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doglover - March 29

Hi Jamie!

My blood test should be Sun, April 8, but the office is closed so I am supposed to go on Monday (of course). How many days post ET did you test?

How many did you transfer for your first IVF? I just don't understand how it cannot work. I imagine you were devastated. I am trying to be realistic.

Work today was busy, and I was surprised to be a little sore. I had to go up and down the stairs a lot (hopefully that is okay now). I actually have to go in for bw/us in the morning (check the lining and my prog/estradiol). I do have a question I wanted to ask you. What was your lining for this whole process. Mine was a 7 on the day of the hcg shot, and I got the feeling it was a bit thin.

I cannot wait to hear about your u/s!! Do you have any gut feelings about what you will find?

Take care,


jamielee - March 30

My first IVF I transfered 2 but the quality was not the best and I had fluid in my tubes which the doctor believed might have killed my embryos! I'm sure you will still feel a bit sore from everything going on. I'm not sure about my lining I never asked about it. I do know that I have high progesterone levels so I was never too concerned. Thats good that they check you through your 2ww because if it needs to be thicker they can give more meds!
I'm not to sure what to expect at my u/s, I have a feeling its 2 only because both my embryos were exactly the same, I can't see one staying and the other not. I am still searching for symptoms, I feel a little more today, tired and certain smells bother me at work. I just want to feel nauseous or something (I can't believe I'm saying that) I want to feel pregnant because it hasn't hit me yet!! I'm sure its coming and I'm going to regret that comment!


jamielee - March 30

P.S My actual blood test was 11 days after my transfer and I took a HPT the morning before my blood test and the morning of my blood test. The first one was very light and the next one was a little darker.
I just wanted to know ahead of time, the "I'm sorry" phone call was a killer last time and wanted to prepare myself.


nadiaaboutaleb - March 30

Hi ladies i am new to this. I just did my first IVF after a lot of failed IUI. I have been waiting for 2 weeks and tomorrow i am sceduled for my blood test. I am so nervous and so scared. But Reading all your posts got me stronger and more positive. I really hope this time God is listening to my prayers. I have been looking for a site like this forever and finally.... I need all your prayers. And i will keep all of you in mine.


doglover - March 30

Hi Nadia!
I will be thinking about you today. Good luck, and stay strong. This is such a difficult process. Let us know either way. Yes, I agree with you-this is a very good support system.
Jamie-Yeah!! Sounds like you are starting to feel pregnant. I dread the nausea I had with my prior short lived pregnancy. I never wanted to feel that way again! I will let you know how my appt goes today. I am a bit nervous. They put me on a higher dose of progesterone this cycle so I tossed and turned all nite with lower back pain. Plus I am used to running around nonstop so I have not had enough activity in the past few days. Do you know if I can do mild exercise like walking?
Talk to you all later-have a great day!!


jamielee - March 30

Lindsay- I'm sure walking is fine, remember I waitress and am on my feet walking for 7 hours 4 nights a week! And its a lot of walking!

Nadia- We all know how you feel! I was so scared and nervous I had anxiety the whole 2ww! I will pray this works for you! Good luck!!!


Pady - March 30

Hi ladies,

Sorry to post this here as I am not in a 2ww but I am not getting a response anywhere thought will give it a try here... I just had a failed ivf and am still trying to recover from it emotionally atleast... I am thinking of doing acupunture before I try again.. but have no clue how to go about it as there are millions on the website (atleast here in san diego). I was wondering if anybody here is doing acupunture and if yes how did they go about choosing one... or if you know someone in san diego. thanks for your answers.

Nadia and Lindsay...good luck to you guys... Jamie...may be its good you are not having nausea becos I have heard people say its quite intolerable... eitherway relax and take care...


lili246 - March 30

Hi girls,
I am new at this forum and at the moment I am in my 2ww. Which seems for ever.
I am not taking any kind of medication just trying on my own after my m/c in november.
I hope that I have good luck.
The only thing that happen to me was that last month I think that i didn't O, because I did not see a clear O pattern in my chart but this month 2 days after my af I got a peak fertility in my fertility monitor and I think that I O 3 days after my af. Have any of you heard anything like this happneing before. It's just so weired that I O right after af.
Any suggestions!

Thanks have a great weekend!



doglover - March 30

I am very sorry about your failed attempt. I remember getting my hopes up and also convincing myself I was pregnant after my first IUI. It was such a letdown. Yet, I feel like the stakes are even higher with IVF. I guess you have to feel the sadness and then move on when you are ready.

I wanted to tell you that my friend had acupuncture before and after her first IVF attempt, and fortunately she did become pregnant. Our facility just told us they would no longer allow any acupuncture in the building before or after. I did acupuncture for several weeks for a problem with constipation (I know, too much info), and it helped me GREATLY. My acupuncturist wanted to address my infertility problems, but I was a bit uncomfortable bc she put me on herbs at the same time. Then I was scared to tell my RE so I decided to put off the acunpuncture for now. I think I will use it for my second IVF if the first does not work out. I was told that you can check with the RESOLVE organization for their recommendation on an acupuncturist in your area. I am on the east coast so I am afraid I cannot help you.

