The 2 week wait symptoms
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Monicas40 - October 27

Thanks Michelle,

I live in San Diego. 2 embryos were transferred since I have a bicornuate uterus, they don't want to run the chance of would be risky for me since I have one side of the uterus that is larger than the other.

My hubby was quiet today, haven't really discussed what our next step will be....will keep you posted :)


mjforney - October 27


My Dr. is in San Francisco.... I LOVE him and in fact he was just promoted/recruited by UCSF (university of California San Francisco). He is awesome and UCSF has an incredible team. I have a girlfriend who went through them and got pg. She has only 1/2 a uterus and she had TWINS!

His stats are amazing and he does everything in the office, the nurses only go over shot process with you. He did all my ultrasounds, all my blood draws....EVERYTHING so I was with him at EVERY visit which I really like!

I am happy to give you his information. What part of Southern CA are you at?

Hang in there, it is normal for your dh to be quiet, I am sure he is sad for you and sad about the process.



JENNY22074 - October 27

Monica - I agree with Michelle 100%. If you don't feel like your RE is acting in your best interest then it is time to move on. I had a RE that had helped my mom get pregnant years ago and he was like our family OB/GYN. I still to this day don't feel he acted in my best interest during the 1st pregnancy and that the pregnancy could have been saved had he put me on progesterone knowing that I was low on progesterone all the time. I started looking for a new RE right after my D AND C in 2000. I did all the testing again just to make sure that nothing had been overlooked by the first one. What drew me to them was their saying of "The first thing we help you to conceive is hope". Well 6 years since I changed doctors and here I am. I am sure it took that long because of insurance changes over the years and then I had gastric bypass in 2005. So I had to wait at least 18 months before starting fertility again. My RE acted like I was their first ever patient and I was going to put them on the map. Wonderful bedside manner. I actually believed him when he wheeled me back into the recovery area after this transfer and he said "Kiddo, this is it for you!!!" I knew then I was going to be pregnant and then could not believe I was when I had BFP late in July. You have to feel a friendship like with your RE since he is giving you a gift that will last a lifetime!!!!! He is the one making your dream come true. Do some searching and make sure you check the statistics while you are searching. Best wishes and I will be praying for a BFP at the end of your journey.


noosa - October 28


I totally understand where you are coming from. I am currently undergoing the "two week" wait. And I must admit as always it is driving me crazy. Hoping, praying, the list goes on.

I am due for pt tomorrow. It was killing me so I have done a hpt today and yesterday and the day before that and they have all been positive. Yah. BUT I am bleeding. Stop start stop start light heavy brown, dark red, light, none is anyone able to help me? :-\ :)


mjforney - October 28


WOW the hpts sound reassuring! YEAH! WHat date was your transfer? How many did you put in? How are you feeling?

I am sending baby sust your way!!!

Good Luck and please stay on forum, there is great support here!



skylar19 - October 28

Dear Noosa,

Bledding is very normal especially when IVF has been used. If you received a BFP on an HPT then you are pregnant, and the doctor will address the bleeding. Hang in there try not to stress out too much!


skylar19 - October 28

Hi My name is Dawn, I live in Michigan. I have 3 healthy boys all conceived using IUI's (twins on the 4th IUI with fertility meds) and a single birth (using IUI and no med's). My youngest just turned six. So I decided to use IVF and my tww will be over tomorrow as I go in for my beta, but I have already used a HPT with a BFN, so I am very sad!!! I have heard where sometimes the HPPT will come back negative and the beta will come back positive, has anyone had any similar occurences with this? I really am certain that I am not as I feel like I am getting ready to start!!



Nix - October 29

Hi Dawn,
I was reading your post and it gives me a bit of hope that you actually got pregnant from an IUI - I am due to have my 4th IUI this week, all of the others have been unsuccessful, so fingers crossed that this one will work - otherwise I will have to start IVF. Did you get your Beta results yet??


mjforney - October 30

WOW Dawn, those are amazing IUI results! Good job! I had 8 that were unsuccessful while taking fertility drugs and the sperm counts were 60+ million!

You rock!!! :)



bdantonio - November 2

how is everyone no one has been around?


mjforney - November 2

Hi I'm here...just been real busy with work and Halloween events at my daughters school! :)


JENNY22074 - November 2

Michelle - what was Hannah for Halloween? How are you feeling? When is yoru next u/s? Talk to you soon since I see you are on.


mjforney - November 3

Hi Jenny:

Hannah was a Princes Witch... I should have her pics on my myspace soon... if I get the time! :)

Today was the 1st day that I feel nausea! I do not like it. I had no symptoms with Hannah so I think I was overly spoiled with her pregnancy! HA!

My next U/S is next Friday. I had one Tuesday with OB and all was well!

I did develop some cysts on my ovaries from all the fertility drugs (I called those fertility shots my coctails)... so she really looked at those and my ovaries are still very huge.... But the important things are the babies and they looked good!

COngrats again on the BOY... Your hubby must be excited. Yo found out early didn't you? I thought you couldn't tell gender until 20+ weeks....




JENNY22074 - November 3

A princess witch sounds adorable. I can't wait to see the pictures get posted. I have gotten spoiled with this pregnancy also with the lack of bad symptoms. Good to hear that all is well from your last u/s on Tuesday. Actually I am right around the time that most peopl find out the sex of their baby. Sometimes you can tell as early as 16 weeks. Some doctors do the u/s that I just had done between 18 and 20 weeks. At 20 weeks the baby is just bigger. Yes hubby is very happy that he is having a son. He said that it completes him. I am not sure though if his excitement outweighs my sister's excitement. She actually thanked William and I for making her dream come true and giving her a nephew. SHe has already been shopping and needless to say Gabriel already has a Chaps by Ralph Lauren outfit. I have no idea what that baby store was thinking by giving her a credit card. Grandma went out today and bought the crib set for her house since she is also watching my stepsister's daughter this weekend. But the crib set is definitely more masculine. We go to babies r us on Sunday to do our registry. I am so excited.


Brianandjena - November 6

Hi Everyone, I had my first IUI today (yesterday) 11/05/07 I am up (it's 2am) I have had some major cramping. I am in so much pain. I was trying to read if others experienced this or not. I have taken clomid 100 mg and Just completed the IUI, I guess i wait for 2 weeks now. *bitting my nails* I love that everyone responce to one onother on here. Oh a little about myself. I am 34 and my Husband is 34 as well. Both have no children. So crossing our fingers. They say I am unexplained and He has low morphofogy(I think i spelled that wrong) lol!
Has anyine else experienced this pain after IUI? And DId you take anything for it? I really am uncomfortable.


bdantonio - November 6

I had lite cramping afterward i just took tylenol. My re told me to not to take anything that i would not take during a pregnancy which means you are left with tylenol. I will pray that all goes well with you. I am 25 years old and have went through fertility off and on for 5 years. I am on pregnancy number 7. I have a daughter who will be 3 in january and am 25 weeks pregnate now. I also have unexplained fertility problems. They sont know why i cant concieve or i miscarry. Dh is fine though. Hope all works out and like i siad i will pray for you



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