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jamielee - March 18

With my son I had no real symptoms until about 5 weeks. I actually wasn't trying so I had no idea I was pregnant. I started getting really tired at about 5 weeks and just not feeling so good. I don't think that there are many symptoms this early, we are just so desperate for some clue as to if it worked! I guess some people get symptoms right away but most not until they miss their period! There was a woman my husband works with who had her transfer the same day as me and she has no symptoms yet either except sore breasts like me. So keeping the faith!! I feel bad because every day I'm like did you see her yet?? ask her! lol


amyjoy - March 18

Everyone's body is different, but you are right, we are always looking for the smallest change or feeling to see if it worked. It's just human nature I believe when you want something so bad. What do you do for work? I am a 6th grade teacher.


jamielee - March 18

Right now I am waitressing 4 nights a weeks so I can be home with my son. I actually like doing it the money is great for the hours I work. My husband works at the casino in the early am so we have most of the day together. There seems to be a lot of teachers here on this board what a great job!


destinybaby - March 19

Hi Jamie,

How is your 2ww going, I am sure you will get your BFP. Do feel anything as yet. I am so excited for you.

Baby Dust


jamielee - March 19

Hi Tia
Well not much yet. I am actually happy to not have much going on because last time I did and got a bfn. Although its scarring me a bit! My breasts have only been slightly sore but yesterday they got worse. I'm confused why they would get worse, after over a week on progesterone they have remained the same?? maybe a good sign don't know?? I will know on friday. Thank you so much for being there through this!! I hope it will be my BFP month and bring you hope as well for a bfp in June!!!



destinybaby - March 20

Hi Jamie,

So good to here you are doing well. I have not been in this position, but from what I read sometimes not a lot of symptoms is not too bad. You Girls being sore is a good thing. Friday is when you find out you are BFP :D

What kind of projesterone did you use?

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jamielee - March 20

I really hope you are right! I have been depressed today, I have had on and off cramps (period like). I had period cramps in the beginning with my son so I really didn't think I was pregnant! I really don't even want to take the test!!! I wish the progesterone didn't make you feel pregnant so maybe I would have a clue!! I had a decaf coffee today and I haven't had one in weeks maybe thats why the cramps came on?? AHHH almost over either way.
I'm on 1cc of progesterone in oil.


destinybaby - March 21


Honey, don't get depressed. Only positive thoughts. Its funny you should say that about the coffee, because I remeber one of the ladies on another board could not feel her baby and the doc told her to drink coffee or soad anything with caffeine and guess what her baby kicked. And think about it, how many women are pregnant and don't even realize it until 2 or 3 months because they did not feel anything. Every pregnancy is different and every woman is different.

Stay positive talk to your baby, visualize holding your baby whatever you do stay positive, the power of thought and words are truly amazing.

I am here for you and you will get that BFP soon.

Boooko Baby Dust


jamielee - March 21

What I was trying to say was the coffee didn't agree with me thats all! Or hoping it didn't haha
I know you are right, I'm still pretty calm although it doesn't seem it. I just like to let it out a bit here thats all! Trust me I'm thinking of that baby!! Thanks again!!!


amyjoy - March 21

I've been thinking about you! It's almost Friday! :)

I waitressed through college and it was great money! I think I had more money in my pocket waitressing than I do now as a teacher!


jamielee - March 22

I know 1 more day!! I actually caved and did a hpt this morning, it was positive but light. Sooo I don't really believe it only because of my hcg trigger shot. They say to wait 14 days after the shot to home test and its been 15 so never know, just being cautious!! I did not home test last time and it killed me to get hit so hard with the bad news! I just kinda wanted to know since I'm dreading the phone call. I have 1 left and will use it in the morning before my blood work. I hope this is it!
Thanks again for thinking of me and I'll let you know tomorrow!
When do you test??


amyjoy - March 23

Jamie!! I think this is it!!! :)
I test on the 27th. I am going to take a home pg test the morning of, too, because I want to know. If I know before they call me, I can be prepared. I totally understand what you mean! I have had no symptoms. My bbs are not sore. I am a little moody, but it could be af coming...


destinybaby - March 23


I really think this is it :D. I am sooo excited, a faint line, great, one of the other ladies had a faint line and she got the BFP :D. and so will you :D[

I will be sending positive thought your way.

Super Duper Baby Dust!!!


JaneX - March 23

I did a hpt 13 dp ER and it was a faint line and I am pregnant! Your hCG injection should be out of your system by now.

Good Luck.


jamielee - March 23

Thanks girls. last night at work I had some light pink spotting!!!!! Freaked out!!! It lasted about an hour on and off very light pink and clear only when I wiped. I took another test this morning and it was darker than yesterday and have had no spotting since but I have very sharp cramps this morning, so confused right now! I just got home from my blood test and am so upset! I feel I'm doomed! Any one know of light pink spotting at the end of 2ww to be ok????????


jamielee - March 23

What was your beta numbers????



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