The 2 week wait symptoms
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bdantonio - December 18

I would wait till re apt their caculations are weird in my oppinion. I did iui and i know the day i conceieved and the day of my last period however i have no clue how they came up with my due date. I think it should be 5 days sooner and now im wondering if thats why i feel further along.


Marina - December 18

They told me-day of retrival minus 14 days


lucky - December 18

[quote author=Marina link=board=15;threadid=4774;start=210#44778 date=1197990882]
They told me-day of retrival minus 14 days

Hie marina so if i had my ratrieval on the 17th what will it be if u dont mind i could not work it out :-\
I know its to early for me to think of it but u know how eager we r,
take care


Marina - December 19

Lucky,if you had your retrival on Dec 17,than,if everything go well and you get PG,it counts as you already 2weeks and 1day pregnant.Don't ask me why,it's just the way how they calculate 40 weeks-2 weeks from your ovulation(in our case-retrival) I was surprised myself.Basicly,it 38 calendar weeks of pregnancy.Today day 2 of your conception(outside your body).So,if you'd do this like "normal"people do,you'd concive yesterday.
how you are feeling?


Marina - December 19

4 weeks and 5 days,dear ;),this is how they calculated mine:day of retrival minus 2ww.


Sirenexyz - December 19

So that means if my retrival is on 29th Nov and if I substract 14 days from it then I should be 4 weeks 3days prego according to the standard calculation right ?

Just want to make sure from you ?


Marina - December 19

no,I still got 4w5d
4weeks was on Thr.Dec 13,now +5 more days untill today


Marina - December 19

We always looking for some symptoms,dear,but Beth right,and if you have none,it's ok :),Beter be carefull what you wish for...I had no visible symptoms and now only at 7 weeks got my 1st morn.sicness.O ther than that-nothing.If this help you-on very early stages(a few days after the transfer) I had shortness of breath,sweating at night,no spotting,no cramping,a little sore bbs on and of.Don't panic,nobody can tell you what you expieriencing right or wrong,we all have different bodies and all react differently.Most of ter timr it's reaction on drugs we are taking-progesterron and estradiol


Sirenexyz - December 20

Hi Marina,
You are right. For me also they substract 14 days from the day of retrival. So according to my doctor Today (20th dec) I am close to five week pregnant. I am following behind you and hoping for the best. Praying for you too.

Today I am curiously waiting for the HCG result. Just wanted to clarify one thing from you. This is the 2nd time they did the HCG test for me. Do they do HCG and progesterone test after this also or they only schedule u/s after that ?????

My first u/s is schedule for 28th. In which week they schedule the second u/s ?


Sirenexyz - December 20

Marina is right. I also did not have much symptomps. I had also shotness of breathwhich was started from the day of egg retrival and soreness of bubs on and off like her. I was feeling very weak and also now feeling weak. Don's worry. stay positive. We will pary for you


bdantonio - December 20

Usually they do hcg's until you are at least over 2000. They sometimes keep them up even after the u/s's. They will prolly keep up doing at least the progestrone levels.


Marina - December 20

Sirenexyz,in my case they did 4 HCG's two days apart,untill it was over 2000 and than I had u/s.
After tat they might only check progeateron levels.
Beth,I'm joining you on a bedrest


Sirenexyz - December 21

Hi Girls,
Thanks for such quick respond. I did not knew this. They have not schedule any progesterone or HCG for me. My doctor is going in leave from tomorrow until the 2nd. I have contacted them now. Let see.

I have my test done today. HCG is 409 today. But because of these holidays I am not sure how it will work. I might have to wait 5days until 26th to get it done. It seems risky to me. I am not sure what to do.


Sirenexyz - December 21

if anyone knows any other way please suggest me. I talked to my nurse and request her to do the test tomorrow but she said we have to wait at least 48 hours to see the change in results. So I have to wait till 26th. Let me know if you can give any other idea


Marina - December 21

you are doing great,your HCG more than doubled,they might check the 3d time,but only to make sure it's over 2000 after the hoildays-and it will be for sure,so you can relax and start feeling PG!And enjoy the holidays!


Sirenexyz - December 26

I went for the HCG test today and now curiously waiting for the result.



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