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Hi Ladies:

Help!!!! I cheated and did a home preg test tonight.
and got a faint but noticeable line indicating a possible pregnancy. We had 5 failed IUIs in the past and did our first IVF October 18th. My blood preg test is scheduled for tues am. (halloween). The trigger shot was on the 17th so its been approx 11 days do you guys think thats enough time to be out of my system? I know that could give a a false positive.
Tuesday cant come fast enough now... Please keep your fingers crossed for me :)
Baby dust to all of you..


mamanr - October 29

Jules- My first IUI, I experienced some cramping that day and the next. This time, no discomfort at all. I have felt some minor cramps since then. Are you still in some discomfort? Like you said, it might just be ovulation-related but something to ask your RE about, especially if it doesn't work this time and you have more tests done. Hopefully, it will work.

Tickingclock - That's great. Hopefully, the blood work Tuesday will give you the same result. :) I'm thinking about doing the same thing next Sunday night before my blood test 11/6. Keep us updated and good luck Tuesday.

My turn to ramble. Wish you could have seen my counter this morning. I brewed decaf in our 12 cup coffeemaker for me and cafe in my little 4 cup one for dh who was so happy to drink caffeined coffee for the first time in a week. Glad I had friends and family over last Sunday and our friends made mimosas. What better way to make a change than after drinking champagne! That will probably be the last alcohol I drink until this is over. I know, I probably should have made the decision before my first IUI but my mom said back when I was born, no-one worried about caffeine or alcohol while pg. Ah well, she agreed that I should for the sake of her future grandchildren, whenever they are finally conceived (hopefully this month). End of ramble.

Baby dust to you all.



Best of luck to you on the 6th also. I bought one of those early preg tests that you can do 4 days prior to missing your period. Your doing the right thing by waiting to do one sunday. The closer to the day your due for your period the better chance you have of the test picking up the preg hormone in your system. But really dont be upset either way because the blood test will tell the true tale. good luck


Fortyfourfive - October 31

Tickingclock - How wonderful. Let us know asap on your test results. I am so happy for you. We can grow together.



Hi Everyone:
Miricles do happen :)...I Never thought I would be able to post this but finally a BFP!!!!!!!!
To all of you still waiting stay "positive" and never loose faith. It does happen.

44-5 Let the bellies begin..

Thanks to everyone for all the emotional support you have given me though this hard journey it helped me get through this rollacoaster and gave me hope & strength to keep trying.


mamanr - November 4

Tickingclock- how awesome for you, congrats! ;)

Only two more days to go until my blood test! My bbs are really sore, I've been tired this week (but with the time change, who knows) and experiencing some cramping. This time, I'm getting impatient, even bought an HPT to do tomorrow night (will not get my hopes up with the results since they could still be skewed). The people who know I'm doing this at school keep telling me they feel this time is it for me. My dh's mom called the other day to see how I was feeling and I told her the symptoms I'm experiencing don't mean anything since they are the same for both pg and af. She can be so annoying sometimes and dh doesn't understand why I don't want to talk to her a lot.

Jules- Only 1 more week to go for you! Good luck. :)


mamanr - November 6

:'( Another BFN for me. I was so sure that this was it but blood doesn't lie. My RE is increasing the dosage of Clomid to 100mg for 5 days for the next cycle. Time to stop taking Prometrium and wait for AF to start. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you, Jules, that you get better news than me.


lee905 - November 9

hello.. I am new to this board, but thought it would be a nice way to pass the time while I am waiting. Because it feels like all I ever do is wait! It is really driving me crazy. I have been reading prev posts & I know a few of you have done IUIs. I am hoping we can try one next cycle. We have been ttc for 15 months & have recently found out dh has a low count/quality. His first numbers were 26 mil w/ 12% morph, then the last count was 12 mil w/ 18%. Not too impressive. :( we meet w/ the RE for the first time on Tues.. I can't wait. I hope that he will let us try an IUI... I am not even sure that will work tho. Are any of you dealing w/ a male factor? Do you know how the washing thing works? Do they take the 18% good ones out of the 12 mil? If so I think we would only be left w/ maybe 2 million. ??? I am really feeling hopeless right now!


