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sara - March 22

hey everyone,
hope all is well. Is it possible to have a false negative hpt after only one week since IUI. I am not sure if the things I am feeling is preg symptoms or pms. breast tenderness,hunger,cramps. This wait is harder than I thought it would be. Any advice!


sblanton2 - March 22

As hard as it might be try not to analyze every feeling your body has, relax and just try to focus on other things. That was what I did, I think my dh wondered more about it than I did. I am not saying it is easy, I just asked my husband if our test was negative if he would be willing to go through it again, he said yes so I was able to relax and focus on other things. Turns out I am pregnant and am almost finished with my first trimester so I am still trying to follow that advice. So many things to obsess over and worry over. Just be good to yourself, treat your body as if you are already pregnant and rest. Good Luck!!!!!!



hopeful2006 - March 22


you and me are almost in the same boat - i got my BFP on January 26th so I am just in week 13 and so excited to be out of 1st trimester. I actually have not gotten sick in two whole days and i was sick every single day for the last 6 weeks ..

I go for sonogram on Friday - can't wait to see my lil baby again - i love sonograms so much .

good luck and keep me posted on your progress


sara - March 27

hey everyone,
My 2 week wait is over on tues. i took a blood test last night at work and it was less than 4. Guess this one is not going to work. I am more upset than I thought I would be knowing that it usually does not work the first time. Guess there is next month.


Jackie - March 27

Well, my 2ww is over AF arrived this morning. I am so depressed. Was my 3rd IUI, and now I am trying to decide whether to try for #4 or not. Anyon ehave any good hopeful news for IUI succeeding after 3 attempts? I have no known ferility issues, Donor IUI becasue DH has Azoospermia.


love2Bparents - March 27

I can definitley relate to everyone...this cycle has been very monitored by my obgyn. So I know exactly when I ovulated b/c I had a trigger shot followed by OPT, that was last I am just waiting...My tummy grumbles alot...and it hurts when my husband has his arm around I shouldn't have pressure put on my tummy...but maybe it is just me analyzing everything. Every little twing, or lil cramp I am like running to the bathroom to see if AF is visiting...geez what should I do...when do I go and take a PT? How long after my period is scheduled to come do I wait before taking a!


Evelyn - April 9

My breast are very tender. I had my IUI April 1st. When should I do a hpt?


sara - April 10

i am back again trying iui. i only have one mature egg this time and two measuring 15. it is so hard to have to explain to people why i am gaing so much weight without the result. the chances are so much lower this time. last time we had three eggs and my husbands count was perfect. does anyone have any advise on how to make sure we nail the only one that is there.
thanks for listening


Lynne - April 11

I had my IUI on Apr 3rd and I'm looking at testing on this Saturday or Sunday, most test kits are sensitive enough to test a couple days early. But I know that I don't have anything in my system that can screw up the results, some of the trigger shots and other meds can make the tests go wacky. I've also got all the symptoms... sore breasts, moody, slight cramps, all the maybe symptoms. best of luck

Baby wishes to us all. Lynne.


sara - April 19

hey ladies, its the two week wait again. I have a kind of personal question for anyone who knows. did anyone have a milky discharge during the wait with cramps down below


sara - April 27

hey all,

I had my second IUI 2 weeks ago and today found out that it did not work. they want to do the hysterosapinograpy but i am not sure if i should take a month off and go back again in another month. I have gained so much weight on these meds. i don't know if it's the stress making me eat more or the meds but it's emotionally killing me. if i was gaining weight from being pregnant that would be different, but when people comment or poke my stomach i have nothing to say. Thats the worst part of this whole thing. does anyone have any advise. should i do this test and try a third one or wait a month and excercise all i want, eat how i want, and maybe lose some of the bloating or try one more time as third times a charm. Probably not in this case but i don't know what to do

please help


baby4us - April 27

Hi Sara... sounds like you have been going through so much lately... it is very tough to go through all these treatments... but the best you can do is educate yourself as much as possible.. and find out as much as you can about why you are unable to conceive, etc.

I would strongly suggest doing the Hysto. I had no idea before I did mine that I had one blocked tube.. so it helped us plan what best route would work for us.

As well.. has your DH/partner had all his tests done to find out if there is a problem on his end? That is very important too.

I would suggest you maybe take this next month to get many tests done.. ask your doctor what else can be investigated and for sure get your DH/partner to do the same..... you might find that you may need to go right to IVF.. or you might find you just need to do a few IUIs in a row for your body to "get it!"

What meds are you on by the way? I did have some bloating.. but nothing where I actually looked like I had gained weight. I know everyone reacts differently... but I would really enusre, esp. right now.. that you eat very healthily.. no crash diets.. just ensure you are getting all your fruit, veggies, fibre and lots of water.. LOTS of water. And indeed exercise can only help keep you strong.

Good luck and baby dust to you!


sara - May 10

thank you so much you replying. I have not looked on this board because noone ever responded to me or my questions, so thank you. I am doing the 3rd IUI today. My tubes were not blocked. We know that my husbands sperm is low and slow. After this I think I am going to take a break. I actually had someone rub my stomach and ask if I am pregnant. i THINK THAT IS SO RUDE! Wish me luck I am glad to see this worked for you.


gabywany - May 10

Hello ladies,

I am new here and just had 3 5-day embryos transferred yesterday. I am really not feeling anything but am a bit worried it won't work because when the dr. was transferring he mentioned that I had lots of fibroids and that that sometimes makes implantation difficult. I am due for my pregnancy test on 5/18/06 and am so anxious. Right now I am not feeling a thing. My breasts are sore but I believe it is from the HCG and progesterone oil shots.

When would be the earliest time that you guys might guess I could to a HPT?

Please keep me in your prayers.


gabywany - May 13

I hate myself. This morning I took an EPT HPT and it came back negative. I am just 4-day post 5-day ET and am so discouraged now. Please advise.


Asunflower - May 13

It is to early to test. What was the dosage of your HCG trigger shot? It can take 14 days for that to be out of your system. I took one 7 days post ET and it was negative but then I ended up on day 14 with a BFP. I then miscarried and that is another story but for you it is too soon to tell! Keep positive! It will work!



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