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hopeful2006 - May 19


u sound so much like I did - i have been reading up on you this week b/c everythign you were talking about I had too - when I saw you had brown spotting on dpt 9/10 i almost wanted to scream YES !! b/c that was also exactly what happened to me. I got my BFP on Jan 26th and our lil boy is due Sept 29th -- I am 21 weeks pg today and keep praying that everything will just be ok.

Congratulations and you will be in my prayers. I will be 40 in January and have had problems ttc for 10 yrs - IVF 1st attempt worked for us and we are soooo happy.

Just wanted you to know there is hope for all of us ...

lot of belly hugs

sorry to hear your news, but please don't get too discouraged. I just found out I got a BFP and I am 43 years old! I think even the doctors didn't hold out much hope for me, but God has other plans! Please continue to pray because it truly worked for me. I will keep you in my prayers as well.


sibster - May 19


Congratulations to you on your lil' one, and thanks for responding with positive words. I know that everything will work out fine for us both. It helps so much to stay positive. I believed from the beginning that it was God's will that we have a child. Given that, the only thing I could do was keep the faith and follow the doctors instructions. My Dh did not do the research that I had done on ivf and he just automatically assumed it would be successful the first try. He kept saying "once you do this and you get pregnant then....". It was pretty cute. After the BFP yesterday, the nurse said my chances were so low she even admitted she didn't hold out much hope (she didn't say that, of course, when she first met me). Here I am pregnant at 43 from my first ivf attempt after 2.5 years ttc.

I think God showed me to this website to be an encouragement to others and to be encouraged by others as well. I believe that we shouldn't waste anytime on anything negative but stay hopeful. I will keep you all in my prayers for success and lot's of babies!


hopeful2006 - May 19

sibster, i totally agree - we need all the positive reinforcement we can get.

Your DH sounds just like mine - he said he just 'knew" that we were pregnant - he said never did he think it was negative, and even got pissed at me when i did a HPT way too soon like an idiot and it came back neg - he was angry and said "just wait until Friday and so I did and all was beautiful.

Good luck - I know you are just starting so this is so cool for you, but take care of yourself - no lifting - no strenuous activity - i was very stupid 3 years ago and thought i was invincible and lost a baby due to incompetent cervix, but i was also very active - even moved all of our stuff from an apartment to a new home by myself, except for the furniture - laid tile flooring, cleaned the house, put together an entairtinment center -- pretty much just acted really stupid.

This time around I do laundry - cook dinner - work and rest the rest of the time - thank God for DH and DD they do a lot for me, but it has been rough - i had to be stitched up at 13 wks and bed rest for a week after that, but so far no problems - just saw my lil Sean at 21 wks yesterday and he is beautiful.

Would you like to see his website?? I don't push my self on people, but if you would like to view it I would be happy to give the web address.

Take care - Good luck - prayers and lots of belly hugs coming your way .


sibster - May 20

I appreciate the advice. I will definitely take it easy. Congrats on the wonderful U/S and your beautiful boy. Yes, do send the website, I'd love to check it out.


hopeful2006 - May 20

oh you are welcome - pls dont take it as me being a know it all or anyting - it was just personal experience and i want you to be healthy and happy ......

the baby's website is:


and feel free to sign the guestbook if you like ....


Asunflower - May 23

I saw that you live in MD? Where did you do yoru IVF? I am in MD as well and am using Shady Grove.


hopeful2006 - May 23

hey sunflower,

yup i live in MD -- not too many people that I have found that do on here ...

I had my IVF done at Shady Grove Fertility in Rockville, MD - Dr. Stillman and his group are awesome and soo very nice..


wannababy78 - May 29

Hi, I'm new here I had my second cycle of IUI done last Thursday and I'm on waiting game. So far no symptoms. I had mild cramps on friday and for past two days nothing except bloating. I remmeber last cycle I had pain in bbs(sorry TMI) but this time nothing. I started Prog.supps from Saturday. Dunno how I'm going to wait until next Thursday(I can either get b/w or do POAS). Is any moms/moms-to-be had no symptoms but got BFP?


Applebottom2 - October 19

Hello to all the wonderful moms to be. I had an IUI on 10/6/06. I tested on Monday night I got a negative and I have not had my Cycle yet. I want this to work so bad and I am also experiencing cramps and very tired and nervous about the entire thing help me and pray for me.