lee905 - November 9

Well.. I just got a responce from Dr Smith's board (Andrology & Embryology), & he confirmed what I thought to be true... I would probably only be dealing w/ 2 mil if DH's count was 12 mil for a post wash. I guess we can talk to our RE more on Tues. It's so hard to know what to do... do you try the cheaper treatments.. or would that just be wasting time & money? AHHH.. I still have another 8 or 9 days left in this 2ww. I'm hoping for a Miracle.. other wise & guess it's off to the RE we go!


meme2 - March 17

I feel so helpless, could curl up into a ball and sleep for two weeks.

Have had bad cramps on day 2 and 3 now okay, 2nd iui on clomid and hcg trigger.

Any body else feel like this?


amyjoy - March 17

meme2- I know how you feel! I was cramping soooo bad the day of ovulation (same day we did IUI) and the next day a little bit. I took 2 tylenol and went to bed. No cramping now. I did 100mg of clomid and did the trigger shot on Monday and the IUI Wednesday. I feel so bloated now for the past 3 days. I am assuming it's from the trigger as it's way too early for pg symptoms. I felt like I was going to explode yesterday. I know I shouldn't think negative, but I don't think this IUI is going to work. It's our 1st.


jamielee - March 17

I also have been on and off cramping since my transfer (ivf) I'm sure its normal to come and go, so maybe you'll feel it again tomorrow. This is my 2nd ivf first one failed in Nov. so I am trying to stay positive. Everything went much better this time but I'm not having any symptoms yet. Last time I did have symptoms and it was negative so maybe a good sign? not sure. amyjoy- I read your other post and I to have had negative nurses, I mean what are they thinking this is our whole life at least be nice. Just remember only 1 of those 4 million need to meet your egg so keep positive! I have 1 more week of waiting HELL!!
Good luck!!


amyjoy - March 17

When was your transfer? I hope this one is the "one"!!! Would you feel symptoms right away? I don't know much about ivf besides what I've researched and read on here and talked to a few people who have been through it.
I know only 1 of the 4 million needs to meet the's the thing...when we met with the Dr. in Feb. we left feeling so positive and the gut feeling that this was going to work. We were out with friends the night before the IUI and we still felt really good about everything. And then the day of the IUI it felt like verything fell apart. There was no other word than devestating. I sobbed all day long. I wouldn't answer the phone and I was in a daze. At least the nurse could have just explained ONCE that my chances are slim this time around and leave it at that. I am still so angry. I go for a preogesterone test on Wednesday and I think I am going to say something if the nurse I really like is there. If not, I go back on the 27th for a pg test and I will say something then. But, I think I have to say something to feel better.

Please keep me posted! When do you go for a blood test?


jamielee - March 17

My transfer was monday 3/12 I am going crazy! My test is on 3/23 feels so far away! I keep telling myself that there is an excellent chance this will work this time because of my embryo quality and all my tests looked great but the lack of symptoms is scarring me! I lost both my tubes one due to ectopic and the other was removed in dec. after my failed ivf to increase my chances for success. Trust me I feel your pain, this whole process is hard. I have a 4 year old son naturally so I feel there is hope for another pregnancy (now that the cursed tubes are gone) Is this your first iui??


amyjoy - March 17

Yes, this is my 1st IUI. I believe we will try 4 before we move to ivf. When would you start to feel symptoms? We have no children. It's just me, hubby, and our dog.


jamielee - March 18

With my son I had no real symptoms until about 5 weeks. I actually wasn't trying so I had no idea I was pregnant. I started getting really tired at about 5 weeks and just not feeling so good. I don't think that there are many symptoms this early, we are just so desperate for some clue as to if it worked! I guess some people get symptoms right away but most not until they miss their period! There was a woman my husband works with who had her transfer the same day as me and she has no symptoms yet either except sore breasts like me. So keeping the faith!! I feel bad because every day I'm like did you see her yet?? ask her! lol



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