The 2 week wait symptoms
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Marina - January 2

good luck tomorrow,fingers crossed!You think 2ww is torture,try to wait that call for a couple of hours from your doc clinic...And another one in 48 hours...


JENNY22074 - January 2

Marina - he is all boy!!!!...'

Beth - how are you feeling now...Sorry to hear of your visit to the er...Hope all goes well with your daughter's bday tomorrow...


Marina - January 2

Did anybody hear anything about "Intelligenger G.P.T."?!
It's a gender prediction at home test?90% accuracy at 10 weeks.Do you know anybody who tried this and it worked?


JENNY22074 - January 2

Marina - sorry no expertise or advice in that area...How are you doing?


Marina - January 3

Jenny,thanks,I'm fine.No m/s,which is surprising,I had m/s before when I was Pg.But I don't miss it for sure!
I'm glad,everything good with you and little prince there...


Sirenexyz - January 3

Hi Girls,
Need some information. I miscarried last week. Planning to go for the egg transfer in March. Two of the egg were frozen which are fair quality. Does anyone had positive pregnancy with fair quality eggs.

I am worried becasue they transferred one excellent and one good quality and it did not worked in the first time. I am not sure what to do except crying.


JENNY22074 - January 3

Marina - that is exactly what happened with me...My first 2 pregnancies I was sick as a dog....My 2nd pregnancy never went above 120 in the HCG count and I was in the bathroom every morning...My first pregnancy just about everything made me sick...So I know how you feel...I thought for sure there was something wrong because I was not sick at all with him...I only got nausea once or twice in the evening but nothing more then that...He is great...Is this your first pg?...You may have already said it in prior posts but there are so many now to keep track of?...Do you have a myspace?


cherryberry - January 3

Thank you for the positive thoughts and well wishes from everyone! I did have some very light spotting this morning which was not very reassuring. Ugh! I am scared sick about tomorrow!

Bdantanio - Happy Birthday to your little one!

Marina - hope you are feeling better!

Jenny - thanks for all of your support!

Did anyone have a BFP with light spotting the day before their beta? I had 3 blasts transferred and I keep praying that it was from one maybe going away? It is too late to be implantation bleeding, correct?


Marina - January 3

I've been PG 2 times.First ended at 7 months-I had a little girl at 19,who lived only 4 days and her lungs colapsed-no surprise there,I was sick ALL 7 months,vomiting all day long,so that baby had no chance,I've lost 10 lb, and back than they didn't do anything about severe m/s(and I lived in Ukraine).My 2nd one was just a piece of cake,only in the begining I had m/s for about 3-4 weeks.I have 13 years old son from that PG.And now here I am,13 years later...

it's hard to say anything in your case...Did they do 3 day transfer?Usualy,when they throw 3 day embies they check if they can make it to blast,it has to be a reason why they decided to freeze the rest ,even they are not the best quality.May be it is better in your case to start a fresh one,but only your doc can give you an answer(if they know,b/c there is no garantie with our cases,we just hope for a miracle with doctors and Gods help.

Cherrybery,spotting happens all the time with or without reason,just wait untill tomorrow,honey,and yes,it's probably not implantation bleed(that happens 2-4 days after the transfer),but could be one decided to leave you(usually they just dry out andyour body absorbs it) Don't think bad!


JENNY22074 - January 3

Cherryberry - Marina is correct...SOme women spot and some women don't...It could mean anything including pregnancy...If it was a brownish in color or looked like old blood I would say it was leftover from implantation...If you are on supplements you may bleed form them but I have been told you should not get your period until the clinic fully takes you off of all hormones if your test is negative...Stay positive...It is not over yet...Did you give in a take and HPT?...Also sometimes you may have bleeding if it is around the time of your normal AF even if you are pregnant...Some women if they transferred more then one and they all implanted can spot and or bleed frequently due to carrying multiples...They are plenty of women who can state that they had some sort of bleeding throughout close to the whole trimester and even further with multiples...Hang in there..You are still pregnant UNLESS the beta comes back otherwise..Praying for babydust for you and praying to welcome you to the journey towards birth and becoming a mommy!!!


cherryberry - January 3

Wow, I can't express what a blessing it has been having such supportive and knowledgeable people to help guide me through this. THANK YOU!!!

The spotting is very light and is definitely brown, so my hope is that it is nothing to be too concerned with. I hope tp get some sleep tonight and report back to you all later tomorrow that I am going to be a mommy!

Fingers, toes and eyes are already probably crossed at this point! I hope everyone has a great night and a pleasant tomorrow!


lucky - January 3

Hie girls
i hope u all r doing well,ok, i have started bleeding bad news, well theres nothing i can do, but i will stay with u all in this journey, so all the best of luck.


bdantonio - January 3

well marina im doing pretty good just really tied. Thank you all for the happy birthdays for dd. Shes so excited about her b-day its soo funny. and her party is not until saturday. Sjes happy and i want t cry. They grow up so fast everyone so cherish them. Even though im getting ready for another my first baby is growing up. It dosnt help that dh is a big man so dd is big for her age as it is. Dh is 6'1" and over 200lbs. He spends alot of time in the gym. DD is 3 today weighing in at 38lbs and 38" tall she wears a 4-5 in girls, i cant even shop in the toddler section for her. She has been in pre-school since age 2 due to he rapid cognitive development. She knows allher colors, letters, numbers, and has a vast vocab, all from a child that they told me had downs syndrome. So not only is she 3 yrs old today she has the developmental age of a 5yr old according to dr's. However i did get lucky with her in some departments. She started pottying on the toilet at 11mths, and by 15 mths was completely out of diapers so at least i wont have two in diapers. That and she will be a big helper with the new baby. Its so weird when she talks to the baby which she does alot the baby reacts so much she doesnt sit still. Shes so excited about being a BIG sister. The only down side to my 3 yr old is she still does not sleep through the night. Well enough venting i will talk to all later.

GOOD LUCK on all the betas today.


lucky - January 3

hie bdantonio
happy birth day for the little one , i hope u all had a great day, best wishes


JENNY22074 - January 3

Lucky so sorry to hear that the journey this time has ended badly...What are you considering doing from this point?


lucky - January 3

Hie jenny
thanks for ur concern, am thinking of trying next in jun and in the mean while am thinking of ovulex i dont know if its safe to buy over the nett , because i have never bought any thing over the net, has any one used ovulex, how r u where r u know ?

lotts of baby dust



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