The 2 week wait symptoms
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JasJulesMom - March 4


So sorry to hear BFN. Hopefully further testing will indicate why you are having a problem with implantation.

Jenny so glad to hear you are doing well. I was so concerned when you ahad not posted for so long.

Did 2nd beta today and 868 was the number. Re said 1 more beta on Wednesday and then she will schedule me for an u/s. I am so exciting and anxious to see how many babies I am actually carrying since I had 6 large follicles before trigger.


Tracie64 - March 4

Hi Girls

Thanks for the kind words. I have a doctors appointment
on the 18th of March so I will keep you posted

Have a good week

TRacie64xo ;)Aussie girl


RB - March 4

hi girls,

i decided to join this discussion b/c you are so supportive of each other. I hope you don't mind. Hugs to all of you from sunny Trinidad!

Tracie, i hope your docs can figure out what the problem is but i am astounded by your resilience - 14 tries! you are an amzing woman and I am sure you will find a way. A very special HUG to you.

my husband and i are married for 10 yrs but only really started trying for the last 5 yrs. At first we thought it was just stress, long hours at work and not enough sex! ;) Then about 3 ysr ago we discovered i had PCOS and i had to have surgery. We thought that would solve the problem but still nothing happend. I thougt maybe it ws my weight so i tried various weight loss remedies which worked for a while but then i gained the weight again when i realised i still was not getting pregnant....

its been a long roller coaster ride... but here i am with 3 days left to test day. I am praying for a BFP but trying to prepare myself for a BFN as well...

baby dust to all and best of luck to everyone with their preganancies and to those like me waiting for a BFP!



bdantonio - March 4

Reshema dont give up on hope.

Marina how are you doing?


Marina - March 4

Hi Beth,thanks for asking.We went to see a doctor yesterday,they had all my tests results back,exept genetics and chromosome tests for the baby.They did not find anything wrong with me,not even ONE thing.They did million tests on me- for all blood clotting disorders,infections,toxoplasm
baby looked fine,right for his age,he said it seems he stop growing around 15 weeks(I was 16w 2days).So will see what genetic tests will show


bdantonio - March 4

Marina how much longer for those tests resluts? Mine only took a week.


Marina - March 4

Beth,he said 4-5weeks from delivery,we 've made an appoitment with him in 4 weeks(March 31),by that time they 'll be in for sure and after that ,on April 7 we go back to my RE talk about FET(this doctor said that I should wait 8 weeks anyway to try get PG,let my body recover and get back to normal)


Tracie64 - March 5

Hi Girls

Bit sad hey after my BFN the other day I am not ready to talk to family and friends yet but can talk to you guys.

Reshma- Good luck darl for that BFP. Any symptoms yet
Is this IVF fresh or FET. Give us the gossip. If you dont mind of course
Marina- Hope things are well with you darl

Take care girls and bring on more BFPs

Tracie64xo ;)Aussie Girl


Marina - March 5

You know Tracie,next time,if I get PG ,we are not telling anybody untill they see themselfs.People talk,and even if they don't mean bad,it's still energy who knows what kind!And yes,you can talk to us!


Marina - March 5

julesmom,way to go!Good numbers!Could be twins...


JasJulesMom - March 5

Hi Ladies,

Reshema congrats on the BFP!! How are you feeling?

Marina- Glad to see you are talking about trying again. How are you feeling?

Went to RE again today and my numbers more than doubled again. I am going for an u/s next Tuesday o i am quite interested to ee what is goung on down there.


Tracie64 - March 5

Hi Girls

Well another day to deal with this miserable world of infertility. Sorry struggling today
For some reasons the mornings are worse.

Gonna go for a walk soon that will help me feel better

Hope everyone is going well with BFP, those in the
2ww and those pregnant ladies.

Take care of yourselves and yes Marina I dont blame you for not wanting to tell anyone


Tracie64xo ;)Aussie Girl


bdantonio - March 6

Marina: The only peolpe we told up front was our parents


lyly14 - March 6

Debbie- I am so happy to see that your numbers are doing great. Are you nervous about the u/s next tuesday? How do you feel about multiples? I can't wait to hear about you visit. I am so excited for you!

I spoke to one of the RE's in my practice and it looks like the lab wont be opening until the 2nd or 3rd week in April so I am just on hold. Dh and I can't wait to get started. It is funny, before he was really stressed out about the whole thing, now he seems much more calm but anxious!


RB - March 7

hi girls,

today is the BIG day! I had my beta test done this morning and now the final wait of this very long 2ww begins. I have not done an hpt so I have no clue what to expect. no major signs of spotting...trying not to think...dh took the day off to be with me...i'll let you all know how it goes. wish me luck!

tracie...its a fresh ivf and my first try...I have 3 frozen embies for a next cycle. how are you feeling today?

marina..stay strong love...

jasjulesmom....I hope you have psychic ability cuz I'm hoping for a bfp today!

thanks to all for your support and i'll keep you guys posted.



Marina - March 8

Reshma,what's the result?!



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