The 2 week wait symptoms
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lucky - January 3

Hie jenny
thanks for ur concern, am thinking of trying next in jun and in the mean while am thinking of ovulex i dont know if its safe to buy over the nett , because i have never bought any thing over the net, has any one used ovulex, how r u where r u know ?

lotts of baby dust


Marina - January 3

Luky,dear I'm very sorry!
I'd like to give you an advise,if I might.I've noticed from your posts your clinic is VERY different from what you normally see in US.I'm not sure,may be in Europe they do it different way,but even so,it doesn't make sence to me.Ask anybody at this forum,or dirrectly dr.Jacobs,in US nobody transfers 3 cell embrio.B/c on a day 3,embrio should have at least 8 cells,othervise it's not good for the transfer.Belive me,I've spent tons of time reserching net about every detail.Before you do your next step,ASK them those questions-why they in a 1st place took immature foliculs(17-19in size,fot IVF they should be 20-21) without trigger shot 36 hours before ovulation?From what I know,nobody does that in US doing IVF.Why, in their opinion, it's ok to transfer 3 cell embrio?
And, honey, I think you can't start a new cycle in Jan.,its too early,your body should go at least one more month trough natural cycle without meds.
And no,I woudn't buy meds over the internet(or leftover meds from somebody,you don't know people and how easy inject something different in a vial instead a drug that you need-and nobody responsible)But this is just my opinion,I wish you only the best.
So,dear,I just want to say,dont jump right away in a new cycle,you should analize with your doc what went wrong and go from there.


Marina - January 3

Beth,you are the live proof of all opposite facts we know :-*!Now,if you dont mind me asking you that.When I went to my ob,they gave me whole bunch of literature on the future testing for 1st trimester.We have to decide wether do or not this tests for Down syndrom.My DH doesn't want to,b/c there is no accuracy in this test,so there in no sence to do this and worry.What do you say about this?I know the answer already-look at my dd... :)


JENNY22074 - January 3

I know this question was not referenced to me but I wanted to give you my opinion...I only did it to have a chance to see the baby in between that first 4 week appointment...I had been so used to seeing the baby just about every other week that a 4 week interval just about killed me so I went in to have the ist trimester screening....It did not make a difference on accuracy that would not have changed our minds about our son...Just knowing my chances in the future if I possibly have another one were satisfying enough...I have like a 1 in 10,000 chance based on his measurements of having a baby with down syndrome...They also recheck with the 18 week anamoly and your prenatal blood testing for the down syndrome, trisomy 13 and trisomy 18...So as I said I just used it as a reason to see the baby and make sure all was okay still...Talk to you later.


bdantonio - January 10

I personally dont trust the tests. ith my first daughter they told me she had downs syndrom. The first trmester screening and the triple screen both said it. The oly test left that i could of done was a amnio which i refused. I would not take the chance of a m/c from the test when im a high risk fo a m/c. Dh nd i knew that no matter what if she had downs or not we were keeping her. I looked at it like if i lost 3 children proir t her and then had a downs child then i was ment to have a downs child. My dd has nothing wrong with her. She actually tests high for her age, she very advance.We had it with this pregnancy just as a joke to us we wanted to see what they would say. they said everything thing is okay but i didnt need there test to know that. Every pregnancy that i lost i always had a a bad feeling from the beginning.


Marina - January 10

thank you for the info,I've been reading too about these tests and the more I read,the more I'm sure I will not do this,even it was very tempting,like Jenny said ,to look at the baby on 4-D u/s.But my DH doesn't even want to hear about that,he is like you Beth-we are keeping it no matter what.And what's ironical,my son came from school with the homework(they learn about genetics and chromosoms at life science) to anilize the test results from a couple of PG women and culculate the % of chance all these genetic decises...On tv yesterday (can't remember what it was-either CSI New York or something else-we wath all these shows) they were talking about Gay gene they found,so it's genetic, and you can find out before baby is born-isn't this bizare?!
So,anyway,I decided,We are not taking the tests.Thanks for your input!


