will be better.


Brianandjena - November 10

Jenny thank you for the post I really appriciate it. I am up at 4:29 am just cant sleep . Although I am so tired. THis waiting game is hard,,,*HUG*


bdantonio - November 12

i tested 10 days after iui


Brianandjena - November 12

bd you did?
Congrats on ur preg. Did you also use clomid?
You know whats weird. my sister n law was talking to me and she goes you know how to tell if ur preg, Just take one of your breast and squeez the nipple and see if anything comes out. I was thinking that was the craziest thing I had ever hears for a couple reasons. 1 my breast are soOO tender and the other because its so early even if i am preg. So while I was in bed I tried it. And i didnt get milk but I did get a clear liquid.(not much though) weird huh.. oh well.. I am still waiting and it is killing me...


lucky - November 12

hie there what is humidifier????????????? never heard of it


bdantonio - November 12

you can get it at a pharmacy or department store it puts out humidfied air to help break up congestion


JENNY22074 - November 12

Jena - how are you feeling today?...Are you by any chance on any type of progesterone supplements?...You have one more week to go...Hang in there...We are here for you...What state to you live in?...I think all will be okay after all you are testing (I think) on the 19th which just happens to be my 13th wedding anniversary...It seems to have ben my lucky number in the beginning maybe it will bring you some luck as well...I know it is very hard to stay sane during this time but you will be okay...Talk to you soon.


Brianandjena - November 12

OMg Jenny, I When I read your post it felt like you were giving me a hug. Thank you. It means so much to me!.
I live in California (southern) and they gave me the HCG trigger shot. Adn yeah I have one more weeek. Wow.. This is a long wait.. Do u read what I wrote this morning. About the clear liquid coming out of my breast? I think its from the hcg shot though. I feel so pregnant. But im sure its the hcg that is making me feel this way. I was wanting to know whaen I stop feeling the shot and start feeling "real" feeling. Or if these are "real" lol.. I almost sound


JENNY22074 - November 12

No you are not crazy...Actually to maybe help you sleep through the night from what I have read on hear through all of this and what the doctor on the website has stated is that the HCG trigger shots only last in your body for 36 hours...This means that it should be out of your system by now...So actually what you may be feeling is your first signs of Pregnancy....Just try to relax and STAY POSITIVE as you have been so far...We will be praying that you too join us with a BFP on the 19th of this month...Trust me you are not going crazy this is just what happens when you play the fertility waiting game and every little thing could be a sign...We have all been there....I feel more like I am going crazy with all the forgetfullness that this baby boy is causing me...You too will get through this, TRUST ME!!!!...Talk to you soon.


Brianandjena - November 13

Thank you again for all of your support. I needed to read that. SA you can see what time it is. 3:30 am I am up cant sleep breast are tender. So i thought I would check to see if u wrote to ,e. And I am so happy to see that you have with great information. I will stay possitive. I have had some dull cramping again today. Bad headache testerday. I really hope that is correct . I would love to think its the begining and not have to go through this again. (NOt that I wouldnt ) but wow. what a challenge. *HUG* take care.



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