I do not think your egg would have enough time to mature if you actually ovulated on day 3. Perhaps there was a false reading? Are you using an LH kit? You usually do not start those until at least a week after your period.

I thought of you today as I was wrestling with animals on the floor. Thanks for reassuring me. I am even going to go on a long walk tomorrow! I went for my us/bw, and my lining looked good as well as my progesterone and estradiol level. So at least there is a chance...

Have a good night everyone!


lili246 - March 30

well from what my chart says I Ovulated on day 9. I am currently dpo 2. Does this makes a difference from what you were thinking?
This is was my first month using the fertility monitor. That is what it told me on the first day i tested it said high and the next day it showed peak fertility. I also used the same day those cheap internet opk test strips.

Have a great weekend!

Love Lili


jamielee - March 31

Lindsay, I think you have a great chance! Thats great that your lining looks good! Who knows maybe they are already all snug in there!


KariV - March 31


So far so good. The cramping seems to have subsided.

I am on day 24 overall and 7dp3dt. Boobs are still killing me and my RE's office has increased my progesterone to 400 mg in the AM and 400 mg in the PM. (this is NOT helping the boobs, thatyouverymuch).
Discovered the tnaktap with built in bra is quite comfortable, more so that traditional over the shoulder boulder holder.

Trying to remain calm at work (but all the barking, meowing, and general mayhem makes it a challenge). Incidentally, I run an animal hospital.

Lovely and supportive parents will arrive on Wednesday for Easter holiday, Thrusday is BETA. Explained to mother on the phone last night that if negative beta, I would be going out and getting extremely drunk, regardless of their presence. (Mom and Dad are ministers....and you know what they say about those preacher's kids).

Wanted to thank everyone for thei support thusfar. I am a bit of a control freak and pretty high strung. If nothing else, my IF experience has given me a new appreciation for dealing with myself when I am not in control.

Still in complete awe that we have made it this far. Last month, AF showed up on CD23. Ifeel like I am over the hump (so to speak) and am feeling very positive right now.

Praying for all of my friends, wherever they are, that God gives them peace and wisdom and comfort.



doglover - March 31

Hi girls!!

I hope everyone is doing well today...

I also work in a 2 doctor practice but fortunately my full time job is 4 days a week, 30 hours. My boss is the best although he can only stretch himself so thin. He has offered to let me take more time off, but I prefer to see how this cycle goes with just a few days off and will adjust accordingly if we repeat the IVF process. I am the type of person who is always on the go and only truly remained bedbound the day of transfer (they recommended 2 full days). Anyway, good luck with your testing on Thursday.

Sorry, I must have been confused about your post. I never used a fertility monitor, only the LH surge strips. I am an early ovulator so it makes sense if you saw a peak around day 9. Wishing you well!!

Are you doing okay?

You are such a sweetheart. I appreciate your encouragement. I had a slight moment of panic last nite. My husband and I were out to dinner, and when I went to the bathroom there was some slight tan/yellowish discharge in my underwear. It was most likely the disgusting remains of my prog. suppositories, but I let it bother me for a short bit. When I went to the office yesterday, they told me I could come in on Saturday and test (1 day early since they are closed Sun). Do you think I should just wait until Monday?
As well, did you worry about vacuuming, leaning over? My discharge instructions said not to do both for 12 days. Are they crazy? My husband tries but cannot clean the house the way I would like!!! So I caved in and cleaned up this morning...

Have a great day everyone!


jamielee - March 31

I actually had to decrease my progesterone injections from 50ml to 25ml and the nurse told me that any time you change the progesterone dose you might notice a change in your discharge.

I have a 4 year old son and during the 2ww I was bending over the whole time helping him dress and picking up after him. I even said something to my DH because it made me nervous, but I guess in my case it proved to be ok! The embryo will implant 2 to 4 days after transfer and I believe your past that.
I am still nervous, I need that u/s!!


nadiaaboutaleb - March 31

I had a BFP today i am so excited so happy but have to wait to see my HCG hormone level if it doubles on monday. I had a bad experience last time i had the miscarriage as my number wasn't doubling and we knew something was wrong with the pregnancy. Hopefully this time it will double. I will keep you posted.
Guys i really hope we all get pregnant together and have our babies by christmas. I will be praying for all of you.


Pady - March 31

Nadia....thats great! congrats! I am sure you will go all the way this time...

Lindsay..I am doing okay. Thanks so much for asking. I find it very therapeutic to clean the the house looks spotless Thanks for your suggestion. I actually looked up Resolve website. Will get in touch with them for an acupunturist. take care..and good luck for a BFP...



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