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jamielee - March 23

What was your beta numbers????


destinybaby - March 23

Hi Jamie,

If the line got darker I think you are pregnant. I believe sometime you do get ligt spotting and cramping in the early stage. My girlfriend who has 4 kids told me that.
Anyway, I truly believe you will have great news today.
Try not to worry too much, I know its hard for me to say when I am not in this position.

I will continue to send positive thought your way.

Supernatural Baby


jamielee - March 23

I'm pregnant!!!!! I can't believe it SOOOOO happy right now!!!! I really thought I was all done! my hcg was 227!! I go back on tuesday for another test to make sure my #'s are progressing. The nurse said not to worry about the spotting as long as its not a lot. Thank you for all your positive thoughts and kind words I truely believe they helped!! I hope you can get your great news soon as well!
love you gals!! Jamie


amyjoy - March 23


It truly is a blessing!


destinybaby - March 23


Girl you have me crying tears of joy right now for you. I am sooooo happy for you. I had you on my mind all day and said a little prayer and I just got home and I just knew everything would be great. I personally know what you have been through so far and I thank God you have been able to overcome all the obstacles that came your way.

You deserve this soo much. Because of you I am looking forward to doing my surgery on April 3rd and by the Grace of God be in this same wonderful position as you by June or July.

Enjoy Enjoy Tell you baby welcome for me. :D

Supernatural Baby Dust


JaneX - March 24

That's great Jamie. Great numbers. Mine were 178 at 14 dpER. I think you will be fine now. I don't think spotting is that uncommon. It is just another 2 ww for the scan! I have another 5 days before my 6 week scan. I will feel much more secure about everything when I see the little bean on the screen.


jamielee - March 24

Thank you everyone, I had a little more spotting tonight! So its hard for me to relax and enjoy my BFP! The spotting is the same and comes and goes but light pink in color. Its funny how now that I know I'm pregnant I'm starting to feel the symptoms I've been looking for this whole 2ww?!? I hope this spotting passes, its freakin me out!!!
Jane, I know what you mean about the 6 week scan, I pray I make it there! I go on tues. to check my hcg levels so I think after that I will feel more comfortable with all of this!! I'm sure your scan will be just fine, that little bean is nice and cozy in there!


amyjoy - March 25

Well, I broke down and took a HPT yesterday and it was a BFN. I go Tuesday back to the Dr. for an actual blood test, but I don't forsee those results being any better. I'd also like to talk to the Dr. if we are going to do another IUI and if my dh should go in for a S/A again. I'm really disappointed today. Yesterday I thought I was okay with it.


jamielee - March 25

Well just wait and see, you never know. I hope it works out for you but if it doesn't don't give up! Have your dh get tested again and if his count is still low than you may be able to do icsi through ivf. Then you won't worry about fertilization you know it will be "in there" and ready to implant! I will be thinking of you!


destinybaby - March 28

Hi Jamie,

Great numbers, how are you feeling. I am so excited for you.

I had my pre op today so I am scheduled for surgery this coming Tuesday, the 3rd. I am nervous, but excited at the same time. I can't wait to be pregnant this summer.

I was thinking your numbers are high :D do you think there may may be two little ones :).

Enjoy, enjoy. you are in my thoughts. :D



doglover - March 28

Hi everyone!
I hope you don't mind me joining this forum, but I just started my 2 week wait yesterday and am already feeling antsy. I have felt better reading your posts and look forward to using this as a source of support in the upcoming days.
I have been ttc since my mc in August. I unexpectedly became pregnant one week after coming off birth control that I had been taking since I was 15 (I am now 31) and the pregnancy resulted in my Aug mc. The months following the mc, I was not having any periods or ovulating. I could not seem to get on track so I was referred to a fertility specialist. We tried two natural cycles of IUI and one cycle of IUI with clomid (of which I responded terribly). This past few weeks, I had just started my first round of injectables with the intention of doing an IUI. My husband has male factor problems so they were trying to optimize our chances. Well, it turned out that I responded too well to a low dose of the meds(Bravelle) and ended up making 10 follicles. So they convinced me mid cycle to switch to IVF. Because we are paying everything out of pocket, we hated to cancel the cycle.
So here I am one day post transfer. We ended up transferring 3 embryos that were of pretty good quality. I am on my 2 days of bed rest, feeling like I am going a bit crazy being so idle....
Since I am moving around a bit more today, I wanted to ask if anyone else was told to be on strict bed rest? Can I possibly go out to dinner tonite or ride in the car while my husband runs errands? What has everyone else been told?
Thanks for listening to me! It is also such a relief to hear that this process can lead to a good end result.