Applebottom2 - October 23

Just wanted to replay to applebottom2 who is myself since no one did. Keep hope alive and Know that God will work things out for you. Keep waiting and praying and baby dust to you all.


mamanr - October 23


The ladies here were very supportive during my first 2 ww. I just entered the waiting period again today after my 2nd IUI. It seemed everyone experiences different things during this time and it's hard to tell if they are pregnancy symptoms or just AF. Are you scheduled for a blood test? My dr says it's the only way to know for sure if it's BFP or BFN since meds can give false readings on HPTs. Good luck and baby dust to you.



Applebottom2 - October 24


Thank you for replying I thought no one cared. I have not scheduled a blood test yet. My doctor told me to wait and see if AF comes on or not so I have 8 more days before this month is over. I am experiencing alot of cramps, but nothing showing up thank God. So I am praying that I am pg and I wish you blessings of baby dust as well. Take care



jules - October 25

Hello girls!

I am not back in the 2 ww yet. I go for my 3rd iui this coming Saturday. I am so nervous about this cycle as it is the last one we are going to attempt for a while. My dr. said it usually takes 3-4 tries for it to work. Maybe this will be the lucky cycle :)
I know how hard the wait is. You want so badly for it to be positive, and yet are afraid to get your hopes up. Just keep your spirits up, think positive and remember, God has 3 answers to your prayers: Yes!, Not Yet, and I have something better in store for you!
Here's hoping for the Yes!!!!!
Good Luck and keep smiling!


mamanr - October 28

Jules - Good luck to you this Sat. (today). May this time be it :). I've heard the same - that it might take 3-4 tries but I'm still hoping that the second time for us will be the charm.

Applebottom2 - Keep thinking positive. 8 days seems like a lifetime when you're waiting on something this important. Are you taking any type of meds like progest. supp?

I'm nearing the end of the 1st week of my 2ww. Thankfully, no spotting this time. Occasion cramping but nothing too bad as yet. I made the decision to treat my body like I was pg and gave up all caffeine - had to lay in a supply of decaf coffee, good thing dh is manager of a coffee shop. Wish the school vending machines sold caffeine-free cola, looks like I need to buy a small supply of that as well and keep one or two in my friend's fridge. I just wish the symptom for pg and af weren't so similar. The tech that did the IUI couldn't really answer my question when I asked what to expect. Yikes, sounds like I'm just rambling on. Anyway, positive thoughts to us all.


jules - October 29


Thanks for the encouragement! I forgot. You're a teacher too, aren't you? I think you mentioned it once before.

The iui went well today. I wanted to ask you a question. After the iui, do you have any pelvic discomfort. I have had this all 3 months. After my iui, I am very tender and any jarring motion hurts. It usually lasts for 8-12 hrs. I don't think it's directly related to the procedure, most likely ovulation related. I had similar pain about 3 years ago for about 1 1/2yrs. It occurred around the time I should have been ovulating, but I never could tell for sure. ( We weren't charting, or testing at that point.) It didn't happen every month, just every couple/3 months. I asked my reg. gyno about it during that time and he couldn't tell that there was anything wrong with me that might cause that, he attributed it to ovulation.
I just didn't know if other women had similar experiences.

I so desperately hope it works this month! My Fertility doc said if it doesn't, we need to consider laproscopy to check for endometriosis. The thing is, I don't have any symptoms that would lead me to believe this could be the cause for my infertility. He said that infertility can be the only symptom. He also said that it's possible that my tubes are blocked, eventhough the hsg showed normal. The dye did hesitate on one side, but then went on through. The doc said that the material blocking your tubes can be porous(sp) enough to allow the dye through, but not allow sperm and egg to meet, or make it to the uterus.

If it doesn't work this time, I'm going to request more blood tests to check EVERYTHING out. All of my bloodwork was done by my gen. doc and not on day 3 like all fert. docs do it. About 4 years ago, I began battling acne. Not bad, just annoying teenager bumps. This was not normal for me. I also had been experiencing hot flashes just before we began fertility treatment. I know that something, hormonal, is out of whack. I just wish we could figure out what is wrong with me!!!!!!

Anyway, enough rambling about me.
Mamanr, I really hope that this cycle is a success for you. Keep us all posted. I know the wait is so hard and it helps to have somewhere to vent.



Hi Ladies:

Help!!!! I cheated and did a home preg test tonight.
and got a faint but noticeable line indicating a possible pregnancy. We had 5 failed IUIs in the past and did our first IVF October 18th. My blood preg test is scheduled for tues am. (halloween). The trigger shot was on the 17th so its been approx 11 days do you guys think thats enough time to be out of my system? I know that could give a a false positive.
Tuesday cant come fast enough now... Please keep your fingers crossed for me :)
Baby dust to all of you..



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