JENNY22074 - January 16

Marina - hey you how is everything going...I am soo happy to be able to be back on here and have some stress relief and talk and catch up with you all...Talk to you soon.


Marina - January 16

hi Jenny and all girls!
Wow,what a week!I didn't realize how this forum was important to me until it quit working!
I really missed all of you,guys!
how is eveybody?!Jenny are you feeling ok?
Beth,are you still with us?Did they rescedule c-section?
I'm doing fine ,see my ob on 23rd,other than that-no changes.


JENNY22074 - January 16

Everything is great on my homefront...Baby is getting bigger and we go for a u/s for weight and growth on the 28th of this month and then our 2 week follow up on the 29th...Other then a lot of moving around and getting bigger not much more going on here.


tiffwants - January 17

I am on day 8 and since day 4 Ive had menstrual like cramps and brownish pinkish spotting i took a hpt today even though i wasnt suppose to and it was NEGATIVE iam really down and im also taking the progesterone ingections could there still be a chance and has anyone had those symptons please let me know....


Marina - January 17

Hi tiffwants,
I think you took test too early,when I was on my 2ww,I did the same thing-on day 8th and it came negative.Then I did it again,in 2 days,right before my official HCG and it came back faint positive.So,it's too early.Check in 2 days or wait for your HCG because you can still be pregnant,even if hpt shows negative-they are not that sensitive,only blood work can give you a clear picture.Good luck!


Tracie64 - February 24

Hi Girls

First of all good luck to all you BFPers and good luck to those waiting to find out. :)

This is 2ww no 14 for me after many IVF/FETs with not one BFP yet. :'(

This time I transferred 2 blasties and beta is the 3rd march. Hopefully this will be the time after 6 long years and thousands of dollars

EPU was the friday before so I suppose I am 9dpo and all I have had is brown spotting on and off and some sort of cramping down below.

Who knows wether its just the 6 progesterone pesseries and 3 progynova a day. I havent done a HPT yet as I am scared of what it will tell me

Take care girls and look forward to a chat soon



JENNY22074 - March 3

Hey everyone...Sorry I have not posted in a long time...My computer has beren down so I can only check things once a week from my mom's house for mnow...Hope all is well with everyone...MY doctor says that he will not let me go past my due date of April 1st so it looks like we will be having a bab probably at the end of March...Talk to you all next week...All is well...My last sonogram showed that Gabriel is weighing in at at least 6pounds and measuring a week ahead...Hope everyone is doing well...Do we have any new ladies on the BFP side...I have 2-4 weeks left now...


Tracie64 - March 4

Hi Girls

Just to say hi and let you know I am quite sad at the moment after a BFN on beta yesterday IVF no 14.

We have 8 good frozen blasties left and will now look at immunology testing to see if there are any problems as I dont want to waste what we have got left getting them from and egg donor

I do hope none of you women have gone through what I have or worse over the last five years and still no baby to show for it. Its so depleating on your mind and body.

I have had to take an extra week off work as I cannot cope with the thought of going back to work as I still cry at the drop of a hat.

My DH and I have been married 6 years and 5 years doing IVF and still no babies so it has put a strain on our marriage our finances and our mental state.

Just wanted to say I hope all you women get your BFPs and for those who are pregnant go on to have nice healthy babies. Thankyou for all your support.

Tracie64xo ;)Aussie Girl


Marina - March 4

I'm so sorry!
I'd say don't lose hope,but I understand how hard not to after all this failed IVFs.May be you should talk to the doctors about doing some kind of testing to find out why embryos can't implant.Keep us posted,maybe next time we'll be doing our next cycle in the same time.Good luck!


JasJulesMom - March 4


So sorry to hear BFN. Hopefully further testing will indicate why you are having a problem with implantation.

Jenny so glad to hear you are doing well. I was so concerned when you ahad not posted for so long.

Did 2nd beta today and 868 was the number. Re said 1 more beta on Wednesday and then she will schedule me for an u/s. I am so exciting and anxious to see how many babies I am actually carrying since I had 6 large follicles before trigger.



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