Testing on 11/20
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jess7 - November 18

Hello everyone - I am new to the board. Tried posting on another site but no replies... Anyway I am testing on Monday 11/20 and knowing it will be negative. Started spotting today and my VERY sore boobs abruptly quit a few days ago. Am feeling frustrated and sad. This is IVF attempt #2 (first one didn't make it to transfer). We also did 5 IUI's before that. I am starting to wonder if my body is rejecting the embies - they were great, one quality 4 (the best) and two quality 3 (5% frag). Am trying not to be too negative but it's hard (as you all know). I am 34 and DH is 40. We have been ttc for 5 years. Trying to keep a positive outlook, but it's hard. Anybody in the same boat? BTW, my dr.'s office called a few days ago to postpone my test for 2 days "since they forgot they don't do pg tests on Saturday." AAAARGH!!!! >:( Thanks for letting me ramble on. Only people who have been thru this have ANY clue...


jmr67 - November 18

Welcome Jess7 - my test is Monday 11/20 also. The wait has been far harder than the first time! This time I only had 2medium and one low grade embryo transferred. I've about convinced myself I'm not pregnant too because I feel no symptoms at all not even sore bbs from the progesterone like I had the first time, but I should know better because any symptoms you feel now are most likely from the meds - too early to feel pregnancy symptoms! I'm trying to stay positive because I know there is still hope. We also did 2 IUI's before going to IVF. You might consider posting a question about your embryo's on the Androgoly Embryology thread - Dr. Smith is wonderful. Again welcome and I wish you a miracle tomorrow!


jess7 - November 18

Hi jmr67 - thanks for your message. I am praying for a good result for you!! I am trying to keep as busy as possible over the next two days, just so I don't sit around and think about it (like that's going to happen!) :) Keep your chin up, and remember that miracles DO happen!!


jmr67 - November 18

yes they do! please let me know how it goes!


jess7 - November 18

Hi jmr - just wondering how you are feeling... hope your weekend is going by quickly!


jmr67 - November 18

About as quickly as a turtle in an uphill race :) I sort of feel like AF is coming...but then I think that's normal even if you are pregnant....how do you feel? How many embryo's did you transfer? or did you do a blast transfer?


jess7 - November 19

I think I am following that turtle, too! Am feeling similar, sort of like AF coming on, hardly any spotting today, some minor cramps. I transferred 3 embies, too - one 8 cell/quality 4 (the best) and two 6-8 cell/quality 3 (5% frag). The first time I did IVF we never made it to transfer, the suppression meds caused the eggs to be severely fragmented and they conked out in the dish, so to speak. This time we did a different protocol, just Follistim and Ganirelix to hold off ovulation (no Lupron). Retrieved 7, of those 3 developed normally. The tricky part is that I have panic disorder so I can't take my tranquilizers for acute anxiety attacks. Have had 2 anxiety attacks during the 2ww - of course the stess has NOTHING to do with it :) Just have to live thru them... but it will all be worth it if the results are good. Sending baby dust and prayers for you!


jmr67 - November 19

That turtle is going to be my undoing! You had great embryo quality...I didn't think to ask about the fragmentation of my embryo's. I have a picture of them and they look beautiful to me....haha. I think that's the "all mothers think their babies are beautiful syndrome" :) I do understand the devastation of not making it to transfer.... I almost think that was harder than miscarrying because when I miscarried at least I knew I could get pregnant and my eggs were ok. After getting cancelled I was unsure if I had any more chances left....they pretty much told me if I didn't respond this time that was it....it's been a rollercoaster for sure. I really think if I have to try again I want to do a protocol similar to the one you did without the lupron. Well I hope your anxiety attacks don't rear their ugly head again....I found some guided imagery audio CDs that are very calming and relaxing. If you are interested, check out this website www.healthjourneys.com. One more day.....I pray we both get good news.


jess7 - November 19

Thanks for the website tip - I will check it out. I forgot to mention in my last protocol I also did Menopur with the Follistim, then added did Ganirelix a couple of days before retrieval. I am starting to wonder if I have "killer cell" issues, that my body is too good at fighting off unknown cells. That will be my next discussion with the RE. I am going to insist they add that to my test tomorrow, if the timing is right. Have you had that checked out, I think it's a blood test but not sure. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow!!


danirior - November 19

I too am driving myself crazy with this computer. I will be tested in the morning. I have a crampy, bloating belly and severe boob pain. I would love to think that these are all positive signs, but I am pretty sure my ovaries (still injecting Lupron to control estrogen and ovaries) are causing the swelling and the progesterone is causing the pain above. So those people without symptoms......there is still hope. I don't remember feeling a thing 3 years ago with my last IVF with my daughter. So I wish everyone good luck for tomorrow!!!


danirior - November 20

How is everyone doing with the test pending tomorrow? I seem to be the only one on the site tonight. I just wanted to wish everyone good luck tomorrow!


jess7 - November 20

Hi danirior - don't worry, we are around. I am cheering myself up watching old DVD's of Moonlighting. :) My pre-AF symptoms seem to be increasing. I had sore boobs up until about 5 days ago, then they abruptly quit. Strange tugging feeling around my belly button, probably from the bloating. Everybody seems to have different symptoms, so that's really no way to judge. I also am testing tomorrow morning (they said show up "whenever" - like I'm going to wait!!) Good luck to you, I hope you get a good result. Let me know!


jess7 - November 20

Hi everybody - well I just got a call from the dr.'s office - negative. I also asked them to test for antibodies that may cause me to reject embryos, those results won't be back for a month. I hope everyone else has better luck than we did this cycle... Time to regroup and think about what we want to do next...


jmr67 - November 20

Jess7 I am heartbroken to hear your news. I don't know very much about killer cells but I hope there's something they can do about it if that's the case. I hope you will get answers and pray you will find hope again for the next step.

I almost feel guilty but my test was positive. I have to test again Wednesday to make sure it's not a chemical pregnancy. I know from experience that even then I'm far from out of the woods but it has been a long road to get here.

Danirior I hope you got good news today. Please let us know.


jess7 - November 21

Jmr, I am so happy for you! That is great news and I hope it continues to be good. I guess now you just have to wait to see if your numbers double?


danirior - November 21

Jess7, I am truely sorry how things turned out for you. My only advise is that if you truly want this, keep trying. I treated with my daughter for 2 1/2 years even before coming to IVF. We endured 13 negative IUIs and I understand your pain. Hang in there! I will keep checking in on you.

JMR - Congratulations! Good luck with those doubling #s and keep us posted on your progress!

I too tested positive today. Oddly enough they don't want to check my numbers again until Friday. They said they didn't want to bring me in on Wed and again on Friday. I trust them, but it is different from my first time 3 years ago. I am still a little stunned.



jmr67 - November 21

yes they have to double every 48hrs. If they do the next hurdle will be an ultrasound to see if there's a heartbeat. That's not for another month and that's where it ended the first time. My numbers doubled for 7 weeks the first time then no heartbeat. Still I am thankful to be where I am today.

I truly hope your next try will work out for you. Infertility is so hard. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy....



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