Take care,


jamielee - March 28

Hi Lindsay, I know how you feel, I just ended my 2ww and was feeling just like you. I just took it easy the first day and then the next few days I was up and around to do dishes and stuff around the house. They say that your fine after 24 hours, but just for your own peace of mind take it easy don't lift anything avoid stairs and no hot baths. I don't think anything can happen, if they are in there they are not coming out! I went to work 3 days after my transfer and I waitress so I was on my feet and running around, and I got a BFP!
So they won't fall out its just a question if they are going to implant or not! I'm sure that going to dinner and out for errands you will be fine! I'm still nervous every time I cough or sneeze that they will "un-implant" or something?!? Good luck it sounds like it was meant to be this way for you, maybe a sign or something!!!


doglover - March 28

Hi Jamie
Thanks for emailing so quickly. These past two days have dragged on, as I am sure you can relate. Currently, it is about 65 degrees and sunny so I am sitting on the front porch reading with my dogs! I am sure I will be fried from the doxycycline!!
I am so happy to hear about your pregnancy. Congrats. I know it is a long road, but you are chugging along!!!
I am actually a vet and spend a lot of time on the floor doing exams, sometimes wrestling with crazy animals, etc. I told my boss I would be back tomorrow since it is my surgery day. I figured I wouldn't have too many problems with sedate animals. But I am nervous for Friday when I see appointments bc you can never predict an animal's behavior. Plus it doesn't go over very well when you say that you cannot help lift an animal, etc. I have only told 2 people at work and would prefer to keep it to myself since there are a few who have opinions I do not care to hear about. So it is going to be a bit of a challenge.
As for signs, did you feel anything at all the first week? I am on progesterone 400mg suppositories twice daily. Even that dose does not make my boobs sore. I get a little bit tired and back pain (not to mention cranky from time to time). Even when I was pregnant before, my boobs did not hurt.
Okay, I am going to relax a bit more and then do some stuff around the house.
It was really good to hear from you. Keep me updated on your progress as well-Lindsay


JaneX - March 29

I went straight back to work after my ET. My ER makes you stay where you are at the tiime of ET for about 15-20 minutes and then he tells you to go off and get on with your life. He says if you are pregnant it will be like any other pregnancy.
Good Luck.


jamielee - March 29

I had no symptoms really ever and I still don't. I had a little spotting and my breasts were more sore and firm a little over a week into my 2ww, thats all! I think no symptoms are a good thing because my first failed IVF I felt horrible and tired and swore I was having symptoms and BFN! I didn't really tell anyone either so I know its hard for you to come up with reasons for things at work! I understand people sure do have opinions, I wish I could be perfect like them and pop babies out when ever I want! I told people at work that I hurt my back. Oh well hopefully you will be pregnant soon and no ones opinion will matter anymore. I was hustling at work tonight and it gets me nervous, but like Jane said its just like any other pregnancy!
When is your blood test??


doglover - March 29

Hi Jamie!

My blood test should be Sun, April 8, but the office is closed so I am supposed to go on Monday (of course). How many days post ET did you test?

How many did you transfer for your first IVF? I just don't understand how it cannot work. I imagine you were devastated. I am trying to be realistic.

Work today was busy, and I was surprised to be a little sore. I had to go up and down the stairs a lot (hopefully that is okay now). I actually have to go in for bw/us in the morning (check the lining and my prog/estradiol). I do have a question I wanted to ask you. What was your lining for this whole process. Mine was a 7 on the day of the hcg shot, and I got the feeling it was a bit thin.

I cannot wait to hear about your u/s!! Do you have any gut feelings about what you will find?

Take care,



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