The 2 week wait symptoms
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Meggemd - October 17

Hi Daniella -

It is nice to have someone else that is going through the same thing as I am - also we have the same beta date so good luck to you!!! Lets stay intouch with everything.

Thanks Meg


bdantonio - October 17

my progestrone was 19.6 at first they told me it had to be above 12 but they like it between 25-35. It was going up at first then started to drop and they had to put me on the injsection my first beta was 355 and 48 hrs later it was 852


Meggemd - October 17

Beth - thanks for the information. Sorry to hear about the 5 children but I am glad to here that you are expecting. Take care, Meg


Monicas40 - October 25


I just stumbled upon this site & was happy to learn of this great forum connecting women going through similar challenges....I am on my 15th day since my transfer and am going back for a second blood test tomorrow. I had my blood drawn yesterday & my doctor told me that my results were low never explaining what I was low on(?) and that the embryo implanted itself but was going the other way....I found this to be an unusual choice of words and even more so now that I had the chance to read several of the forum emails. I'm hoping for the best after tomorrow's blood test but feel a bit indifferent since I'm not experiencing symptoms other women have described (pain, cramps, breast sensitivity...).

Fingers are crossed. thank you for listening... ;)


wolffie - October 25

Hi Monica -

Did your doc give you an HCG level?



JENNY22074 - October 25

Monica - I will be praying that all goes well. Did your doctor say anything else to you?


Monicas40 - October 25

No, she didn't give me the HCG level which now it seems strange to me....I will make sure I have more questions & get answers from her tomorrow.


lisa13 - October 25

hey Monica;

all your symptoms i had and i am pregnant. I hope everything goes well. me an my dh will say a prayer for you tonight


wolffie - October 25

I hope all goes well for you, keep us posted! Ask your doc what your first level was when she calls with your second. I wonder how she can tell off of one level.

I'll be thinking about you!



JENNY22074 - October 25

Okay Lisa - HOW MANY?!?!?!? We have been waiting forever to hear from you!!!!!!


lisa13 - October 26

i just posted on the preg forum:)


mjforney - October 26

Hi Monica:
Today is the did it go? Did you speak to your Dr. yet? Tell us more... Is this your 1st IVF??? Stick with us ladies, we have a positive group going and it helps to be part of a group of such wonderful women, they have all helped me sooooooo much!

Take Care,


Monicas40 - October 27

Hi Michelle,

The news was level dropped, it didn't double so my doc told me to stop taking my meds :( It is now my 2nd IVF atttempt & I'm contemplating on switching doctors.

I'm disappointed today that's for sure but not giving up :)

Chat soon!


JENNY22074 - October 27

Monica - I am sorry to hear that your level dropped. I have a few questions if that is okay. What was your original level? How many tests have you had? Did you have a 3 or 5 day transfer? What level dropped? Give us the information on this IVF attempt.


mjforney - October 27


I am so sorry about your results.... How many did they transfer? Where do you live?

Maybe someone on the forum lives near you and would have a Dr. recommendation.

My husband and I had to switch Dr.'s, it was not easy but I am glad we did.

Hang in there.... It will happen for you!



Monicas40 - October 27

Thanks Michelle,

I live in San Diego. 2 embryos were transferred since I have a bicornuate uterus, they don't want to run the chance of would be risky for me since I have one side of the uterus that is larger than the other.

My hubby was quiet today, haven't really discussed what our next step will be....will keep you posted :)



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