The 2 week wait symptoms
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HeatherT - June 16

Yes, Congratulations!


tmayac - June 17

Thanks so much! Anyone want to ask me anything feel free I'm here.


tmayac - June 17

Thanks so much! Anyone want to ask me anything feel free I'm here.


HeatherT - June 17

I am also BFP! I got my results this afternoon. My DH was certain I was b/c of my symptoms but b/c of the negative pregnancy test Saturday I really wasn't sure.


tmayac - June 18

Heather T, Congratulations!!!!!!!!


HeatherT - June 18

Thank you! Good luck with everything to come!


bdantonio - June 18

i had negative hpt with my first


Busya26 - July 14

Hi Ladies, I am new to this forum.

I am very very depressed. I had a great pleasure reading about all your cases and and it was very nice to see that actually somebody had a success. You are all very nice and it is very nice of some of you who continues to share and give the support for those who still unsuccessfull.

To make a story short, we had 2 IVF cycles: 1 fresh and 1 FET. Both had no any success. On July 8th we had another FET done, my pg test date is the 21st (one day after my husband's bd and one day before mine :). I pray everyday for positive results. However, I do have cramps and they started on about 3rd day after transfer and continue since then, sore bbs, but NO spotting. All these symptoms I had during the first 2 cycles and results were absolutely negative.

In addition, today was my HcG level test, and the nurse called me back and said that it is low, only 20 where the norm is 40. So they increased my progesterone shots to 2cc, can somebody let me know if anybody had this situation, don't you think increasing shots is kinda too late? I am on my 7 day after transfer.... Does that mean that nothing has worked out again???? I am going to loos my mind soon....


Marina - July 15

First of all,your nurse is wrong!Where did she get 40 is a norm? ::)There is no "norm" for HCG levels,the "norm" for pregnancy is very wide,from 5-500( for a singeltone).Yours is on a lower side,but you said it's been only 7 days after your transfer.Normally they don't even test that early,I 've never heard anybody testind on a day 7( exept when we do it ourselfs with hpt).Normally they test 10-14 days after the transfer.
Second,if your HCG level doubles every 48 hours,you have a very good chance on succsesfull pregnancy,but unfortunately we have to wait for the u/s at 5 weeks to confirm that.
So,do your shots and don't think anything bad! :)
Good luck to you! :)


tmayac - July 16

Busya26- I have had 2 IVF cycles and I also have never heard of testing at 7 days post transfer except hpt of course. I know it's difficult not think about S&S. I made a promise to myself not to drive myself crazy.


bdantonio - July 17

busya are you sure it was a hgc and not a progestrone level and my progestrone level dropped after i found out about my last daugther and they upped my progestrone and she ended up fine shes 5mths old and doing great.


reed613 - July 17


I'm looking for some reassurance. I just read your posting from back in October and hope that your expereince during the 2ww was similar to mine right now. I had a transfer done on July 8, and began spotting very lightly on July 13. It stopped late on July 16, but now another day later, it has picked up. I have done some reading about implantation bleeding and everything seems to indicate that it lasts only a couple of days, and generally refers to "a few drops." I've defintely had more than that, but not as heavy as a regular period.

Thanks so much for the help.


Marina - July 17

everybody's ecxpirience is different,some people have spotting,some don't.Sometimes it's implantation bleeding,sometimes if you transfered more than one,the second embryo might drop out.Sometimes your cervex might bleed from mild yeast infection.Sometimes,unfortunatelly,it's your period.But no matter what's going on you have to wait for your HCG test-only this will let you know if there was an implantation.You are pretty close to your HCG test,isn't it?One or two days left?
I have no idea what illama means.
Good luck to you


reed613 - July 17

Thanks for the reply. I'm scheduled for a preg test on Monday, July 21. I do understand that everyone's experience is unique, but I was hoping to at least hear from anyone who made it to a positive outcome after several days of spotting/bleeding through the 2ww.

thanks again,


Busya26 - July 21

Marina, Bdantonio, Tmayac
Thanks for your concerns. I'm nuts, it was a progesterone test and not an HcG. It is very difficult, can't wait till tomorrow the 21st, I took hpt today and yesterday and it showed faint lines :( very depressing, honestly I started thinking that it was a failure again.....


Briana143 - July 21

I wish you all the luck Reed613 and Busya26 I just had 2 IUI's done on the 7/19 & 7/20, and now that waiitng begins I a nervous and exicited all at the same time!! I hope everything goes well for all of us!!! Can't wait to hear the news!!!



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