The 2 week wait symptoms
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Marina - March 8

Reshma,what's the result?!


Tracie64 - March 8

Hi Reshma

Me tooooooooooo matebeing nosy how did you go

Look forward to chatting to ya soon

Have a great weekend girls

Tracie64xo ;)Aussie girl


RB - March 8

its BFP!!!!! :)

I am still floating on a cloud. I cried and then could not stop smiling for the rest of the day. Dh and I took the day off from work - he promised to keep me entertained to pass the time until we got the results. :) We had a nice lunch to celebrate and then we went shopping for flat shoes!!!!

they actually called earlier than expected. I expected the call between 4 and 5 but they callled at 12 on the dot!

my beta was 85 but they said it was high enough....i did an hpt this morning just to see for myself! my next beta a is on friday and then i guess its taking it easy for the next 12 weeks or so.

Any advice on what to expect over the next few weeks would be welcome....this is my first pregnancy so i am a bit scared....elated but scared also....i soooo dont wnat to do anything to screw it up!

looking forward to chatting again soon but now i have to run....

take care and baby dust and hugs to all.



JasJulesMom - March 8

Great news Reshema. Enjoy every minute of it, even the m/s. I always thought being pregnant was the most wonderful feeling ever. Every pregnancy is different, but even when I was nauseous I was overjoyed with the thought of something so amazing happening inside me. Friday is a long way off so relax and think good thoughts.

Lyly-I am nervous. I am afraid to hope for more than one because I am so lucky just to have one, but I think twins would be amazing. I am so excited at the prospect of a new life. I can not wait until I am far enough along to tell my kids. DD is going to be sooooo excited about being a big sister. DS is probably going to be a bit on the fence at first, he is going to be 12 and not sure how he will feel especially if it turns out to be another sister. He two already, his dad has a dd. Keep me posted on what is going on with you. How is dh, is he anxious to start again? Are you going to go with all three the next time?


Tracie64 - March 9

Hi Reshma

Congrats on your BFPPPPPPPPPPP

Would love to give you some advice but to date have
never been pregnant so cant help on that one.

I bet your having a lovely weekend

Hope you girls are all having a good weekend

Tracie64xo ;)Aussie girl


RB - March 10

Hi girls,

Thanks for all the kind words and support. Dh and I have decided to keep this to ourselves for now....only a very few of our closest freinds know and you guys of course!!!! it is so great to have you all to share this with otherwise i would probably burst!!!!

I am feeling great!!! No m/s yet but i understand that usu. starts around wk 6....i have noticed my clothes are getting a little tighter around the tummy already though!!!! Seems i may need to go shopping pretty soon :)

jasjulesmom - sounds like multiples to me....i wont mind twins either but the thought of triplets scares me...they transferred 3 embies so there is that possibility but still early days yet for me. Let us know!

Marina and Tracie - i really wish you both a lot of luck and I continue to remember you in my prayers.

Tracie - any thoughts yet on next have a consult coming up right?

Marina - how are you and dh doing?

lyly - I wish you the best of luck with your next cycle...i hope April comes quickly for you!

Baby Dust and Hugs to all from a little island in the Caribbean (Trinidad).....



RB - March 10

Hi girls,

i just wondered if anyone had/has to take aspirin as well as any other anti-coagulant. My doc has me on aspirin as well as clexane - i need to take the clexane by injection in my tummy every least i dont have to take the projesterone shots as well...

is anyone else on a similar treatment?



Tracie64 - March 10

Hi reshma

Glad to hear all going well with that BFP

Dont blame you for not telling too many people

Yes I have an appointment with my specialist on the 18th March to ask about some immune testing as I am now wondering if there is a problem with my uterus

Take care and stay well oh pregnant one

Tracie64xo ;) ;)Aussie girl


RB - March 13

Hi girls,

Just checking in to see how everyone is doing.

As for me, I have no major symptoms yet (slight cramping occasionally - is that normal?). Somtimes I wonder if its really true! I have my 2nd beta on friday and i'm hoping for some serious increases in the numbers...

Stay well and lots of baby dust to all,



bdantonio - March 13

Marina How are you? Keep me posted on what the tests say


Marina - March 14

Beth,thank for checking on me,I'will let you know as soon as we get our results back(March 31).I think I'm back to normal physicaly,I even bought ovulation test yesterday because I felt something familiar-and I was right ,2 lines,I'm ovulating.So I guess my body getting back to normal.I can't tell you how impatient I'm to start FET in April-it holds my spirit up!
how you holdig up?How is Angelina doing?


RB - March 14

Marina - glad to hear that your body is getting back into its routine...i hope emotionally, you are bouncing back as well, though i imagine it will take some time. I contine to remember you in my prayers and I hope that April comes very quickly!

Tracie - how are you doing?


bdantonio - March 14

Marina she is doing great she went to the dr on tuesdya for her 1 mths check up cant believe its been a month already. she was 10lbs 2oz and 22 inches long. She eats alot. I cant believe my breast can keep up with her. I got your e-mail off your profile i will send you a pic.


JENNY22074 - March 16

Marina...I just read back at old posts and saw your devasting news...Sorry that I was not here along with the other girls to support you in your time of need and loss...Hope you are doing as good as can be expected and that you are heling both physically and emotionally ...Do they by any chance know what happened?

Sorry ladies I am still down a computer and only am getting out of the house one Sundays and Tuesdays...We have my sonogram and dr followup on Tuesday...Last week I had started to dilate and was at least a centimeter...My cervix is thinning on a daily basis and he is certainly putting much pressure down there...The days are getting longer for me and we will certainly be talking inducment at my doctor's visit in a couple days...I miss being here with you all each day and I hate having to play catch up once a week...It is so much to catch up on by the time I am on and able to write...Is there any other new preggo's or people on the 2 week wait...I will be back on in a couple days...Talk to you all then...The doctor is expecting Gabriel to be weighing in at 8 pounds or more come Tuesday and I will be 38 weeks at that point...He is certainly a big boy....Talk to you all in a couple days


Marina - March 17

Jenny,thanks for your kind words.Unfortunately(or fortunately)they did not find anything wrong with me :-\?they did million tests-all came back normal.The results on a baby will be ready on March 31,I'll let you know if they found anything.We were shoked(and still are),but now I can't wait to go for FET(we have 6 frozen beauties left).As hard as it is, I'm full of hope that it will happen for me next time! :-*
Jenny,you hold on,just a liitle time left and even if you have to do it before the date-it's ok now,your baby old enough.Look at Beth-she made it! :-*


JENNY22074 - March 19

Hello everyone...It looks like the time has come for Gabriel to be born...FINALLY....We went to the doctor yesterday and he is almost 8 pounds and measuring 38 weeks and 5 days along...I was 38 weeks yesterday...So to not let him get to much bigger and possibly cause delivery complications the docotr is going to induce me next week...I don't have the day yet but we will know tomorrow what day they are going to induce me next week...So at some point next week I will finally see our baby boy and get to hold and kiss him...Such a long journey we have been on but was all worth it!!!!...I will let you know what date it will be on Sunday when I am at my mom's once again and able to utilize her computer...Take care....



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